Thursday, August 17, 2017

Paying the FBI to Spy on You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been thinking about this, and I do quite a bit of thinking about this subject of being an FBI paid asset or even a CIA paid asset, because the idea is being PAID, when you got Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich saying Alt Rich......sorry Alt Right Richard Spencer is a CIA asset, in I remember that one guy over at the Daily Stormer leadership was like an FBI monitor and got paid 60,000 dollars to look after White Supremacists.
I mean that is quite a bit to do nothing, because they are like White, Supreme, so how hard can it be, as it is not like shoving suppositories up old geezer butts at the geezer home, which is not a really high paying job.

I thought it over and I would sell out for 500,000 a year, that would be 350,000 after taxes, and then someone like the Viking could say, when I started saying what a great gal Jared Kushner is, something like this in email:

Hey you ratbitch, are you an FBI agent?

To which I would post here, as I think that is the law in you have to tell people if you are in the regime employ the Truth, I would say, "Yes I am a ratbitch FBI informant, not an agent, because I am waiting for my J Edgar Badge, but I am wearing a long cool woman black dress, on Saturday night working for the FBI".
That way everyone would know I was a stooge and not to believe anything here, and I would not be lying to you.

The reason I am bringing this up is GAB AI emailed me  today about raising 750,000 dollars in just a few months. I mean I got off that site when they started asking me to agree to details in  my being spied on. Now that all the Alt Right are lined up over there, it should be easy for the FBI to just Bundy round them all up, because Jeff Sessions can put out stories in "rumors are Sessions is investigating violent groups" and dolts ay it is Antifa, but you can bet your last chicken egg, that the way all this has been turned against Trump supporters that it is all of your social media being collected and not George Soros shopping lists for rent a terrorist. 

The  Alt Tech Revolution has begun. In just over 30 days Gab has raised $750,000+ from people just like you from all around the world. Together we are going to build a community and product that people love and cherish. There's still time to invest in Gab for stock, learn more here.

I mean 750,000 dollars to have your name turned over to the FBI. Hell I would do that for half of that if all you want is to have your name turned over to the FBI. I never dreamed people would pay to have a social media site to turn their names over to the feds. It just seems to me that those people could just write a check out to the FBI and save time. I mean something in the MEMO like, "HI I AM ALT RIGHT AND YOU ARE SPYING ON ME, AND I THOUGHT I WOULD JUST SAVE TIME IN MAILING YOU MY GAB AI INVESTMENT AS YOU WILL BE COMING TO HAUL ME AWAY SOON.

I have been telling you this, but Mike Cernovich and Boyster Milo have stated that the  feds are coming after normal folks now in this Sessions unleashing on the Alt Right over Charlottesville.

But none of that matter as this is about me. I mean I just do not get how this money game works. I mean it is like fancy what does Sunprancer say..........funny that, throws money back at donors, as she attacks Drudge, Breitbart, Gateway and Cernovich, because she got the Kushner credit card paying all the bills, so the propaganda is all great for the cucks and mcmastercucks. Mind you, I would not want the Jew mafia's money, because you would end up buried in the concrete under some 666 building, and that is why the FBI and CIA are better jobs, as they only  throw you into jail to make you a better stooge with a jar of vaseline, but I just don't get how you get onto this money train.
I have said I would loved to be working for the FBI, CIA, DIA, Homeland, US Marshalls.........I don't know, would even like a BATFE badge if they gave me some guns and all the ammo I could practice with as government men get all the high priced ammo and fancy guns, and brand new big SUV's, sunglasses and while I have never been in their executive bathrooms, I bet they have free tampons for the men and the women agents, because like Robert Mueller calls them in and says:

Say how would you like to frame Donald Trump for me?

and they would say:

Sure Bob, got my miter square and everything.

Bob says:

Let's smoke on it.

and they would say:

Sorry Bob I don't smoke, but let me whip out one of them executive tampons I got and you can light that up and we will celebrate.

Anyway it seems allot of people got this money thing figured out, and from what I see now in GAB AI, that you people out there like giving money to people who are handing things over to the feds. I sort of have a problem with that, and it is my fault I guess in being honest, but if I only knew you wanted to be spied on and turned into the FBI........maybe you could just make the big donation, and then just leave your curtains open and the lights on as you clean your guns at night, and I am sure you would get popular really quick and something with a badge would show up eventually.

750,000 dollars to get put on an FBI list for Sessions prosecution. Seems like I am a the best blogger ever, but I sure don't have this MOG stuff down.



Ivanka Pie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am a bit confused over Charlottesville when Blacks with clubs are trying to murder a White man with a Dodge Charger is something Ivanka and Jared Trump condemn, as they bomb Syria in fake chemical weapon's attacks, that Ivanka and Jared in jewishness, never seem to have a tweet about places like Gaza, the West Bank........hell even Saudi Arabia where the Sunni kingdom is going scorched earth on Shia minorities there, but then Ivanka and Jared get millions of dollars from the Saudis, and they get piles of money from Peking, so you notice that Ivanka never tweets a word about Chicom atrocities in Tibet, but instead has that poor little girl of her's, trained like a chimp, to sing Chinese songs to the dictator of China, while Ivanka serves beautiful chocolate cake.

It is getting difficult for Ivanka and Jared Trump, in their left wing press leaking, in exchange for puff piece stories about again that little daughter handing out donuts to strangers in their neighborhood, endangering her and the Secret Service as no one knows what is lurking out there. The difficulty is, is the leftists have figured out the Ivanka and Jared leaker game to those like Glen Thrush, and they are wondering why Ivanka does not resign in protest over her father's positions, and instead goes silent on her issues like sex perverts in the military, as she sidles up to Mike Pence, hoping he will pardon Jared and her from a Robert Mueller conviction.

Ivanka Trump, a Jew convert, is the cat's meow of chutzpah, in this ivory tower daughter, who got everything in life from her dad's hard work, attacks Americans for their 4th Amendment rights to be white, loving being white and socialists. Odd part about this is, Ivanka trump is white, loves being uber white and is a socialist, so it is sort of lost why she is attacking the Alt Right, because she is the poster girl with her cuckold husband, Jared for the same hatred in when is the last time you ever saw the Kushner's posing with Protestant Christians of any color?

Ivanka pointedly used the terms “racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis,” while her father’s Saturday afternoon statement only referred generally to “hated and bigotry.”
Ivanka, or the White House or her personal PR team, must have thought that having her post a two-part tweet, in which she also called for Americans to “come together,” would placate her father’s critics as well as win her some badly needed PR points.
Her tweets did no such thing. In fact, her father’s trusted assistant and self-proclaimed moderating force may have made things worse for everyone involved.
Yes Ivanka, the liberal wants us all united, as her schemes now have Jeff Sessions storm troopers shutting down web accounts and web sites, with full FBI sweeps seeming to be in the offing. That kind of UNITED is the kind of united one gets in Pyongyang at the end of an AK 47 in a 20 year re education camp.

Glenn Thrush actually proved what the Lame Cherry exposed first, that it was Ivanka Trump and Herbert McMaster who once again guilted President Trump into making another colossal political mistake, in going out and attacking his base.
From the Trump Tower news conference, it is certain by Gary Cohn being lined up to stand there in the Trump rebuttal in correctly stating that some in the Alt Right are bad and some in the Alt Left are violent, points to Ivanka's bald head banker, was whispering Ivanka advice again to Mr. Trump in influencing him to another disaster.
If you want to know who is responsible for Charlottesville, it is HR McMaster briefing George Soros who funded these terrorists, and Ivanka Trump who wrote the talking points for the President to denounce the very base which were standing for the keeping of American history protected.

A New York Times report Tuesday presents Trump’s daughter and son-in-law as trying to distance themselves from her father’s defense of white supremacists, which the newspaper said has buoyed the movement in ways no president has done for generations.
The report, citing “two people familiar with the situation,” describe Ivanka and Jared as being among the aides who pressed the president over the weekend to more forcefully denounce the marchers who brandished swatiskas, Confederate battle flags and anti-Semitic banners.
White House correspondent Glenn Thrush referred to the couple’s stance in a tweet.
But his tweet immediately raised suspicions among people on Twitter about who tipped him and his colleagues off. These followers suspect it was Jared and Ivanka themselves.

So after Ivanka meddling, the press once again is lying about the President. Donald Trump never defended White Supremacists. In fact, Donald Trump sorted this out perfectly, and that is what is driving the deep state Mockingbird into a frenzy, as after all of their lies, the President in a few words, destroyed all of their plotting.

It is easy to see that Charlottesville was a set up. It was deep state CIA and FBI MOGS, and Obama imbeds trolling around, and causing all the upheaval as Gov. Terry MacCauliff was ordering police to stand down for the violence of James Fielding to be ambushed, for MacCauliff to be put on as Vice President of the Hillary 2020 ticket.
Seriously, you got MacCauliff funneling money to Obama operative Andrew McCabe still at FBI running things, so the same intrigue of all the Obama years in creating crisis was unleashed in Virginia.

Nom de Deus, image Obama's bot wore it's fingers out for hitting "like" on Twitter over Charlottesville. This was all another criminal operation, and the deep state could count on Ivanka and Jared Kushner giving the President advice to attack the Trump base, suck up to the terrorists, and the result would be more problems for the President.

I have pity on Donald Trump for having a manipulative daughter like Ivanka who plays on his divorce guilt, and harps on him non stop of  "daddy do something" when it is always "daddy do what Ivanka says". It is one thing for Ivanka Kushner to be trolling her brand on her father's success and attempting to give manipulative advice to Donald Trump in business deals, but she is in over her head in the adult world as the deep state knows what she is going to advocate like a talking Barbie, and in every one of their operations count on her to do her part in sinking the President.

John Kelly who is the Kushner's minder, thought he had the President on a leash, because the Kushner's helped engineer Priebus' ouster, and were helping get rid of Bannon, and what was left of the loyalists. Kelly is another leftist and just was let down again as Priebus was, as Ivanka never can come through with the goods. She promises the rubber stamp of Donald Trump, but the President's instincts pulls him back every time he gets to the Ivanka edge.

The Lame Cherry has advocated the Kushner's be put into exile, but the President might as well keep them filling space in the Left Wing of the White House, as he can use them as a barometer of the Joe and Mika impulses, and if he does the exact opposite, and doubles down on doing what Ivanka does not want, he would grasp the success he has been denied.

The reality in this, is that every American has the right to be a bigot and a racist. They just do not have the right to enforce it by ballot or gun on someone elses rights. That is the problem in this, in the left is filled with nothing but Charlie Rose bigots and racists, and they criminally desire to enforce it on the majority of Americans by coup, stolen elections, fake news brainwashing and hiring terrorists in Virginia to give Hillary Clinton in 2020 a platform.

You did notice old Hamrod has been silent like Jeb Bush on this one in not whoring for attention..........sort of like Ivanka hiding in the dark screen, to save themselves after they have been engaged in something that went wrong again.



The Trump Promise Shift

I don't call it breaking my word, I call it Trumpnesty

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you think it should be legal to let in 50,000 raping murdering terrorists to America each year, because  you are told that 140,000 are being allowed in each year, so this is the solution?

Trump backs plan that would curb legal immigration - CNNPolitics

Aug 02, 2017 · Trump backed the effort from Republican Sens. David Perdue and Tom Cotton in a speech at the White House. But the plan faces long odds in Congress, ...

Curb does not mean ELIMINATE.

This is the ordeal which Donald Trump is afflicting on America, after he promised to stop all of these refugees until the system was sorted out and to deport all of these invaders. Yet Americans are now told in this promise shift Americans are told that:

  • Invasion is down on the border, so we are not deporting
  • Invasions are down on the border, so we moved from seasonal slave labor to yearly squatting
  • Invasions are down on the border, so we can haul in more ebola plagued secretly
  • Invasions are down on the border, so we can up the refugee numbers of Muslim rapists
  • Invasions are down on the border, so we can import more visa legal slave workers

This is the reality of Trump policy and John Kelly instead of being fired for advocating amnesty and raising invasion levels is now leading the junta of the Trump regime as Chief of Staff.

The neo Nixon, Center for the National Interest, the name changed, because this think tank would not stand up for Richard Nixon, published an apology for the Cotton Purdue bill which all of us are supposed to celebrate as this comes from Conservatives and Donald Trump, and yet here are the pertinent points of the leftist Barbara Jordan amnesty bill which is now TRUMPNESTY.

The bill would also eliminate the egregious Diversity Visa Lottery and cap refugee admissions at fifty thousand per year,

The level of immigration—now running at over a million a year—would likely drop by 40 percent, and then drop some more over time, as the number of foreign spouses declined. (Most U.S. citizens marrying foreigners are earlier immigrants, so as they age, and fewer new immigrants come in behind them, the demand for spousal immigration is likely to fall.) That would still mean annual permanent immigration of 500,000–600,000 a year, which is more than any other nation.


The bill isn’t perfect. It leaves the level of skills-based immigration, for instance, at the current 140,000 a year—the world doesn’t generate 140,000 Einsteins annually. It preserves a category for the spouses and minor children of green-card holders 

The Cotton-Perdue bill makes a number of significant changes to the current program. First, it focuses family immigration more narrowly. Currently, two-thirds of the million-plus foreign citizens who get green cards (i.e., permanent residence that can lead to citizenship) each year qualify only because they have relatives already here. 

So Americans are being told to settle for the Promise Shift again, because this is coming from the right, who are not going to let in bin Laden's son just because his other kids are in America, but will allow in thee exact same numbers of terrorists legally. This is a Trumpnesty shell game. It is thee EXACT same numbers as Obama, but it just makes them legal.

And here is the proof:

Neither does this bill address so-called temporary immigration, where businesses import cheap labor—both higher- and lower-skilled—to make an end-run around the American labor market.

Ann Coulter posted a group of data which reveals that 4th generation Mexicans hit the Taco Ceiling. Meaning the Mexican does not progress up the wage scale or education scale as other Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid groups do. This reflects on the fact that the Mexican has a genetic ceiling on ability. They simply can not produce Einstein or for that matter financiers and doctors, as they do not have the capacity for it.
To translate this, Mr. President with his right wing in Congress are for Muslim terror oil bribes to Ivanka, allowing in a race of like people, who General Patton noted in Islam had stagnated for over 500 years, because these Muslims do not have the capacity to become part of Western culture to advance.

If one runs the simple numbers on these 140,000 per year, which is closer to 1 million per year, that is 10 million every 10 years, or since 2000 AD in the year of our Lord, 20 million breeding foreigners who added additional children and "visiting relatives" who are as much kindred as a cow, as this is about human traffic for profit these vermin communities run for profit and cut backs.
During the same period, 1 million Caucasian Americans are dying, and not being  replaced in a massive population shift or genocide of the American race.

It requires 3 generations for European and east Asian legal immigrants to establish themselves and rise beyond the ceiling, when it comes to Mexicans though the 4th generation stagnates and that is all culture will ever gain from them, and this issue is even more a death trap now as robotics will replace these vermin squatters, and their Taco Ceiling will make them an even greater problem on American and European society.

So this is the Trumpnesty, another Trump Promise Shift, of the Trump shell game, of telling you, you should celebrate in not being replaced so fast by 3rd world vermin, and then one checks the numbers  and finds out that Mr. President is importing the same replacements in off the book areas.

Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue have started to answer these questions. They joined President Trump at the White House this morning to unveil legislation to restructure and modernize the federal immigration program. The Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE Act) resumes the effort undertaken by civil rights icon Barbara Jordan’s U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform in the mid-1990s.

RAISE ACT stands for Rape America Incessantly in Secret for their Extermination.

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A Description of General Thomas Stonewall Jackson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The picture of General Thomas Stonewall Jackson is one which is best left to those who knew him on the battlefield. The following is an account of the General from General James Longstreet.

General Jackson was a man of reserved temperament, but a great pleasure in life.

There has been a ridiculous historical smear that General Jackson was some zealot who raised his hands in battle like Moses, but General Longstreet dispenses of that nonsense, but explaining that it was an injury, and pressure would mount in his hand, and he would have to raise his arm to relieve the pressure.
He had been wounded at Bull Run, and the nagging injury accumulated fluid from extended use in the strenuous activity of combat, and this had nothing to do with invocation or prayer, but relief in draining the fluid which was making his hand throb.

General Jackson was called to head-quarters early in
the morning. Upon receiving General Lee's orders to
cross Bull Run at Sudley's and march by Little River
turnpike to intercept the enemy's march, he said,
" Good !" and away he went, without another word, or
even a smile.

Though the suggestion of a smile always hung about
his features, it was commonly said that it never fully
developed, with a single exception, during his military
career, though some claim there were other occasions on
which it ripened, and those very near him say that he
always smiled at the mention of the names of the Fed-
eral leaders whom he was accustomed to encounter over
in the Valley behind the Blue Ridge. Standing, he
was a graceful figure, five feet ten inches in height, with
brown wavy hair, full beard, and regular features. At
first glance his gentle expression repelled the idea of his
severe piety, the full beard concealing the lower features,
which had they been revealed would have marked the
character of the man who claimed " his first duty to God,
and his next to Jackson and General Lee." Mounted,
his figure was not so imposing as that of the bold dragoon,
Charley May, on Black Tom. He had a habit of raising
his right hand, riding or sitting, which some of his fol-
lowers were wont to construe into invocation for Divine
aid, but they do not claim to know whether the prayers
were for the slain, or for the success of other fields. The
fact is, he received a shot in that hand at the First Bull
Run, which left the hand under partial paralysis and the
circulation through it imperfect. To relieve the pressure
and assist the circulation he sometimes raised his arm.

The above references to Charlie May is Lt. Charles A. May of the 1st and 2nd Dragoons of the Seminole and Mexican American War, where he led the charge. While the above says ON BLACK TOM, Charles May rode a white horse, so it is believed it is OR BLACK TOM, in Sir Thomas Fairfax or Black Tom of the English Civil War, in which Lord Fairfax was supplanted by his more Republican Oliver Cromwell to liberate the English People from the despot Charles I.

Charlie May in battle.

 Black Tom Lord Fairfax.

Each of though are fine examples of military prowess and bravery, and although the reference in the above by James Longstreet is about being mounted, perhaps artists take white horse liberties, as James Longstreet would know what horse Charles May rode, as the General served in the Mexican American War and was a eye witness of the field of battle taking part in it.
In the published written script it is Charley May, ON Black Tom. Black Tom must have been Lt. May's large black horse.

It is a fact though that General Jackson was a devout Christian with focused energies of what was proper and what was improper. He had a wide array of interests from gardening to cooking, as he was a most accomplished gentleman.

Gentleman is almost the complete definition of Thomas Jackson, Christian Gentleman is the complete reality.

He received his nickname Stonewall in having assembled his forces on a height, a group of routed Confederates in retreat noted in surprise that Jackson had taken up the line of defense, and he stood like a Stonewall for them to rally behind.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gary Cohn: Money Can't Buy Happiness or Morals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gary Cohn is the perfect reflection of the Jewish elders, who sold out their poor ghetto people, for Nazi caviar, as he has absolutely has no principles........well he is like Jared and Ivanka, in Gary Cohn's principles list as follows:

  1. Filthy Lucre to use Trump to make more Filthy Lucre
  2. Self Preservation to gain more Filthy Lucre
  3. Keeping your position to gain more Filthy Lucre no matter the holocaust

See if Gary Cohn had principles, he would resign over Charlottesville, but doing the right thing would get in the way of Filthy Lucre, Getting more Filthy Lucre and using that position to get more Filthy Lucre.

NYT reporters cite thre people who are familiar withe the matter...

This photo just tickles me, as in it, you got no principle Gary Cohn with all his liberal high fake morals  standing their by President Donald Trump,  and you got the Munchkin, who is quite the Jewish character in true Russianness, in being amused by it all. 

Come on Gary, be more like the Munchkin, as the Russian Jews 
have a good time with CIA Nazis and Soros Atifa commies
 with Nig tow causing a Civil War 

See Russian Jews know how to suffer and hand out suffering. That is why Munchkin is grinning as he can not believe the sideshow, but it does not bother him, as he has seen worse and his Stalin Jews have dished out worse than Charlottesville.

Cohn though has that New York Values going on. He likes to hate the goy and use them Blacks and Muslims for the Jewish dirty work, just like Soros did in Charlottesville, but they won't give a dime's worth of damn for all of their fake morals which they soothe their moneychanger hands with in those lies, that tell them they are better than all these Nazi activated goy of the Alt Right, which is socialist left.

See I get the Munchkin, and like him. He is my kind of Jew. He gets the joke, unlike Ivanka and Jared who are always miserable, and Cohn who believes that bunk about his being better than the goy and the ghetto Jew.

If I were the Munchkin, I would send over a jar of Orange Marmalade, as that is what the SS handed out to starving Jews in the ghetto to haul out their cripples as a reward. That way Gary Cohn would get something out of this, and have something nice for his melba as he Cohn needs to be patient for Jeff Sessions to start violating Alt Right rights in hunting them down, because they are already shutting down the CIA and FBI paid for sites and accounts online.

Look Orange Marmalade soothed the elders of all the souls they sold to Germany and Russia for profit. It must have a narcotic effect, because they don't feel a thing when they arm Muslims to slaughter right wing Jews in the Israeli state. Hell they are busy now taking out Netanyahu and endangering setting off a nuclear war with Iran, just because that damn Orange Marmalade is such a Novocaine to the soul.

Who knows, maybe these other terrorists have their own marmalade. We know that Afroids like that fried chicken and watermelon. Maybe rubbing some chicken on Stonewall's boots will have them singing and dancing like the good old days. I don't know what really is not illegal that they could rub on the fat, ugly white terrorists.

Well enough of this perspective, as satire can only take you so far with such a reprehensible subject of no one smiling without Orange Marmalade.
Frankly, I like blueberry, but then I have a sense of humor. 

Nom de Deus, could it be that easy, in all we need to do is rub some jelly on Ivanka's toast and Gary's crackers, and they will all smile like the Munchkin?


Rock the boat baby Kim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are signs that a major operation is being planned, or an action by the United States concerning North Korea, will spill over to a direct war, with North Korea, and digress to China with Russian  entanglement.

Like  Daniel Boone, you have to read the signs to know the trail.

The most interesting is Sidler Mike Pence was sent to  South America over McMaster's killing off all the Patriots of Venezuela, and has been ordered to America a day early, to consult with President Trump who is moving to Camp David again this weekend.
The President hates Camp David, and CD is a bunker of protection. Pence is being recalled to not become a a target or hostage rescue problem in some type of military attack on the US mainland.

 Pence being recalled, has nothing to do with Pence. It has to do with continuity of the executive.


Then the conflicting reports of North Korea standing down over Guam, and yet the missiles are still being prepared on the launch pads. Mixed messages mean the Chinese have been told this is a line in the sand, and the Chicoms have informed North Korea, which is talking deals, but is moving to hedge their bet, in if the US strikes over a provocation, the North Koreans will retaliate with what they have to make this a vaporization issue for the White House.

The Independent1 day ago

In all of this, Kim Jong Un has intelligence that he has been shadowed by  an assassination program. He has been busy weeding out the South Korean, American, Chinese and Russian agents in his regime in killing them.
His going gopher means the US has the South Koreans operational on an assassination attempt, and his moving rockets again, is another warning that nukes will fly if Kim Jong Un goes ground temperature.

Kim Jong Un's disappearance sparks concerns missile launch ...

Aug 14, 2017 · North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has vanished from the public eye for two weeks, South Korean media reported, prompting fears that he may be preparing to mark ...

A deal has been made with Peking to stop doomsday exchange with the Chinese, as things are this close, and China does not want a confrontation over Korea yet, and America does not want to have the Chinese misstep in any actions the President is in the process of taking.

China, US Agree On Direct Military Communication
Rusi - New Korean War 'Real Possibility

We are in a world that the junta has been given free hand. The globalists are in full control, with Tillerson and Mattis preparing the world for war, that McMaster and Kelly have primed it for.

Hillary McCauliff 2020 is to blame for this over their staged political event in attacking innocent James Fields jr in Charlottesville, as the President would benefit from a game changer and mixing it up with North Korea is a game changer.

 Bolton 'Appalled' By Tillerson-Mattis OpEd N Korea
Policy Which Contradicts Trump Entirely

Lastly, watch these two in Kusher cuck and Kushner Trumpenfuror, who klusterfuked Charlottesville for the President, so fag Shep Smith could show his cock lips to the world. It is not any secret that foreign intelligence would watch this opportunistic duo, as the Kushner's were apparently off to Croatia again over more hacking intrigue, but something stopped them on their vacation from the golf course from putting them in jeopardy in Europe, which means Russia, so they are hiding out in Vermont as a safe zone.

Always look for the cowards, as they will bird dog a point in confirming something is in the works, as they will save themselves first.

Glenn Thrush on Twitter: "Big error in my story tonight that ...

Glenn Thrush Verified account @GlennThrush. ... Jared and Ivanka in Vermont not Croatia ... Who are Jared and Ivanka again?

So those are the headlines. Something is locked and loaded, and once Pence hits US soil, it will be unlocked, and if events continue on unabated, whatever is the operation will be unloaded, for a headline you all can be chirping about, instead of the fake news headlines.

The Telegraph2 days ago

Let's sing.........

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version HD sound/picture ...

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version Lyrics: So I'd like to know where, you got the notion Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion To rock the ...

 Oh that's right, once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Time to return you to your non donations, stealing things from this site you rich people, as would hate to break that Judgment pattern coming with things getting interesting.

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What is the FBI hiding - What is Robert Mueller covering up?

What do you mean the emails were not deleted........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tarmac tarbaby during the election?

Something has popped up in this in Jay Sekulow had filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for the documents related to this meeting, and the Obama officials, who are the Jeff Sessions officials, who are the Andrew McCabe officials, all replied that no document trail existed............until now.

The FBI literally lied to the Courts and to Jay Sekulow on this issue, which is a crime, because the FOIA has been reopened and over 400 documents came bursting out. There is something though in this which the Sekulows are working on, in the FBI redacted the email addresses of who exactly was in the information chain flow.........meaning they are hiding who in the FBI was involved in this cover up, because the  fact is  the agents involved KNEW they that they had informed,  and this FOIA act was in process, and they said nothing. 

While we appreciate that the FBI has “reopened” the case file and is now “searching” for documents responsive to our duly submitted FOIA request from more than a year ago, it stretches the bounds of credulity to suggest that the FBI bureaucracy just discovered that “potentially responsive” records “may exist” on its own accord.

The Sekulows think one of the email addresses is James Comey. There is something else skirting around in this from evidence, and  I believe in another Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that one of  the people emailed is Peter Strzok of the FBI, who Robert Mueller just hired to his witch hunt of Donald Trump, and who just quit and Robert Mueller's office refused to comment.  

“Let’s all recall that this leads up to within one week of all of this, the Hillary investigation for the first time is closed,” Jordan said.
This timeline is just incredible. The flurry of emails showing the internal panic and how high up these emails went is more proof that this meeting was not about grandchildren and golf. Conservative watchdog groups are now pushing to have the documents unredacted. The American people deserve to know exactly what happened during this tarmac meeting.

If this is the case, Robert Mueller besides being involved with  crooked James Comey, hiring nothing but political stooges, just hired someone who  was involved with the Clinton Lynch cover up, as Peter Strzok closed the case on this criminal contact.

It makes sense, in why Peter Strzok fled the scene of Mueller, because Mueller knew this was going to taint his witch hunt in trying to frame Paul Manafort and Mike FLynn, AND IT JUST DID, because Robert Mueller is involved in his own cover up, in keeping silent on who on his staff were named in the  Sekulow FOIA request.

As chief of the FBI's counterespionage section last year, he helped oversee the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and he took part in the FBI interview of the Democratic presidential candidate.
Within weeks of the Clinton probe ending, Strzok found his office facing a new challenge: investigating Russia's alleged efforts to influence last year’s presidential election, including a cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee.
A spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment.

Robert Mueller must be investigated by a  new Special Counsel  for crimes against the state in this cover up, as there is a reason Peter Strzok fled this group,  and a reason Mueller is covering this all up, which is a crime on Mueller's part.

It is time for the President to appoint a Special Counsel, and if Jeff Sessions refuses, along with Rob Rosenstein to appoint from a Trump list of candidates, they must be fired too for collusion.

This will bring Robert Mueller down and into prison if this trail runs into his office in this cover up. There is a reason Peter Strzok fled the Mueller witch hunt, and that reason is being hidden from the American public by Robert Mueller. Only a Special Counsel with full Grand Jury investigatory authority will assure the American People their complete protection along with the President, because the question is now, "What kind of Mueller crook do we have in charge of this fishing expedition?"

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