Friday, November 30, 2012

Bullsh*t Bonzo

My children, as this blog breathes yet, I will not allow these lies to stand without being exposed and from now on will refer to these lying GOP frauds who are attempting to divert your attention from the Obama election theft assisted by Karl Rove, as both did this in 2008, to BONZO's in honor of Ronald Reagan, a real Conservative.

Ted Cruz, a Cuban wetback in the Texas GOP was speaking about the need for the kinder and gentler Bushite message as the reason the GOP got wiped out in 2012 was it was just too harsh on these damned illegals and was not professing the prosperity message enough.
Of course he blamed Romney in the 47% quote, but statistics as have been pointed out here again and again PROVE ONE THING, and that is these beaners and blacks DO NOT VOTE IN NUMBERS ENOUGH TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTIONS.
There is another factor in this and that is Obama election theft using electronic software from Scytl, SOE and Sequoia.

What really is the bitchweed in this Cruz crapola is the sudden amensia about 2010.......

You do remember 2010 do you not when that wicked, evil and awful Tea Party was in force with all it's Conservative principles on display, being set up by Obama for smearing, and they even got that idiot Scott Brown elected to Teddy Kennedy's seat in liberal Taxachusetts?

Oh yes, the Tea Party would have swept clean in 2010 if that damned fraud Sen. Cornyn of Texas had funded candidates in Colorado to Alaska, but instead cut them off for liberals in California who lost big time as no one wanted a liberal GOP fraud.

You  remember the  gang rape of Christine O'Donnell or whatever that babe's name was on the east coast and how she still almost pulled it off. See in 2010 the American Reagan message pounded Congress into GOP control of the House and would have taken the Senate if the patrician frauds in the GOP had not tossed the elections as they wanted Obamacare kept in place with all this other Obama feudal mandates.

That is the reality the Cruz frauds want all of you to forget  that just 2 years ago the GOP message kicked the hell out of the liberals.....guess what else, that GOP Conservative message is what got Bush43 elected was what got Bill Clinton elected......and here is a big discovery for you to, in Barack Obama in 2008 when he stole that election was running on a Reagan Conservative message just like John McCain and Sarah Palin.

So do not fall for this bullsh*t  from the Bonzos as it is lies, deception and fabrication, all meant to send the message of Jebby Bush that Reagan is roadkill and we all just need to import all these Mexican slaves, go on welfare to fund the conglomerates and pay more in taxes to fund all of this.

There is nothing wrong with the Reagan message or Conservatives as the past 9 election cycles have proven for President and when Newt Gingrich actually did his contract, that won in a landslide and Clinton adopted it.

It is not the message. It is the election fraud which is the reason the Republicans, the real George Allen and Saran Palin Republicans are being wiped out in this Rovian Obama coup mean to install this damned alien nation of slave owners in resurrecting the feudal order, as that is what these patricians are all about.

Ted Cruz is a damned Mockingbird propagandist and Ted Cruz belongs in Havana with comrade Castro and Castro for spewing this garbage.

Until the facts of this blog are addressed in McCain and Romney were straw men, and the GOP only gets into trouble when it starts acting out all faggot left like Obama, and assists in election fraud from Al Franken, Harry Reid to Barack Obama, none of this is going to change and America is going to be stuck with this political caste which has overthrown America.

 “It’s easy to be demoralized, to look at these elections and throw up your hands in despair. Things can change very quickly,” he said. “It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan, and I am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of Barack Obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party standing up and defending liberty and getting back to our values.”

Oh yes my children, forget Obama election fraud and Karl Rove election fraud, and just all of you chimps look to 2014, because then shebang you is all gonna get the real deal in wetback cuddlers who want a kinder and gentler slavery from the Jeb Bush plantation and imported Cruz standing at the big gate telling all them Mexicans, that they too can look through the gate of the big house just like him.


Ted Cruz the Liar

Lame Cherry Dux Right Again

 The picture reveals it all in the reality that Mitt Romney won the 2012 election as he is in charge in this picture in Obama is the one in the submissive pose.
Obama is working a deal to keep Romney silent, but of benefit, along with Aspen Institute Paul Ryan as the spin machine leads all of you away from revolution over election theft.

Romney knows he was a strawman now and has settled into it.

My children, did I not inform you that the internal polling all showed that Mitt Romney had the 2016 election in the bag?

Is this not why all the big name Conservatives went out stating that Obama was going down and yet somehow Obama pulled off a win.

The reality is as this septic story finally catches up to what this blog published immediately on election eve  that Barack Obama stole the 2012 elections has been proven. Now what is taking place is talking points in once again trying to explain away missing voters and misjudged voting blocks.
Sure the latinos are a problem as you know a latino when polled always says they are voting for Mormon Romney over Obama, but in the voting booth they have a sinister plan whereby they will stick it to whitey Romney by really voting for Obama...............

How ludicrous is that for an analogy that somehow Mexicans say they are voting GOP and somehow all their votes turn up for Obama's 1000% voting blocks in Florida and Ohio.

One month after this blog broke this story, the sifting  through the votes has finally started to reveal the fraud of Obama in not only flipping the votes for hisself from Romney, but a new protocol which wiped George Allen from the map.
This was done with full cooperation of Karl Rove, because the last thing Jeb Bush wants showing up in 2016 is an incumbent Conservative with Jewish roots and Ronald Reagan appeal out of Virginia to wipe the Rovians and Rand Paul from the primaries.

Yes another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive. The Rovians exactly as in 2008 worked with Obama to not only wipe out the Conservatives like Sarah Palin and strawmen like McCain, but went after George Allen and other key Tea Party Conservatives, as in 2010, leaving the field bare for Jeb Bush.

I told you that this was set up over a decade ago, and now you are witnessing it's fruition. They are doing their damnedest now to splinter you to 3rd parties, as Jeb Bush builds his sodomland coalition. I will have more on this in details as it is already in the drafts, but the reality is they are rebuilding the GOP from the anus up, and it is Puffy Lips Rove who is doing it. Obama being assisted in stealing this national election and the deflections taking place, ALONG WITH THE TAXATION OF YOU TO OBLIVION SO YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY MONEY TO FUND COMPETITORS or ever attend a Tea Party event again, is all a part of this deflection from Analgate and Boxgate in the illegal electioneering of 2012.

They have you in the gulag and the idiotry who could have funded the media wing of this blog, and set Lame Cherry up to do the wide scale mission are to blame for this. It really is a pisser in what Angus Jones a Christian on 2 1/2 Perverts gets paid 350,000 an episode and for two of those paychecks I could have been set up, set up the media wing to bring the Truth to all as a real Conservative outlet, and all of the Christians would have been protected and organized to roll this back, but chimps hang onto their bananas and pick shit off their asses and call them dates.

I'm telling you that 2004, had Rove flipping votes for Bush43. Obama's folks knew it and they signed with Rove to wipe out McCain as Bush hated him. That was 2008. 2010 saw the first trial tests in state elections in Harry Reid flipping votes against Sharron Angel, and 2012 saw a coordinated effort of both the wiping out of the presidential and congressional elections to form this Obama block which would not repeal anything Obama.
Fair elections have ceased and this Triple SSS of Sequoia, Scytl and SOE will start in 2014 picking the majority of the Congressional elections to protect Obama and set it up for Jeb Bush to run against Hillary Clinton.

Obama pulled something across the board with Axelrod and Jarrett on the Rove model of local rural elections which was stunning and it wiped Romney out. The reality is that rural votes disappeared in Ohio, and that means in other areas like North Dakota, Missouri and Virginia. The vote registration is not being checked in this wholesale fraud. There is not any way that rural Romney voters over Rick Santorum suddenly stayed home on election day in giving Obama the win.
Romney flipped those votes in the primary and Obama knew it, and Obama simply wiped them out and Romney could not say a word for the fraud he was guilty of.

Do not look for Congress to do anything, as the crooks there who "won " are in the majority and are not about to face re elections where a furious public will throw all of them out of office.

Yes you are being told now the results were flawed. It was latinos who are the problem and yet they do not vote in numbers to make the kind of difference for these Obama election theft results. Then there is the data pointing to Obama got his landslide by old white geezers voting mass for Obama over Romney in Iowa and New Hampshire. I warned you children this past summer about the fraud taking place in criminal Iowa and it linked to all of this other fraud. There were target states in GOP measure and the GOP did nothing to stop it or investigate it.......just like John Kasich in Ohio.

Ask yourself again, how is it these tabulators of votes know exactly the race of every person voting, unless it is mapped off of census data coordinated with actual name recognition into software protocols to provide an illusion of "what the reasons were Romney was wiped out along with Conservatives".

Lame Cherry proven right again. Mitt Romney has settled now for in his straw attire for having wiped out Conservatives, restructured the GOP, cemented in Romneycare and Nationalized America, as his spoils as his making noises would have him in prison for vote flipping in the primaries and what he did in destroying Conservatives in 2008 and 2012 with Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney's Mexican Mission is complete. He will return to reap the spoils of the Obama regime and in 2016 audition for some cabinet post. Obama offered him "Head Pooper Scooper for Bobama", but Mano declined as Mexicans are getting the better paying jobs now in America.

Every explanation in this is full of dichotomy and propaganda which does not add up, no more than left hand Obama shaking Romney with his right hand while his left hand is playing with his dick being  aroused by the white Mexican in the room.

Did this blog not tell you children that Muchelle's gaydar went off in Obama was attracted to Mitt Romney? Is posted in the archives here in the photo. There is Obama with his hands in his pants while rosey palm massaging Mitt.

Lame Cherry right again.

Obama stole the 2012 elections, Romney has gotten his bribe in being defacto el presidente and all of you are being led by the Pied Pipers toward the deepening abyss of Obama.

agtG 251y

Internal polling reveals why Romney believed he would win

Internal polling showing leads over Barack Obama in New Hampshire and Colorado helped instill confidence in the Mitt Romney campaign on Election Day, according to final polling data revealed by Noam Scheiber of the New Republic.
It had previously been revealed that the campaign believed its candidate would carry North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. But data from polling conducted the weekend before Election Day reveals that the campaign also expected clear wins in New Hampshire and Colorado, both of which Romney lost.
Polling for Iowa showed a tied race, but Romney lost by nearly 6 percentage points.
The campaign has stated it misjudged turnout and its demographic makeup, which the campaign's chief pollster Neil Newhouse suggested was responsible for these flawed poll results. "The Colorado Latino vote was extraordinarily challenging," Newhouse told Scheiber. "As it was in Florida."
But Scheiber notes New Hampshire and Iowa "are both predominantly white states, and Obama won both whites and older voters in each of them." Also, Latinos were only 14 percent of the electorate in Colorado.
Scheiber also reports that the campaign may have incorrectly judged momentum for Romney.

Obama Clause

My children, what am I to do with you, for one week I visit Sleepy Hollow and all of you have followed B. Hussein Obama deeper into the abyss to the melody of the Pied Pipers.........

"They" are concerned over each of you or else they would not be attempting to distract you.

Stock Market Drops

Tax raises

GOP selling out

3rd Parties

Oh lions, tiger and bears oh my, what is Dorothy going to do?

She certainly is going to stop talking about Obama stealing the 2012 elections, so that you will scamper along and dream of 2014 stolen elections so all of you can dream big dreams for them, while the gulag puts up another mine field about you, so you will never escape.

It is  a study really as Limbaugh snoozes with his blondeberry and his Mark Anglo and Mark American fill in with mystic dreams of blaming stupid children for the fix America is in, as the real problem is rich people do not have enough money to pay for Obamaland.

Look Obama Clause is a talking point they were fed on the right so all of you stopped talking about the fact Obama and others stole the 2012 elections. It is pure bogustry to say that people voted for Obama because Obama was giving away things.
I know for a fact that you could approach any Obamite and ask them if they voted for Obama was because he was giving them something would never enter the conversation. That black idiot from Ohio who was remember that cell phone bandit was all part of the stage act to get you conditioned, so when Limbaugh came out out with Obama Claus that you being fed it would shift you from election theft.

The people who did vote for Obama voted for Obama because he was a democrat, and like all democrats they protect their interested parties while the GOP does it's damnedest to destroy their base as that is what the GOP leadership is in power to do........George H.W. Bush told you to shut up and go away and Mitt Romney cut off the Conservative's heads in a palace coup to shatter the party as that is what patricians are all about and why they get the nominations handed to them.
The reality is it was not a give away by Obama, but protecting a racket in those who voted for him, and the rest of the votes were flipped by Scytl, Sequoia and SOE in phantom casino vote programming.

What the process is now in Limbaugh and he has it down to Tavistock and Stanford forensic triggers is simple. Limbaugh is by designed mental manipulation, pitting Baby Boomers who are the coming welfare wonks against those stupid working children who are voting for Obama you are being told.
Do you  think you can win the White House by pitting geezers against kiddies? Hell no you can not.........and you notice it is Mark Levin spouting off about 3rd parties which will effectively destroy the right in America as a voting block.
It is Ron Paul's libertarian bleed off which is now more pro gay than Obama in being hijacked as a Godless leftist ticket who are going to be melded into this quasi Mark Levin CONservatives selling you a confidence game, the same damn way that fraud Ariel Sharon split up the Jewish Conservatives in fracturing the Israeli right.

The problem in America is not Baby Boomer geezers nor is it working kiddies as you are being lied to about. The problem in America is not Boehner and Obama raising taxes. The problem in America is election theft by the powers that be who simply if you have not noticed dealt out to the patricians their picked candidate from George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Hussein Obama to loot the American treasury and American's saving's accounts. Every one of the above made wars for oil for the cartel, the Bush boys in Iraq, Clinton in Kosovo and Obama in Libya.....and it is not for American oil importing, but European oil imports.
That is what patricians do, and H. W. got his election frauded by Lawrence Walsh to unseat him. Clinton did a Chicom money dump, W. squeaked in Florida and the reality is it points to Karl Rove stole the 2004 election for Bush43 and Obama stole the last two elections.

None of these people run fair elections. They all know they are frauds as Romney flipped elections in Maine and Ohio, and it appears someone flipped an election in South Carolina which entangled Newt Gingrich. It is hard to call the cops when you knowingly have stolen elections.
Obama knew Romney flipped Maine, so Romney has to keep silent about what Obama did in stealing the general elections. Romney and all the polling thought they had it won, but Obama was more  savvy in his operatives.

It was not about key give aways in certain counties in Ohio and Florida, but it was about how votes were repressed and flipped, especially in rural areas who vote Conservative. You will remember this started with Romney beating Santorum in Ohio in RURAL AREAS as was espoused before it happened by Karl Rove on FOX on election night.
Yes, rural voters who are Conservative are going to go in election flipping mass for  Mormon crank over a Catholic boy who lives next door in Pennsylvania. What a load that is, but it is all this machination mess of frauds from top to bottom having set up Romney Strawman as they did McCain, and the end result is Obama carte blanche in the orders are out for no one to speak of this as the Americans are given new things to chew on in dead Jews to raising taxes to 3rd parties.

The 2012 elections were stolen and this is the only place this reality is being spoken of as the sponsors from Mockingbird have threatened to remove money from anyone in the lower levels from speaking of this and the Limbaugh talking points are what is being forwarded to keep these crimes from being examined and spoken of.
They will heap your emotional plate high to other subjects and you will soon enough patter off after Obama and your talking heads deeper into the abyss as you no longer have the mental ability to withstand their narcotic electronic effects they are bombarding your brain with.

They dropped your fuel prices 20 cents to pacify you, and now will raise them again as the peak and pique of the revolution has passed. George Orwell in 1984 was comprehendable to the American mind as sinister in being greys and blacks as a warning. Your minds will not warn you of the abyss you are in, because it is all pretty colors, girls in short skirts and talking heads telling you how right you are.......but just wait around for 2014 and focus on the new dramas being created for you to deluge your thought processes.

The Holy Ghost brings to mind now the reality of Scripture in God assaying the situation and seeing there is no one to save you. Yes I bring the message under duress, but my job is not about saving people. I have been witness for the prosecution in this commission to this point. I have shown the way to Life and the mass has chosen the way of death. It is what it is. I still ponder about this blog even with the Holy Ghost speaking to me about my future. I wonder of this brood of vipers in our midst in the sorting process being engaged in by God. How easily you scatter my children and too many sing the parrot part in repeating what is being heard.
Do you really think this immense lottery was by chance and not manipulated to bring Obamass to the masses in something to misdirect the pie in the sky groups who without that might just trigger to some other anti government events?
Geithner can dump a trillion into the stock market to drive it up. A few million into lottery purchases is not that difficult by stealth either to create a psychic spur.

Call that a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as all is here. Never heard that insider stuff before now did you......yes you only hear the real things here.

I think I'm going to go eat a chocolate chip cookie without the chips that Mom baked awhile ago. I see you my children and my brats. Scattered in your shelters in the cold and no one to guide you, prey before the predator. The light fades as a cold gloom shrouds your minds inducing you to not remember the things you should.
The evil is in control. You are my concentration camp children with no minds to concentrate. You are like the Jews in those work camps in some of you are well fed and some of you starve, but none of you rise up nor walk toward an open gate.

They eat the feast of the beast
From the greatest to the least
The greatest grow fatter
The least just die not knowing what is the matter
Not knowing what is the matter........

agtG 247

The Poor

My children, Here am I rich in Spirit and poor in this world and a dichotomy as most of you are in being good and honestly seems to not pay.

I will give to you though a secret which you do not know by my example and it is True. You are starring in a court case at this moment with the Judge, Angels, Scribes and the Heavenly Host. You do not know this, but there is great evidence gathering taking place and it is you who are the condemnation of the wicked in all those who do not assist you.

I do not much care for this role. It is not easy being humiliated by the powerful and it is the worst in having TL having to deal with things, even if they are not failures, but instead God's workings in gathering evidence to send people to their eternal death.
There are no failure for me, there is but evidence against the powerful in which they will be condemned by Christ for their own actions. It is the Romans and Jews against Christ in knowing what they do.
The poor have the greatest of  roles in always being on God's Mind. Lazarus was held in Abraham's bosom after a world passed him by as not worthy of anyone parting with their rich cash stores. No one buys their way into Heaven, but keeping a fortune while others are in need certainly purchases a reserved place in hell.

The Holy Ghost provided me Psalm 139 to explain all of this again as I was in distress. I have mentioned that a certain Governor and his caste have mistreated me perversely. It became to a depth of not caring if I starved on Thanksgiving or not. Think of that measure for a moment in America in Scrooge making certain his feasts are full and the poor can be disdainfully looked upon, because they are not part of a band of Pharisees who have deemed themselves above God's Chosen in the poor.
The fallacy in life is that God does not Love the rich more by making them rich. Having power and position have nothing to do with most people who are wealthy in being Loved by God. All it is is more opportunity for them to fail as more is expected of them and more accounted for of them.
The rich can donate all they want to government taxes and their charities, but when one person comes across their door and is in need and they deliberately cast them out, that is the sin which condemns to hell.

It is troubling to be in a situation as the Prophet in being made a slave by wages in exposing the rich to their condemnation. Exposing those who are wealthy to the price of their soul really in the price they laid upon me as Judas and the Jews did Christ.
It is glorification of God though to have record of the poor who donate 5 dollars in what they should not donate or have, because their reward is great in Heaven while the rich's reward is great in hell.
I do not care for the rich and am not troubled by their going to hell. I trouble only how this effects the Tiger Lily as that is something of growth I would shield them from.

So now the poor know their purpose in being many and scattered. The poverty is a witness and it is evidence. This Governor of course thinks they are the Samaritan upon the road, but they are the ilk of Judas. I know that God will wipe them out as God has wiped out all before in His chosen measure and time. Until then, their sins are bound to them, and those sins are the ones like all the rich who have opportunity to do more than cast pennies at the fountain when a full measure of their stores are in order to solve problems.
No one is expected to save the world, but they are expected to do more than a rich man like Dinesh D'Souza in giving 1000 dollars to George Obama when D'Souza could have solved that man's dilemma with a 250.000 dollars to give that man dignity and life.

Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.

Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

Be of good comfort my children. God does know and the Judge Christ is Magistrate of all of our cases before Him.

 To know a need for good and to do nothing is the greater sin.

Lame Cherry

agtG 246Y

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Apologize

Here am I, moved to apologize for being grouchy here in I will presume that good people think it is directed at them, as good people always have a conscience compared to those who think they walk on water and who the ire is moved to be expressed here.

As many of you deal with the same things in finances destroyed, betrayal, an America now gone forever, and attempting to protect those you love in shielding them, it is the point in all of this, that from whence cometh my help is a certain faith and hope, that all the children of God have a better future.
This is how I have shifted my outlook by God's Spirit these past years, as nothing is going to be in this world that interests me and my Leader is Christ, so I look to the Kingdom He will return to establish by force.

It is though not the things of this world in wanting fame, attention, piles of wealth or whatever that drives me. What drives me is the Tiger Lily, because in reality as my archives prove in 2011 I was attempting to overload the Spirit in me to break this body down so I could transcend this plain. Suicide is forbidden by God, so me being clever I was going to work myself to the great beyond.
Then TL appeared last year and this kindred saved me. That is the thing which bothers me most in I want to protect them as it has been very brave of them to stay around me in various things the cartel has initiated in terrorizing us. They deserve better than me, and that is what makes me grouchy in I desire the best for them no matter what God's current purpose is which I submit to in not liking it.

I truly am blessed as TL is the best. I have like most people had numerous people betray me and it is different to have someone who is true. I have the Mom for me. I have a God Who has known me before I was, speaks to me, does not tell me of all things, chastises me as I tend to require it and no matter what I get into, God does get me out without being singed.
So I have more than most, but become testy about the 3% of things which have been the 3% of my entire journey here.

I have by God's Grace been rewarded for the work done Spiritually. This blog has distracted me a great deal on a different level than I had previous experience with. It is different in communing with God's Holy Spirit in finding revelations to being His Scribe in always tuning in and listening to Him.
I honestly have never had a close relationship with the Father nor the Christ. They have done many miracles for me, but I seem to be a possession of the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is the One Who prompted me to speak to the Father more, even if it did not seem to accomplish a great deal in Life.

In humility, the greatest Gift I have ever been given came from a conversation I spoke to Joan of Arc after she revealed herself to me a few years ago, along with the Light which usually proceeds grand events for me. Joan chose and brought about Tiger Lily for God's purpose. It is humbleness I required in I owe her TL. I still wonder of the conversation she had with the Holy Ghost I overheard and it surprised them, and the Holy Ghost wiped it from my memory as I was not supposed to hear.
It was nothing that revealing I seem to recall, but there are things I'm not supposed to know it seems.

Here am I moved by the Holy Ghost though to remember the Good God has done for me and continues to do constantly. The Holy Ghost created me by my Mother's Prayer when she could no longer have children. I have been His and am grateful that Joan in this allowed TL and I to have this great adventure.

My frustration though is not the world nor poverty, but in past Spiritual accomplishments which are being resisted in this arena. As I stated, I had a quite enjoyable playground in abilities of sneaking up on whoever I chose to and reading them. I enjoyed knowing things no one else did. I enjoyed having God zap people who deserved it.I know I have things to learn in this, and it is different in this blog Prophet thing as it requires different exercise and growth.
I recall this past Monday in TL was coming home from work and I felt them reach out and touch me half a minute before they turned on the garage door opener. Is a unique and wonderful thing in having someone I can speak with and know how they are no matter the distance.

For all the power God has given me, I would still rather be getting TL a drink or doing anything with them. It is one of the best of things in holding their hand when we pray. Yes the one who can cause floods and droughts by God or brings down the great, is most pleased to be serving TL in any way I can.

My apology though is for being unpleasant at times, as satan has had some connected minions kicking the hell out of me the past months a bit more, and I do not like how it affects TL.

My children, you are God's own and good people. I pray God's reward now for you and in the Kingdom of Christ to come. You are still the America and the Dreams of the Sojourners whose Inspired words laid the foundation on the land God planted with the remnant of His gleaning.

It is though as it always has been. The children of God hear the scolding and the minions of satan think the message is for someone else.

With that I must close as have to get ready for TL.

agtG 232

Obama Foreplay

My children, there is no secret fiscal cliff negotiations. What is being spoken of was written years ago and is part of Obama's ledger file........not the fag file of stealing elections, but the file on his implementation of feudal rule.

I will explain, but first would like to say to the sloven right, how much I will enjoy this, in you had your opportunity to donate to this blog and save yourselves, and I speak of donations until it hurt you, so that I could continue on doing this, but now the Venezuelan reality is coming due in Obama and Boehner are coming after you Foster Freiss and your Aspen A HOLES.

See what you brilliant wizards have not figured out yet is when in 2009 that Obama sent Eric Holder after all that offshore American money in Switzerland it was to root it out so it could not fund any coup or measures to be competition to Obama and his cronies.
These Obama tax measures have nothing to do with George Soros, George Lucas, Warren Buffett or any of these other feudal lords protected by the system, but have to do with the absolute measures this blog has been exclusively only exposing in Obama means to destroy small business as Stalin did farmers in Russia, so there is no competitive political class which can rise up from that funding.

This rich tax is designed to create the Keynesian group of the stagnant elite who will whither away in a generation with only titles like in England, and the connected fascist marxist overlords who will rule like Warren Buffett all for the global feudal state.

The entire tax bill was written for Obama long ago, and he is just going to dump it onto the Congress, who will scream, rant, rave, pretend to do something in getting something, which was intended all along to keep you children from revolting.

This is all fraud like Patriot Act and Obamacare. It was all written long before the fact and was implemented in previous dictatorships to seal a free people's fate whether they spoke Anglo or Latin.

The fancy part of this is, all of the rich tight wads are not going to be able to keep their money as the regime is going to find wonderful ways to confiscate it from death taxes to new taxes. You are all going to be poor as church mice and this little popular mouse who you could have funded in donations to keep the only free press working, is a poverty level you and your rotten spawn are going to join in the back pew.

You of course are the idiotry. You would not give as you are too self important and selfish to do anything for America. You are are the welfare wags equal the welfare frauds. Now Obama has you in the gulag and like the Jews in the ghetto, you will not flee before the walls go up, and I have a clue for you rats in this maze that those who do flee America, that Obama will come for you in foreign lands and rip your money from you there and throw you into Spanish prisons where a good daily rape with a broom handle will Chris Stevens you to a finer glory.

Call it another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as you once again are exposed into being led by the puppy press and your little fraud leaders on the right into thinking there is something being discussed when the Obama ledger already has it inked in how to destroy you wonderful rich and wealthy people who think your money is going to protect you.
They would not be doing this, unless they already have you locked in.

The sundown might be on the horizon that you will have to try and do without me leading you by the hand in this darkness you sloven rich and wealthy. You want the sexy stories but like the Obama secret service you want to screw the whores and not pay for it. See how you do with the Obama disease with no Dr. Cherry in the house to treat you.

Obama damned elections stolen and all of you can only lust for where the gerbil went.

Lame Cherry

I have been thinking for all of you too long so that you are starting to think you have something between your ears besides an Obama leash.

How did I know you Little Tweedle Dee
Not by the riches in hell you see
Not one for satan
Not one the grave
Not one for Obama
Not one to save
How did I know you Little Tweedle Dee
By you now being as poor as little me

 There is no Obama tax foreplay in this. He has already shot his feudal wad on your pretty panties.

Now go convince yourself you are the expert as you always are. You want respect, then don't piss on me and tell me how wonderful it is.

agtG 268



It is time to predict the future my children............

All Prophets do it really so ask yourself about things broken exclusively here in this blog and nowhere else in what Barry Chinoid is going to be up to in the next 4 years in foreign policy?

You know the answers already as B. Hussein informed you a year ago.

Obama wants legacy. Want to outdo Ronald Reagan in nuke arms stuff. You know Obama told the Russians he was going to be more flexible?


Same reason Obama traded away Slavic lands to Putin to get Putin to not do anything when Obama blew the hell out of Muslims.

Obama is going to start disarming America wholesale in nuclear and conventional weapons, keeping the US Star Wars system as the defense mechanism

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so Obama is going to disarm the US like he gave the Slavs over to Putin to pacify Russia.


As stated, Obama has this thing about Perisan and Jews with nuclear arms. Obama helped Iran build up it's nuke supply, so he could disarm the Jews of their nukes in a quid pro quo of Obama Kwanza.

Now follow this as it is simple if one speaks a form of English as related to Hebrew.

So Obama gives Putin American nuclear and conventional security. This then allows Obama to blow up the Middle East..........he gives Muslim oil to China to make them radioactive happy.

Where was I?

Yeah, Obama then becomes the REAGAN MAHDI MESSIAH........I diagnosed to you this Obama is a sociopath and he is really screws loose, but in a mindful way, as Obama wants to not only be Regan, Jesus and pop out of the well Armageddon mahdi, but he wants to combine it all like Iranian communist hybrid Islamocommunism.

So Obama has this Pax Rex Obama, Obama King of Peace thing with mano war going on in that ab ordo choa thing in order out of the chaos from his religion, and he has this plan to be completed in the next four years to bring the Middle East to the cusp of a massive nuclear exchange, after making it a minor nuclear exchange to scare people into seeing how peaceful Obama murdering bushels of people is compared to like Damascus being wiped out.

The Bible talks of Damascus a pile of ruin, and it makes one wonder in these Obama times to the end times if Assad has really pissed Obama off in that is what triggers the Syrians being vaporized in they ruined Obama's close up for his legacy.

So............yeah I said that, but like so, here we got Obama's game plan in the LEDGER in what is going to take place............let Netanyahu tidy things up in blasting Hamas leaders and let things stoke up some more and then salt it with the Obama pepper so it gets really Obama'd up.................figure this on the Obama plan for summer 2014 for the election theft in installing massive democrat control and then Obama will have the whole shebang rolling along and probably get hisself a whole breast full of Nobel Peace Medals.
I know the Bible says different. but Obama got this ledger thing and his legacy thing going on, so you know the Middle East is going to get hot, because Obama wants it to be that way.

Just think of this all as OBAMAGEDDON, where Obama desires to replace Armageddon, after all he is bigger than God, Jesus, Reagan and the mahdi, and it all is in details of the world according to Barry Chinoid.

Obama is going to disarm America to appease the Russians, so they do not clobber him in the Middle East. Obama is going to turn over nuclear oil to the Chicoms so they stay home and do not clobber him. In exchange, Obama is going to blow up more piles of people in the Mideast and blame Jews or whatever he lusts to blame in this next round of Obama magnificence.

If you wanted a bunch of filler, I do not have contemplating about not like being a slave and all a it bothers me that mostly poor people donate here, and for some reason no one else cares about America, meaning the rich.....which leads popular girls to a reality of weighing things in what God intends as being without TL is not an option and if I must join the St. Paul work force for sustenance, then that is what I have been forced into.
I know no one else is capable of this output. I have sacrificed years of this life literally while the children played. Just in composition it requires around 2 hours per post, and additional time in checking with God, plus my two unpaid jobs I deal with. Time with God, TL, my Mom and then there is a thing called sleep when I'm not battling some cursed governor of some state over a job I was robbed of due to the clique there.......not enough time in the day.

I did inquire that God wills me to do this blog, but there is a point in there is only one of me. I will discuss this with God as is bothering me greatly in poor people donating still after I explained they should not. Poor people have excellent hearts. Rich people the Bible has proven to me now are worthless. They hang onto that money and expect the poor to pay their way and fiddle as Obama burns down the world.
I will contemplate this on flannel loden green sheets as am exhausted.

God bless the Good of you. I will let you know which end is up when whatever happens.

agtG 283Y

Obama Hood

I have it on good authority from a not so confidential source as I always tell me about everything my children, in there were two convoys of Hummers loading on trucks, with one in the tail on the pavement, and two very fricking European looking light trucks on the move on November 28th south of Sioux City, Iowa.

Sort of winter really in that fraud state of Iowa so one wonders what the 113th Cavalry was doing prancing around wasting taxpayer money moving camo green and camo tan Hummers about on the interstate.......we'll call it I 29 for example as that is what it is.

Maybe Iowa is going to invade Missouri and start a regional Obama civil war or something,,,,,,,,,'

Thing is it is just one of those oddities happening in middle America's gut with lots of power transformers being shipped about the place and now we know two convoys of Hummers were going south.
Last we all heard was Obama stopped making wars and all was what exactly were these weekend warriors being deployed to. Not like one takes a Hummer out on a transport leash like one does the dog.

You know these transports all looked like some damned European semi flat nosed thing too. Only American looking things on these convoys were the Hummers and I did not know the Yanks were in the process of invading jungle lands.

You do remember Obama had that Yellow Fever going on in his first road trip when he tried to rodeo all them Asian leader chics. I do know that dark green Hummers stand out in desserts like sore thumb in looking black on a white it bids a question again just what does Supreme Commander....or what is his name, Commander in Chief........Cammandero in Chief if he is out banging the Asian leaders some might say, but we still got them poor frostbite Iowa corn holio boys going south on that big black snake, riding Euro trucks and sweating them sand and jungle hummers.

We  return to the question in, unless those 3 black window buses were filled with Obama troopers mixed in that mix, where is Obama deploying two varieties of hummers in this economic crisis of cutting Pentagon funds?

I wonder if Obama gets erect on Jessica Alba or if he only likes purebred Asian interesting as Barry Chinoid did mention hisself as mongrel and he likes purebred Pakistani and blacks mostly, so does the mongrel like his own kind or does he like purebreeds?

What happens when one mixes American Hummers and foreign looking trucks?

Seriously, as deployments are serious subject, Sioux City, Iowa has like it's own pony soldiers in the 113th and it's own air force of weekend warriors. Nothing is really south of this military city which stinks like a sewer except Offut air force base. The question then begs in all of this is where are these Hummers going in some stealth Obama war deployment which would use a majority of jungle green camouflage vehicles in trucks and Hummers.

Just asking questions as I doubt anyone else would bother as only popular girls ask questions.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saddam's Spelling Bee

My children, there is a reality in the articles posted here in exposing the Dr. Germ of the Obama Middle East in the Neo Weaponized West Nile plague which took place in America using Saddam Hussein's hidden biological weapons after Mr. Obama started bombing the Middle East Baathists and turning their nations over to the Obama Muslim Brohood, that when the Saudi Arab bomb went off and they turned to London for help, that the reality sunk in  that there is an advanced weapons lab operating in Muslim lands as a "cheap nuclear weapon" to fill in the void until the next stores are upgraded.

What no one is speaking of and is exclusive to this blog is the reality is Iran in the Islamocommunists already have the atomic bombs on the Dr. Kahn design. They are converting the heavies to the cone shaped in process for years, but what Iran is doing now is work on hydrogen bombs, the big ticket items in the 100 megaton plus that vaporize islands to counter the faced Israeli and American arsenals, for their next survival move.

This requires explaining this as all are still stuck on stupid in the past. The Dr. Germ who has been experimenting with advanced gene spliced biological weapons in converting them to new mosquito genus and focusing on specific human genus, is a calling card meant to send a clear signal that the world is dealing with a very well connected biological genius who has taken western work and advanced it to new levels.

It is not a matter of weaponizing germs or creating an atomic bomb. These terrorists which are western technological trainees with gifted Asian assistance are the products who are taking biological warfare and making it specific warfare and taking atomic warfare and making it holocaust warfare.
The messages being sent are profound in they can now new species generate a plague and they can now vaporize 150 mile areas in 300 mile area kill zones.

This is the stuff of Armageddon.

The trail of this is specific as there are only a few laboratories which have the capabilities to accomplish this genetic work. When one has the foundational stores though of Saddam Hussein's germs, it does make it beyond the first step. It does though require governmental cover to accomplish these things, but once that is granted, it is gene one and splice two.

Relevant point though is, this is not infuriating Obama, meaning the cartel, nor is it bothering the British nor Russians, Chicoms nor Japanese. That type of connection is the one which did not take place in the host of genetic engineers who were assassinated in America and Britain a decade ago who were contracted for a major bioweapons ultimate solution and were sanctioned for their efforts.
This Dr. Germ is operating under carte blanche or Obama would have used it to nuke the laboratory for his "legacy" election.

That is what is the exclusive in examining this is there are now two teams of scientists operating  in the shadows of a Dr. Germ and a Dr. Nuke. Dr. Nuke with the hydrogen bombs is setting the stage of nation cleansing in the event Dr. Germ's humacide microbes are unleashed.
It is all rather green really in one contaminates a land, and then uses high temperatures in hydrogen bombs to cleanse the region for occupation.

The lid is on these stories in Mockingbird right and left as the talking heads are ordered by their controls to not mention the obvious in this, that there have been several new plagues appearing under the historic Obama, and the fiction has shifted to "Iran is 4 years closer to having an atomic bomb".
How stupid are people really when the Manhattan Project literally produced the test atomic bomb and several others in under 4 years, using graphite reactors which Saddam even had to refine the material, and somehow Iran could not have built these devices which are nothing but a pile of graphite housing nuclear material, a decade ago like Saddam.

The Persian communists are not this stupid any more than Saddam Hussein's uranium which was shipped back to New Mexico after being refined by the French was not nuclear capable.

Anyone can build atomic bombs if one has uranium. Anyone can build a hydrogen bomb if they have an atomic bomb as that is what sets an H bomb off.
Anyone can build a plague, if they have a high powered telescope and a few germs with an incubator.

The evidence is Dr. Germ has built numerous plagues and has been releasing them for what Mr Obama has been up to in bombing Muslims not like him.
As for the H bombs, they are the process to deal with as that is what is coming. No one has spoken of this, and now the point is, the subject has been breached exclusively once again here, as the rest of the flat worlders are getting paychecks to claim ignorance for their brains on stupidity.

Saddam Hussein's spelling bee, WMD,  A bomb and H bomb and weaponized DNA.

agtG 244Y

Tiger Lily: Spice of Life

So Tiger Lily was obeying the 4th Commandment and I was wondering what we would dine upon as someone made this Chinese sized pile of paddy, and of course God is good to me in coming up with TL this proprietary recipe which is ours.

I have experimented with things and they do turn out like refuse sometimes, but on most occasions a new creation is born and as I have been known to create some ambrosia recipes for the ants in honor of God, this is one such recipe.
We had with this Chicken Adobo, white breast meat. Was very nice and quite elegant.

I will call this....or Tiger Lily will call this, the Tiger Lily: SPICE OF LIFE

I started out with cooking 1/2 bag of  brown rice. I presume that is like 4 cups of rice.

In a saute pan, fry up 4 slices of bacon cut into bite sized pieces to the non crispy stage, but beyond blubber.

Remove from grease on a plate and drain on paper towel.

Remove most of the bacon grease from your pan, but leave a good coating for flavor.

Beat two large eggs, and add a handful of chopped chives. (Can use green onion tops) as the green make a pretty color.
Add rice and coat.

Pre warm oven on low setting not above 200 degrees.

Dice up 3 cloves of garlic and saute in bacon grease.

Dust the top of the rice with about 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and about the same of Italian seasoning which is that marjorim, thyme oregano mix.

Add 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce.

Fold all of this together to mix the seasoning and coat the rice with the eggs.

Add approximately 1 teaspoon of toasted sesame oil to bacon grease and garlic.

Add rice and on moderate low heat, brown rice in turning it, and allowing to cook egg through as you will know when this happens as it looks like egg all over the rice.

Use 1 teaspoon of red hot pepper sauce. TL had a Vietnamese brand that was most interesting liquid fire, as one could not taste the pepper, but the reaction was of ones mouth on fire as a flavor. I would think some  type of vinegar soaked red chillis would be close to this.

Before removing from pan, dust a light coating of unrefined white sugar which is slightly brown on top of rice.

Turn off oven

Place into some type of oven safe dish.

Dice up a mixture of gouda and smoked gooda cheese to make about 1/2 cup and sprinkle on top of rice.

Sprinkle cooked bacon on top and cover with tin foil, and place in over for half an hour  to melt cheese.

This was surprisingly very good and the Adobo was perfect, as Adobo is a vinegar chicken from Asia. The gouda is sour and with the smoked meat and cheese, it combines to a most interesting flavor combination overpowering the rice.
It is an attractive main course rice dish. We had my concoction of pickels, a recipe I will not divulge as it too was by Inspiration and one day I may attempt to market such.

bon apetite


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weird Ass Names

I have come to the conclusion in studies, that if you have a weird ass name which is flamboyant, that you will become an attention whore, because genetically your weird ass parents who named you a weird ass name, pass on the trait, that you must gain attention somehow.

In most cases, the women in this world who have these weird ass names, end up half naked demanding men and women look at them, and then punishing the men and women for looking at them, in a strange symbiosis of "love me hate you, be with me stay away from me".

It is amazing that a magazine such as Maxim has discovered this like Playboy discovered if one takes fragile females in need of "daddy attention" and pays them some attention in turning them into naughty whores, that one can make a great deal of money off of this human trafficking.

One never sees a Bertha, Agnus, Matilda or Beulah acting out like this, but just start naming girls some weird ass variaion of Meagan to Zenovia, and presto, you got boobs in bras and lace panties galore.

I wonder of the parents who do this to children in how unfulfilled and in need of validation they are in naming little girls such names, and then promoting them to be attention whores.

Like this Nataya', black chic who looks as ornery as Muchelle Obama, and what that ` thing on the A accomplishes is something only a black mum could figure out, as it certainly does not afford any smiles like that lilt one would expect to produce.

Perhaps if she combed her hair,  washed her hair and found a way to discover that wearing ghetto green or apparently the new ghetto orange, really does nothing for anyone whose skin color is any color, no more than pouring oneself into daisy dukes with that kind of torso no more than that animal print booby halter is flattering to breasts as it makes them look like they are coming out of a pasta machine.

It is just all too psychotic really in women are supposed to be the nurturers of children as men are beastie at it, but I can not see any of these women turning out anything but prostitutes or terrorists...also known as Obama voters.

That is about it in this in this continued finding of the human persona in how scarey it is now in America.

People should be aware that naming children things, and then if they are compounded by being the least bit attractive, turns them into weird ass people who should not be allowed to breed.

It is not peroxide that drives bottle blondes nuts, nor that gell that blacks put on their hair to make it straight.

It appears genetic and it is demon enhanced.......the world is indeed crazed and the names prove it.


Silver Spoon Scrooge

My children, brats and Obama voters. I have a challenge for each of you, because I actually hold all in the same compassion and only by learning will any of us gain the lesson that this American nation is corrupt and it is nothing but a trillion dollar looting system of the poor for the rich.

Recently in an attempt to gain funding, I contacted numbers of the wealthy on the right, and I was ignored wholesale. I can tell you that from my personal experience, the people of this blog are very good people who for the most part are in poverty. The people who actually love America are the poor, and the rich could not give a damn about it in the pattern of the donations which came in.
So trying to survive, I decided to try to gain employment with a state. I was like all of you trying to get a job, and it should be no surprise that the system was rigged so some insider who already was given the job, got the job, and the other applicants like myself never were in contention.

That is what the system is. The elite put out a job, and because of federal law have to offer it to the entire population in a fraud, when they already have their stooge chosen.

It was a lesson my children and wards, in I did in fact make some very powerful people jump through hoops as I caught them doing things, but the reality is, I received a very smug letter from an employee of the Governor, who dared me to contact the federal government on this job fraud as they knew damn sick they had crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's in going through the motions.
I still have a few things floating on this that I did report, but the point is, I got screwed over like millions of Americans on the left and right, and it happens all the time.

All of that reality might sound cruel, but the reality is the only Being Who Cares is God, the Father, Jesus, Holy Ghost God as there is no other. God allows this world to be what it is in it's reprehensible worst to reveal just how worthy of hell all these powerful and rich elite are.

For the Obama voters, my challenge is, that you have dreams or harms which have come to you. I dare you to contact B. Hussein or someone else you idolize about your problem and just see if it gets solved.

I don't care if you are a Mitt Romney voter in the Mormons or just think that some talking head like Ron Paul is the answer to all.........if you need the lesson in what these elite are all like, just contact them and see if they even reply, or if their reply is handing you off to some government agency, which will then tell you to die slowly.

It does not matter if it is some reporter as I have warned you of that my children and wards in that talking head will just use you, expose you and then dump your butt to leave you humiliated with wackos phoning you up threatening you while the Obama powers or whoever have you n their "list" and some police car is forever pulling in behind you.

There are people who are born with the silver spoons and they are in the system, and by psychological manifestation they constantly hire and surround themselves with other anal brains who really get off on having a job or that power to rub it into your face when you need something.

Any time any American has trouble, the police will not help and the government could  care less, as it is all shift to some other place, and that place will run you up against a brick wall every time in "not being able to help you".

The reality is Barack Hussein Obama is not going to get you a job, nor lose one bit of sleep over your problems, no more than a Chris Matthews a Rush Limbaugh or a Kevin Yoder in Kansas. They have their lives and enhance them, and figure that you should figure out the Silver Spoon Scrooges have stolen all your coin, and you will just have to learn to deal with empty bags.

My method of dealing with this is turning this over to the Father to Judge and trusting in that, even if things have been a trial for some time. It does absolutely no good to vent to these silver spoons, as they could are less and some will just report you to the authorities and you will have more problems.

The Bible teaches in the Psalms to not put your trust in princes nor in the sons of men. That is the reality in trusting in God.

The point in all of this is simple in this America is pitted against each other in groups by design, and each group is defending people placed in the leadership by the same cartel, who do not give a damn about any of you.

Ronald Reagan who was a leader who actually wrote personal checks out to people as that is the kind of person he is. It of course did no good, but he at least had a heart.  He at least cared when people had a story of bad things, even if the press would mock him.

That is the lesson in this, in the cartel has people fighting over how much sin should be condoned so sinners and Saints can sleep at night, while the cartel has stolen every person's life.

Every person you vote for, watch on television or is before you as some great humanitarian does not care about you in the least. If they did, one of them would have stood up and informed you of the way things are in life. They instead promote the chirade that they are one of you, and the fact is, none of you will ever have any of the people you look up to in the world of fame drop you a card and ask you how you are doing.
You know them, but they do not care to know you........if they did, they would be out in the streets trying to make things better for you personally by listening.

I do not hate a single Obama voter nor do I dislike the brats who all write idiocy about this blog. I feel sorry for them, because I know their leaders could care less about them, and someone has to care about them.......and someone has to care even about the rich who are so deluding themselves into thinking that the cocktail crowd they are with would give a damn the day they are rotting with cancer......and only send a card so they can tell others, how wonderful and caring they are about a rich dude.........while some poor hundreds rot in disease they will never send a card to.

God does see all of this. He saw it when Slavs were freezing to death under Stalin. He saw it when the Americans were getting their heads cut off by Indians. It is all recorded and it is all the cry that goes up before God.
It might not seem fair and it is not, but it is better to be someone in misery complaining about that misery than to be a rich asshole having God hear how wonderful they are for handing over 1/ 100,000ths of the money they stole to some charity so they could broadcast how great they are in charity to the world.

Just think of it this way......

You know how much you loathe these creatures who have let you down when you needed help. God has an even bigger heart and recording system for all of it. I never know how long it will take for God to avenge me, but He will, even if it is at the Judgment.....I just know I do my best in this life in meagerness allowing God to work through me and giving Him all the credit as the Goodness is always God.
How God deals with things is God's Authority. The rich man and Lazarus teaches that eternal life is a bit longer than the mortal coil here.

The hurts you have are if You are a child of God are hurts God knows as they are done to Him.

The Silver Spoon Scrooges which are this entire ilk, donate to charity not for reasons of charity but their own. A Foster Freiss is a Steven Spielberg. The rich are not responsible for every person in the world, but they are responsible for the world they run their rapine out of.

America has a multi trillion dollar government. A multi trillion dollar entertainment industry. A multi trillion dollar job market.  A multi trillion dollar rich people bank roll, and in all of that it will not help anyone. Obama voters are poor and without jobs and the GOP voters are getting poorer and losing jobs.

Ask either one for help, and you will receive none in being an American.

I realize people feel empowered if "their guy wins" as it is like "their team winning", but it gains you absolutely nothing as these elite do absolutely nothing for you and never will.
It is amazing in how much millions of Americans have done for America and all of these elite for decades, and when it comes time for something in return, they are told to exist in poverty and then attacked for it.

I will be honest and state that Republicans and Conservatives have never done a thing for me ever. Would the Obama voters and Ron Paul voters at least take the step and say that the people they are loyal to have never done a thing for them either?


Monday, November 26, 2012

Oliver's Twist

My purpose in this exercise is the Tiger Lily becomes upset about children being harmed in the 3rd world, so that upsets me greatly as there is too much Hollywood and Missionary Positions in all of this, in ignorant people pulling at heart strings in working their demons out and causing more problems in this world.

The basis of this is the movie Machine Gun Preacher. It makes no difference what the movie or Oprah viewer or Mormon Missionary this is, as these creatures could do more good in marching on the World Bank in demanding all the food, medicines and money did not end up in banks in European Ashkenaz interests as Paul Wolfowitz attempted to establish, before he was destroyed by these cartel financiers for rocking the piracy.

It does not matter if it is Mexico, Philippines, Uganda or any other shit hole, you can find where Baptists are stealing black Hatian babies, missionaries a banging the cute Filipino girl for food, the  movie makers are linking up chopped up babies in the Congo, it is all the same financial system behind it, and the reason it takes place is there are billions of dollars to be made in these nations on dope, human traffick, weapons, food and land.

In MGP, Gerard Butler 300 is a reformed doper who hears the calling and sets up an orphanage in Africa and starts shooting a rival blacks militia who are shooting at his orphans and militia.
Does not matter any of this, except it only exposes in the movie how ass backwards all this is.

What good is an orphanage without stopping the orphan making machine, and one does not do it by shooting the thugs working for the other militia whose leader is making money for the cartels.

The bad guy in this movie is Kony, a shapeshifter. I do not care what witchdoctor someone says someone is, as bullet kills a hyena shapeshifter as much as a human......shoot a hyena and they turn back to the human form in death.
Kony just pisses off the cartel as he is Christian and interfering with the cut.

He is no different than Riala Odinga, except Kony is not leftist and has no backing from a rival power broker.

Nothing in Africa, Mexico or the Philippines has changed since the Jesuits first held down the locals and made them say the Hail Mary. The rural people are ignorants like their saviors, who do not know enough to clean a weapon nor build a boma thorn enclosure to keep out the butchers preying on them.
To be fair the Butler character was as big of idiot in full fire AK 47's which only burn out barrels and precious ammo, plus the lovely idiocy of revealing your position and one can not hit a damn thing with a full fire machine gun.
Put it on select fire and pull the trigger once. It is how a combat soldier operates and lives to fight another day.

The same is the stupidity in these orphanages and villages. OK I will explain.

Rome and Greece learned a long time ago that controlling the mob meant ruling the mob. Mobs like to riot and wipe out the less numerous soldiers and dictators. The way the Romans figured this out to survive is the day the universe changed........hat tip to that bald Anglo who explained all this.

See your city park, nice boulevards and plazas all look mundane to you, but to people in crowd control, they mean you can herd the masses into central areas quickly and with few troops point a few weapons to control the mob which is rioting.

To keep the locals safe so one is not pissing away their missionary work it is simple, in one just builds any of a number of proven designs in ancient cities like Babylon or Rome.

Rome was built on 7 hills, which means look outs. It is a control center which like Babylon with water running through it and high walls is a hell of a thing to try and conquer.
Most militias do not have bombers in the air, tanks or artillery, so the simple design of using mud bricks, will absorb any AK 47 or RPG thrown at the populace.

So one creates this central command structure which includes water, and a commanding position of a height so the militia can not get on top of your position and fire down upon you, as Obama allowed in Afghanistan on the American firebases.

Next after water and position, we want a second enclosure which is your garden plots to feed the population. The secondary wall can have thorn, spikes or razor wire to keep things from climbing over this wall, which means minimum patrol at night.

Very simple stuff really and as one is creating brick structures they are secure and last, safe as they absorb bullets and RPG's and one can literally make the outer walls the homes people live in. Nothing like having screaming locals as your early warning system if some militia gets through the walls.

These indigenous peoples need keepers. The good deed doers need minders to control their intentions in not making pets of the locals. Directing this all like zoo animals is all it requires in the monkey good deed doers permission to roam about among the goats and sheep, acting superior as the keepers engineer a society in a colonial system that directs the idiots who think they are smarter than the idiots they are saving, but only compounding the problem.

One can also build approach routes for the militia to trap them in fields of fire. Once again minimum security and maximum destruction of the danger easily.

That is as simple as it is. Except for there should be international laws, that unless good deed doers have minders, and those minders are in place, not one cent, not one grain of paddy, should ever be allowed into any of these areas.

It is why I want to invade northern Mexico and transform it to the above system. In a decade it would be a prosperous place and the Mexican peon would be a Mexican who would have money and in another generation be able to govern themselves, and control their Padre preying on them.

See the people in power do not want any of this, as this would create competitors to their rapine. It is why these peoples are preyed upon, and why good deed doers are allowed in to make things worse as it makes good propaganda so people give money and send in their young missionary girls to get raped and murdered.
All feeds itself and it allows good deed doers to feel superior and bring home pet locals as one can only spay and neuter so many cats before it becomes blaise'.

There are ways to fix this, but that is not the point. The local populations are no different than they were before Queen Victoria made them her children and tried in colonialism to civilize them. They do not know how to make weapons nor care to learn how to defend themselves. They prefer to eat, sleep and f*ck while they cry over bad things, and go back to being happy when the sun shines and they have some shade to nap under.

This is not in vogue to state these facts as Obama hates colonialism and the cartel he represents wants the propaganda that all these people are just like you. They are not. They are  in most cases no different than an ape in the zoo trained in sign language.
It is why the Marxists for the European bankers destroyed Queen Victoria's civilizing the wogs, because there is more quick profit in that then teaching the wog to farm, build, mine and build mercantiles to buy first world goods to sell to their peoples.

This will be hard to absorb, but people live and people die. So do ants, so do antelope and so do trees. Some people are no different than buts, hinds or plants. It does not mean that one misuses them nor does not have compassion on them, but the focus on the livestock of the cartels only wastes energies which they will one to do to continue the exploitation.

If Gerard Butler had been firing on a cartel wog, he would have been dead already. He has a purpose in attacking Kony as Kony is like the elephant in Africa in not part of the plan.
That is the point in this, in one can march on the aristocracy behind all this rapine, but it just gets you murdered like Andrew Breitbart and makes one's family cry.

One can not save people too ignorant to save themselves. One can only deal with their lives in the situation they are, pray their prayers, allow God to work through them to make things better and wait for Jesus to return to end all of this rapine in the world system.

There is a reason Queen Victoria and the American Government made reservations for the natives and built schools, made defensive enclosures for armed loyalists and gave them a faith in God and hoes to farm with. It was teaching civilization.

That requires a orderly progression in comprehending human behavior and how to control it for the best outcome.

That is missing in the world for a reason now and good intentions are not going to change any of it. Trying to do it will get one murdered. It is the reality of this world can not be saved or Jesus would have saved it.

Americans should concern themselves as much of the people in the west in saving themselves from the jeopardy they are in. It will not be long before the more clever cropping of them comes into full force in their gulag.
The concern should be saving oneself, protecting ones family, projecting out to securing ones community, ones county, one state and ones region, and not looking to FEMA for the camps you are in as you will die waiting to be rescued.

Figure these things out as you have already been figured out just like the skin toned peoples of the 3rd world. You just happened to have a  God Who loved Abraham so you received blessings to bring the message of Spritual Salvation to the world.

100% of the people should be concerned about saving themselves.

agtG 255


I must stand up for black sisters everywhere as if one has this chameleon Ann Coulter snogging about in your bush, it is time to have a real woman stand up for them in Government Manfare.

According to Coulter, Bill Maher and Lawrence O'Donnell have a thing for black stuff. I do not get this race fetish stuff, but when it comes to women seeking out males who look like lizards.

I term this LIZARDONIAN PSYCHOSIS these black women must suffer in mass as there are clear examples of this in even Whooper Goldberg was joined at the hip with Ted Danson. This is not to say there is anything wrong with our good friend Ted, as he is entertaining as an actor, but all of these lizard men seem to like to slum around in dark holes and then come up for air, leaving the poor black woman on her own.

Even that one mobster actor has a black woman in these liberal is not Al Pacino, but that other lizard looking guy who is friends with that other Italian actor from that lawyer movie with  Herman know who I mean, is that mouthy New Yorker who Wayne Brady should slap the shit out of too when he is through putting the palm to Bill Maher.

See there is something odd about this in black women. I do not know if it is the color green of money the sisters like as it certainly can not be the personalities, although one can see in having Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock around acting like 5 year olds showing their zipper skin around, perhaps a nice master who looks fossilized might be appealing to such women.

This is not an accident, as one remembers that Uhurah from Star Trek was taking a photon up the tube with that globalist Roddenberry burying his phaser drive in her.

I have stated that Renee Tennison from long ago Playboy was attractive. That Peggy from Mannix reruns from the 1960s was pretty too, but those appear to be normal women compared to the modern version who date lizard males thinking they will get something out of of it and instead .........well are just women who date men no women would ever touch.

I shiver at thinking Maher naked......any of them. White to hurt your eyes and saggy looking penis bodies with no personalities. If one combines this lizardess Ann Coulter and these black women suffering from psychological problems it really starts looking like some wacko sci fi porn in Faster Lizard Cat, Puke Puke.

For a remedy in this, I suggest that these black women find a nice blind white Stevie Wonder. Stevie is not bad looking, and some of the Obama children look like him. These black women could then tell this white blind guy they want to date and he will not care as long as they do not admit they are into lizards and all would be well.
It is just the blind white guys should not take their dates to the reptile gardens or Red Lobster or perhaps he will need his white cane to walk home alone, as the non humans might win out.

I can not imagine women ever being desperate enough to date these men. Granted I think Mr. Cheers wife is a nice gal who I do not know of her history in dating snakes, but the point is, it must be a psychological obsession for a pattern like this to take place in these creepy liberal male lizards are attracting these defenseless black women.

All of these Obama voters from Ann Coulter to Bill Maher just make me shiver in their being so scaley. It is not that I have anything against lizards. I just think they should not cross species. You know like Land of the Lost Sleestak never dated Marshall, Will or Holly.

So any way, maybe Obama could sign some executive order banning black chicas from dating lizard men and he could put in their something about not dating Chinoids as he has a phobia of being around black women too. Sort of hide his agenda like he is good at and just make them black mamas safe from themselves.

After all no good came to Pegs Noonan or Shep Smith having the jungle lust for ........hell that is Yellow Fever ......maybe it could be Yelloid Fever for Obama as we do not want to leave that 13% blackness out......any way no good came from the people lusting after Obama as it wore off fast and all went into dillusionary mindsets of being vicious like Shep against Birthers and then after his sudsy lost the bubbles he sort of figured no one would remember he was an Obama voter over at FOX.

Where was I?

Oh yeah I was wrapping things up in this as I have had enough of this creepy dating lizards things and wondering if Bill Maher and Larry O have some kind of jelly insects they have that black chic insert and they flick out with their lizard tongues..........

Just was wondering what the Lizard Position was.........

Maybe Elton John knows as he did sing Crocodile Rock..............maybe Rush Limbaugh knows as he looks..............I didn't know his blonde wife was black.

Paul Ryan ok..........Aspen Institute liberals........sure it all makes sense now.

You know when you put into Google search for a black woman with a lizard, you get shoes and when you put in a black woman with a snake, you still get shoes......and one woman who was naked pregnant........don't know what Google was thinking in racism there.

Odd no photos of Bill Maher though.........


The devil in Ms. Coulter while mugged by a Negroid Riding for Free

(At Huffpo sounds quite pornographic, but includes Ms. Coulters three latest Mockingbird titles on one has read, but are on the New York Times best seller list.....must be why I don't make the Times as people actually read things here.)

PS: I once phoned a pornography movie production studio. Was a strange conversation in it took forever for someone to answer the phone, and there was puffing from the guy, loud laughing women, him trying to shut everyone up and sound business like and I forget now what I was phoning about for information, but it sounded a great deal like the time I called John Thune's office and the girl help there would not shut up either in being loud.

There were no black women involved as I could tell by the laughter and so I know that Bill Maher or Lawrence O'Donnell were not least not naked.

Oh hell, these black women are Land of the Lost fans and had their first masturbation session while watching it and.......well that is why they like Bill Maher.......poor black teenagers just woofing it away with the oven cleaner can to Will and out pops a Sleestak when the cherry gets popped, and they have been suffering ever since.
Who knew Bill Maher, Lawrence O'Donnell owed all their sexual prowess to a latex costume....actually is like most lesbians and all condoms.

Bill Maher the Sleestak condom.......I wonder if he uses oven cleaner cologne......

Robert Deniro he is that mouthy mobster guy.

I always did like Land of the Lost until Will Ferrell ruined it.....liked baking too.

I wonder what cartoon Muchelle Obama was watching when.........

Sunday, November 25, 2012


My children, you have pleased me. You are learning. Mockingbird has been exposed in RIP that Republican Insider on Ulsterman.

It is textbook Stanford and Tavistock. One can view the manipulation:

1) Ulsterman says the election was a clear choice.
2) RIP tells you there IS no choice in a "two sides of the same coin" revamp.
3) Limbaugh says we must wait for events.

As all deflect from Barack Obama stealing his third election with vote fraud, it is working. You have them concerned in investing this type of resource to provide each psychological group the illusion that their fears are being addressed.

All to keep you from revolution and to keep you waiting for the next election and one more bit of gossip to keep you sedate. They know it is that close and they are trying to shut it down. They do not want anyone looking at the electronic voting machines which have installed nothing but Marxists in every western nation since they have been installed in the voting process.

This type of protocol to be initiated means a final phase in this step. They are tracking you and monitoring you and gauging your response closely like rats in a maze. You are doing well but they will keep trying to sway you. They will perform an event designed to distract you from this and move on to 2014.

God keep you thinking and learning, my children.


The Obama Five

That 5% firing of Americans due to Obamacare is an interesting number no one has bothered to explain, because these Obama corporations all knew exactly the costs of Obamacare to the American economy, because across the board it is that 5% figure.

That is an amazing amount really, as 5% of a company accounts for more than 5% of their production wealth. It literally means that Barack Obama is that 5% salaried employee now in every business, corporation and conglomerate across America.
For a company making 1 billion in revenues, that means Obama is the 200 million dollar executive.
For a company doing 3 million dollars in business a year, which numbers of supermarkets run, that means Mr. Obama is the 150,000 stock boy.

That number starts adding up really, as people who really work for a living, can comprehend that in their 20,000 dollar a year job before withholding, that Obama in his mandates is the affirmative action guy getting 130,000 dollars a year more in not showing up for work.

You do not get this 5% as if a company is paying 5% in cuts to keep others working for Obamacare costs, it would mean the remaining employees are going to be taken from them a matching 5% from their wages.
For someone in the real world that would be 5% of the minimum wage of 20,000 or another 1000 dollars per year, for something they are already paying thousands of dollars more already in insurance costs.

So you understand this my children, that 5% is really 10%, and in this Obama second election theft it means literally, not just a 10% in costs, but in a new Carteresque misery index, what Obamacare is going to do to the American Super Depression Economy is it is both going to inflate prices 10% in costs and it is going to strangle that 10% out of the economy in a combined  effect of costs and people who do not have that money to spend on things to drive the economy.

Lame Cherry would define this as the OBAMA INDEX, which is a misery index of Jimmy Carter, with an added effect of a new massive constriction of the economy.

In projection, this 10% really evolves into a monster of combined effect of multiplied effects in being a 20% factor in the American economy. If one wants to see the real effects, the London Model of the rich being treated and poor left to die, as the British economy  always is lagging in having absolutely no effective way to fund defense or public projects, that is what America will become.
It is why Obama is already cutting the National Defense, as Britain could not float it's nuclear submarines either.

The combined effect is remarkable as the debt increases as more people are out of work and on welfare. Business will not hire as they have 10% of their profits already siphoned off from Obamacare. Factoring in the reality of businesses will raise prices by at least 5% on products produced, it begins an additional cycle of inflation as this progresses out.

America under Obama was running an approximate 11% rate which was ruining the American economy in strangulation. The Obama numbers now are a reality in, if the work force was 70 million souls. 5% of them are now being vaporized before the Christmas season, meaning 3.5 million people have just lost their jobs, and will not be spending money, but instead going on welfare.
The job structure will not gain workers as the Obama economy is one where China will out produce for market the American structures in this massive throttling. As much as London was a factor in this example model, what America is going to be a mirror image of is, Japan in an aging workforce, a constriction of decades long depression and an imported work for indigenous, in their case being Korean and in America it will be Mexican.

Look to the evidence oil companies have provided in fuel was in the 3.80 cent range and dropped to a 3.45 range. The percentages are there as the oil barons realize the economy is on a revolutionary trend, meaning anarchy and in order to do business and keep the majority of people still from revolting their price drop reflected that.

As a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, the reality is this, that no one has ever factored in the model in public of just what is the average in percentiles of what a strangled economy before riots in the streets break out.
Now it is plain why the Obama regime was buying a billion rounds of 40 caliber ammunition. It was to keep the government employees on the job sacrifcing people, and it was to expend ammunition in the event this reaches break point.

These are now the new definitions in the Obama Index and the Riot Scale. America should be economically raped by B. Hussein Obama at approximately the plus 23% inflation rate with unemployment exceeding that 23% rate which is the reality it stood at.

The feudal powers will attempt to deflate oil prices and the suspected food prices to hide this index, but it will rise as costs mount, and Bernanke and Obama keep printing money in this house of cards.

*note did you notice that Susan Rice's nose seemed to grow after Benghazi in her lying about ANALGATE.

This is the American reality as the corpse decomposes in the Obama Abyss. That is the model which has been set in motion. It will now be a Banana Republic boat of money for a taco as the rich dons sit around doing nothing.

The model spirals out to over 100% consumption of the economy, because this is a massive tax structure at loanshark rates. Each person in America has a new ward at their place of work and their homes, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama, costing each person over 20%  more of what they have.

This is the future in this economic invasion as that is exactly what this is akin to, in a nation invaded by an enemy army which is destroy the societal foundations and nothing replacing it. This is going to be worse than even the numbers can project out.

nuff said

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