Thursday, February 22, 2018

Congratulations to the Trump Recession on top of the Obama Super Depression

Yeah I showed that car how good I am at catching Canadians


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes congratulations are in order for that New York Valued President Donald Trump, as with Melania  banning fur and Donald banning guns, bitch slapping the base, that Donald Trump would have enough time to find success in any other location as his keeping Obamacare around, and prosecuting businesses with huge IRS fines, would have been glory enough for one man, but when it comes to Mr. President, he had time in frittering away 2017 in only giving tax breaks to the rich and pennies to the poor, while stealing dollars from their pockets in  a huge surge in gas prices, that Donald Trump found time to create a RECESSION.

Yes for all the Trump propaganda that the clappers are clapping themselves to death over cheering all this 95 million Americans still out of jobs while the Donald imports slave labor to replace them, the reality it the US economy is now sinking into the Trump Quicksand out in the swamp that Donald Trump refuses to drain.

 Existing home sales, which account for about 90 percent of U.S. home sales, declined 4.8 percent on a year-on-year basis in January. That was the biggest year-on-year drop since August 2014.

For the clappers the Lame Cherry will translate in the Obama Super Depression had 5% housing sales declining and Donald Trump just matched that in his first year in office. The Lame Cherry does not will to be unkind in this though in defining this the Trump Super Depression, but this is more like Obama was the economic terminal cancer, and Donald is the ebola mosquito which is not making you feel well. In other words, America still has the Obama Super Depression, but now Donald Trump has added his own recession to it, as certain parts of the economy begin to implode, housing being the prime indicator.

Mr. President has another problem which has not appeared yet, but all of those bonuses he got the Nazi conglomerates to hand out, were not for Americans. Those were bribes to Eurasians to try and keep them from fleeing back to their shitholes, as they discovered that America is not such a great deal of them, as they can work in Asia and do better there.
That is beside the point, but no one has answered the 64 dollar question in what happens when all of Trump's Visa Vermin exit the United States at once? Why it will cause an across the board industry shut down as there will not be any workers, and there are not enough White people employed in the computer fields to do the job of 50 million missing Curry Indians cutting and pasting their way to bonuses.

U.S. home sales unexpectedly fell in January, leading to the biggest year-on-year decline in more than three years, as a persistent shortage of houses pushed up prices and kept first-time buyers out of the market.
The National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday that existing home sales dropped 3.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.38 million units last month.

See this is AFTER Donald's great tax break for Goldman Sachs, and the vermin looked and said, "I'm not buying a shit hole in America to enslave myself to debt, so I am sending all my money home to my shit hole to live like a king, and Americans still working looked at the 90 dollars a month tax break when being robbed 300 dollars more in inflation and assessed that they were not able to afford a 250,000 dollar home, costing thousands a year in upkeep and taxes, when that home was only worth 75,000 dollars before Obama became historical.
That 90 bucks a month does not make a 400 dollar a month house payment, no matter how hard Trump tweets it to be so.

You can watch this from the gas pumps to the bags of sugar. Watch  the cycles in your stores in how prices are spiking, and people not buying, and then "sales" appear at the  old prices, because no one is buying, and companies try and dump their stocks before they rot. Watch  that gas pump as Donald's gas prices are spiking, and that means inflation on all other items. Americans are carrying record debt yet, and Trumpflation is now gnawing the financial marrow out of their bones.  The vermin are not buying homes and the Americans can not afford them, so we are witnessing the Trump Recession.

It makes no difference that bullshit that Lyndsey Williams is  now peddling in oil riches for everyone, as that is years away in full production, as Americans are bit in the ass in Donald selling their oil and gas overseas  in his Russia war, to blackmail Russia to hand over their billions to Goldman Sachs.
As an assessment of this, it is factored out that Russia not selling gas will outlast any Trump economy which is already into recession.
The mark of this is that America under Donald Trump is poised to not make America Great Again, but is about to make America Depressed Again, as a Trump Depression is about to shatter America.  Trump is printing even more money than crackwhore spender Obama, and that makes US money cheap, drive inflation and robs the entire people. Just remember all of the Lame Cherry exclusives in this, in the vermin are on the verge of exiting America in mass like rats off the ship, which will cripple the US economy in a major collapse, and there is not money in America to drive housing as no one can afford these inflated prices.

The Trump economy is a snake, eating itself alive. It is rotting from the inside out and all of the signals are there.

For those who pretend to be upset with this blog for pointing this out, the point of not being a clapper is to warn everyone, so you get the deal you were promised.  There is still a way to fix all of this, but it is not with the fake policies Trump has been engaged in. You solve this by passing Reagan Kemp 1987 Tax Relief as that worked.
You solve this by Reagan deflation in mandating that Americans only pay 1 dollar a gallon gasoline prices and 50 dollars a month electric, while foreigners pick up the tab in spiked prices. That will be worth 9000 dollars to most homes in America, and will in turn deflate prices across the board. This will create a growing economy.
Lastly, you put Melania into fur and you tell the North and South Koreans to by American fur in dressing it,and selling it back to Americans. This as Reagan did, will provide a massive boost to the rural economies and save bambi, which can be hunted to provide meat on the table.

None of the fixes are unknown. Larry Kudlow knows them and has told Trump and Trump instead has screwed the pooch for Goldman Sachs and that is why the US economy entered a recession.

I will wrap this up in my 98 year old Auntie who was an Obamamaniac, voted in 2016 for Donald Trump. She stated today that SHE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP AGAIN.

See the signs are all there in people and the economy. You can't keep saying he is not Hillary when he is implementing the same crappy Clinton gun grabs,  anti fur and money grabs for the rich.

It is why an advocacy must be started for a genuine American who will primary Donald Trump to save America.  The solution is handsome Kevin Sorbo who is articulate and the accomplished Michele Bachmann who understand government to primary Trump Pence in 2020.

I will probably post something soon on the reality of war involved in this Trump  Recession and you are not going to like  the projection of those statistics either.


The Legalized Murder of Nikolas Cruz Will Deny America Justice

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It must be extremely lonely for the orphan boy Nikolas Cruz as just a week ago, Ben Shapiro and the ADL Jews were glomming all over him when they thought he was White, but once they discovered he was a Jew, there was nothing about being anti Semite in attacking the boy, it was  all just silence like when the Jew leadership hauled Jesus before it to legally murder Him, as it was expedient to get the Galilean dead, or sorry, Ben Shapiro's Jew dead.
Odd is it not that once Jesus was dead that Ben Shapiro could not weaponize Jesus enough to use Christ as a weapon against Paul Nehlen and other Christians in defining Jesus as a Jew, but once Shapiro labeled Nikolas Cruz a White boy incorrectly, and discovered he was  a Jew, Shapiro developed amnesia in apologizing about all of that, any honor in resigning from the rich job at Daily Wire and simply abandoned the Jew Nikolas Cruz.

That must be very lonely for the orphan boy, as Jews have found it expedient to have Cruz legally murdered to put this all behind them, so they can go back to the false narrative that it is only White Supremacists who run around and murder children.

In that, even sweaty Marco Rubio has appeared calling for the orphan boy to be executed, before there was even a trial or a medical examination. Yes that dancing Cuban boy has figured out that in order to get elected he better get some of that Blood Libel and make ole Shylock pay with his blood, as that is what the mob is after now in the liberals in the press, democratic politics and liberal Jewry.

I was thinking about this, this morning in that old bigoted program on ABC, in Boston Legal that had William Shatner as a kook right wing sex maniac, and his best friend was Allen Shore, played by James Spader who was maxie liberal at his pad, and of course always right about everything.
There was a scene in Boston Legal where Spader was rolling around on the floor in horror, telling a mentally retarded black kid who murdered someone to fight back, fight, fight, and not let the state just lead him away to be executed.
In that I was thinking, where is the ACLU in this filing lawsuits for Nikolas Cruz, as it is fact that he was diagnosed Autistic, or in other worlds mentally challenged, and it is a fact that he was prescribed behavioral psychiatric modification meds, as others have who have shot children at schools, but where is the ACLU as it is obvious that the orphan boy is just as mentally retarded as that black boy in Texas which the liberals were fighting to keep alive in real time, along with the myriads of other murderers from Charlie Manson that women were writing love letters to or murdering rapists in Missouri where scores of people come out to mourn for as lawyers file every motion possible to save them........why is it all these other people get all of this attention and press, but Nikolas Cruz is abandoned by his own Jewry as some 19 year old fetus in a post birth aborticide that can not happen quick enough, so the propaganda will prevail, instead of the Truth.

'The Court Supreme': Boston Legal Invades One First Street ...

Co-star James Spader, who plays Boston lawyer Alan Shore, ... you seek to kill a mentally disabled man ... David E. Kelley's 'Boston Legal' Takes on the ...

There is supposed to be in American Law and all western courts, pari lege iustitia, Equal Justice Under The Law. What is being engaged against Nikolas Cruz is worse than lynching, because lynching is an act out in the open. What is being arrayed against Nikolas Cruz is, nex legalis, legalized murder.

The ACLU has petitioned the Supreme Court for a stay of Robert Ladd's execution and to review the decision of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

The Supreme Court has twice ruled to protect the intellectually disabled from capital punishment: Atkins v. Virginia (2002) and Hall v. Florida(2014). 

For those who are shortsighted in this, go back with me to the SEALS sent in to murder an actor who was playing Sheik bin Laden. They blew his head off. The People never saw the body. There was not a trial. There was absolutely nothing for what the families and America needed after a decade of war in CLOSURE, because Obama wanted to divert political attention from his Birther status, so a body was produced out of China which was bin Laden's for the tests and some stand in was murdered, and then the SEALS were murdered in an ambush of their helicopters in Afghanistan.

In this world of absolute Clinton Obama Soros deep state lawlessness, the People need Justice, and when Justice comes in the package of Nikolas Cruz only had Ben Shapiro and ADL value when he could be used to smear White Christians, or value as the Bratty Five of Florida in their march weaponize the Press and Speech to destroy the right wing political affiliations, it is all nex legalis, LEGALIZED MURDER, as Nikolas Cruz has no rights, and all of these groups who are using the murder of children in Florida for a political destruction of White Christians, are destroying Justice as they all want this orphan boy dead.

It is pure tragedy when the family Nikolas Cruz stayed with, saw nothing violent in this boy, and yet have abandoned him in the UK press as a "monster". He was an orphan Oliver Twist, but no one came looking for him when his adoptive parents died and now that he is a pariah, no one demanding the John Adams golden rule that every person deserves a fair trial, because the Courts in Florida just want this lump of flesh dead and gone as soon as possible, and so do those weaponizing Nikolas Cruz as it is expedient to return to the false narrative of Christians and Guns are the problem.

There is not any Justice in this for the families of the dead in this, if this continues. There is not a jury possible that can be seated in Miami that is going to democrat vote anything but to execute this boy. That is not Justice and when this progresses as it will because no one on the left is standing for the rights of this child and no one on the right wants to deal with a pet Jew being a murderer, that all that will be left is the legal murder of Nikolas Cruz.

That will bring absolutely zero closure to the family, but none of this is about the dead or the families, or the need for defining that what is the root cause of all of this is the removal of Christ from society, those Church boundaries, and replacing them with hedonism hate, by prescribed medicines, as there is not any Make America Great Again, as no one is going to build a society in this crumbled infrastructure. That is the infrastructure which needs to be fixed in America, and it will not cost a trillion dollars, as it is free as Christ already paid the price for all.

But no one will do what is right as this voice from the brier patch exposes the Truth in this, as what is expedient are leftist rants of hate, because they hate themselves inside and need to find someone to hate to blame for all their created miseries.

No one is standing up for Justice, and that is the shocking reality in this, because standing up for Justice means standing up for the accuses in Nikolas Cruz. That does not mean to disregard the families in this, but it means that the families are not going to be cheated out of Justice by the legalized murder of this orphan Jew who no one wanted, was adopted, his parents died, then the school didn't want to deal with him, and now everyone wants him dead as it is expedient that one man should die.

Do you want to know the real secret of the law abiding Nikolas Cruz, who attacked the school and the peer group which would not let him be a part of it? Snicker's Candy Bars.

For those who do not know, Nikolas Cruz was in ROTC or the Reserve Officer Training Corp an he was happy, but his group leader, another student,
Jack Ciaramell, noted one day that Cruz had stopped wearing his uniform. What happened was quite novel in the solution as Ciaramello engaged Cruz was to ask him what it was that Cruz wanted to put his uniform back on, so Cruz would not be booted out of ROTC.

It is best to use the quote:

But last year, Cruz reportedly stopped wearing his JROTC gear. As leader, Ciaramello took notice.
He said Cruz always had an excuse for being out of uniform. Worried Cruz would get kicked out of the corps, Ciaramello asked what it would take to get him to wear his gear.
His request: a Snickers candy bar.
“So I went out to the store, I bought him it, and the next day, there on after, he came in with the uniform every day — T-shirt, uniform, everything,” Ciaramello said.

Ciaramello did not have to threaten Cruz, drug him, call the police. All he had to do was show him some respect, ask him what he wanted instead of deciding for him, and Nikolas Cruz would keep his word once he gave it.
A dollar candy bar is all it required.

Is it not shocking in this Godless gun hating America, that Ciaramello who likes to hunt, fish and the outdoors, IS A TEENAGER, knew how to handle Nikolas Cruz,when all of those liberal college educated, high salary teachers, the constant arriving police who are on shoot to kill orders in the police state and the medical profession which doped this kid, had absolutely no idea how to get through to Nikolas Cruz and are the reason that shooting took place, as much as those liberal brat pack looking to march on DC, in Jack Ciaramello did with perfect results.

Is anyone ever going to ask those brats screaming and ranting, what is what they did to Nikolas Cruz? Did they ostracize him like the school did, because he was not handsome? Was he laughed at because he looked different? Was he ignored and not given other chances as like the Jeb Bush children who were always getting into trouble.

No one is going to bring these realities up as all of these powerful liberal children and their powerful liberal parents never reached out to Nikolas Cruz before the problems started, all they did was gain power in that school and make a child who was in two worlds of Ben Shapiro's Jewry and the world of those who hate globalist Jews, never mature peacefully to deal with these problems all people have growing up.

Americans are in the process now of the legalized murder of Nikolas Cruz, because it is expedient. There is not any Justice involved in this, and the families will be cheated for it and never have closure. It should not have to fall to this Christian Conservative Blog to always center the story on what is the issue in calling people back to the better angels of their nature.

The hatred on the left and the embarrassment on the right, is about to deprive America again of Justice, as they legally murder a Jew boy, named Nikolas Cruz, in the weaponization of Children in America.


An Omen of Reagan Presidency

As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

I believe in the prophetic signs and omens which appear.

This is a moment in Ronald Reagan being sworn in and speaking to the nation on a clouded rainy cold day.

As he raised his head to look at the crowd, a strange and wonderful thing happened. The dark cloudy sky over his head began to part slightly, within seconds there was a gaping hole in the gray overcast, and a brilliant, golden shaft of wintery sun burst through the clouds and bathed the inaugural stand and the watching crowd. As Reagan began to speak a slight breeze ruffled his hair and the warm golden light beamed down on him.

Later, a few minute after he finished speaking, as if on cue from some master lighter back stage, the hole in the clouds shrank, the sky darkened, and Washington grew gray and cold once again.

- Time Magazine

Mrs. Reagan noted the same event happened in Sacaramento California in his first inauguration as Governor.

No such event took place with Donald Trump, it rained as an omen.

Nuff Said



Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ben Shapiro's Slimy Disgusting Accusation

Stop confusing me with Ben Shapiro, I don't scam
Christians out of their money!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering why Ben Shapiro is being aided by leftists to try and rally the right around him, in a False Ben moment, where one wonders how many of his Twitter followers supporting him are his wife and Ben posting the wonders of Ben.

This diversion is something about Ben saying rude things about the liberal children who are calling for gun control, and not about Ben Shapiro explaining as only the Lame Cherry has in this is about defunding the NRA to manipulate the 2018 elections so democrats can get the majority in Congress.
Now why is your right media not informing you of this and are instead running False Ben operations?

Think about that one as it is obvious.

This is the Twitchy fawning report on Ben Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro CALLS OUT HuffPost for sliming him with this ‘DISGUSTING accusation’

Nothing screams “Real Journalism” like blatant character assassination.
Yesterday, the HuffPost accused Ben Shapiro — among others — of trying to smear the Parkland shooting survivors who have turned into gun control activists. But Shapiro isn’t the kind of guy to sit back and let himself get slimed. He fights back:
“Irresponsible and absurd” is right. Here’s the excerpt HuffPost’s Igor Bobic tried to use as evidence of Shapiro’s anti-survivor smear campaign:
“What, pray tell, did these students do to earn their claim to expertise?” Shapiro wrote in National Review. “They were present during a mass shooting, and they have the right point of view, according to the Left. There’s a reason that producers at CNN are eager to put junior Cameron Kasky in front of the cameras: He says things like ‘You’re either with us or against us.’ It seems a stretch to think that if Kasky were instead advocating for more armed school security, CNN would be breaking into its primetime lineup to air his views.”
Where, exactly, is the smear?
The HuffPost’s current Twitter bio is “Know what’s real.” Clearly they’re not interested in following their own advice.

What the Lame Cherry is still waiting for is for Ben Shapiro to be forced to apologize to White Christians, as this entire weaponized children began with Ben Shapiro as Shapiro has been stalking Paul Nehlen for months and the first chance in the Florida school shooting, Ben Shapiro joining with the ADL Anti Defamation League, defamed White Christians in thee most racist and bigoted attacks, which were designed to insult and inflame the 4Chan and Alt Right to more violence so Ben Shapiro and his #NeverTrump ilk could rant about "being right about White People".

The fact remains that Ben Shapiro initiated thee most vile hate speech against Americans and his Wilks Brothers from Texas have not done a thing about this as his employers for Ben Shapiro's slander. Shapiro in pimping this story and in this cover up, points to the public is aware of the hatred of Ben Shapiro of White People, so Shapiro is trying to change the story like this ilk always does.

Not so odd as Shapiro engages in Goebbels propaganda smears that he can not see his sins in posting hatred of White Christians, but calls the WAAAAAmbulance when the left mentions he smears people.

So you know, this is how this Mockingbird game is played. Rush Limbaugh whines NBC is using his photo today, which promotes NBC which is promoting his fading career, just like Huffington Post seeking botflesh users is promoting Shapiro to save Shapiro from kicking a Jew kid name Nikolas Cruz under the bus, after Shapiro tried to lynch a "white" Nikolas Cruz with fake news for being of the Alt Right.
Hannity / Juan Williams, Coulter / get the idea as Dinesh D'Souza used to mix it up with that Jihad Watch guy in self promotion.



Trump Listens as Trump Talks

Let us pray for girls in short skirts and who have large breasts
as Mike Pence gives thanks!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Trump's listening session over the Florida shooting can best be summed up in this reality:

Make schools armed camps.

Mr. Trump you are a really great guy.

Let's ban guns.

Into this, we have Trump on the Mount handing down this decree.

“We’re going to do something about this horrible situation that is going on … I want to listen, and after I listen, we can get things done,”
“If he had a firearm, he wouldn’t have had to run, he would have shot and that would have been the end of it,” Trump said.
“A gun-free zone to a maniac is ‘let’s go in and let’s attack because bullets aren’t coming back at us,'”
 So Trump's solution is the one Sean Homo Hannity has been whoring for all week in America needs to hire former cops and soldiers and put guns in their hands.

Just a point in this, that America seems to have a number of sex crazed perverts who gravitate toward children as they are pedophiles in Catholic Mass or teachers sexing children. We seem to have enough psychotic people around children and we now want to arm them.

But this is cops and veterans.........yes Obama has been pumping them full of psycho dope in veterans and the cops are on a shoot to kill in everyone is the enemy...........and we want to put guns in their hands too.

Trump policy is to put guns in pedophiles, dope heads and shoot to kill wack jobs hands.

Never mind  about those realities though in how much of a problem this is going to be in districts bankrupted on insurance rates and when one of these professionals starts raping, kidnapping, hostage taking and murdering people.

Now onto what matters in how to accomplish this Trump policy.

When Ronald Reagan got it into his head to force states to wear safety belts, he seized upon the dictatorial mandate of holding states hostage in refusing to provide highway funding, and they all bent at the waist and made all of you hostages in your vehicles to have money extorted from you in hundreds of dollars in fines.
Of course Donald Trump could not do this in deporting criminal foreigners as the states and courts have stopped you know what a sham that was in deporting the vermin.

But this is not about being played again, this is about Donald Trump telling states they will have all education funds withheld unless they put armed guards in all schools, cameras everywhere, and lets throw in tracking chips to protect the children.

This then will train the children to accept armed thugs prowling their homes as they are now sexually molested by TSA by federal agents as this is the another expansion of the federal police state.

There now, the Lame Cherry has solved all of this, at least in the federal blackmail part.

So in review, Donald Trump banned innocent Americans from owning bumpstocks, but did put armed adults in schools, again sweeping away two American traditions.

The Lame Cherry advocates Christians homeschooling their children as the solution is not arming schools, but in the return to Christian America where children are not aborted, raised by daycare, run through the maze like rats, and nothing is expected of them.

The first massacre in America were Indian terrorists in Pontiac's War. The first real school shooting was at Olean High School, where the shooter was shooting out of the school. His reason was this.

In a note explaining his motives Barbaro wrote: "I guess I just wanted to kill the person I hate most -- myself, I just didn't have the courage. I wanted to die, but I couldn't do it, so I had to get someone to do it for me. It didn't work out.

America needs to love their children, and loving means discipline, not beating, but discipline which is the fear of God, and the fear of God is to HATE EVIL, not to embrace it's sodomite destruction, as in 1975 AD in the year of our Lord, God, Discipline, Respect and Love were removed from American schools.


Too bad for sweaty Marco Rubio as what do these liberals want from him as he offered to lynch Nikolas Cruz and use his blood to paint Rubio for Senate 2018, and these bushwhackers at CNN set up poor Marco where he was verbally sodomized by children and ........well he is missing his foreskin and testicles.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is being challenged by angry students, teachers and parents who are demanding stronger gun-control measures after a shooting rampage claimed 17 lives at a Florida high school.
One of those confronting Rubio at a CNN's "Stand Up" town hall Wednesday night was Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime Guttenberg was killed on Feb. 14 with 16 others.
Guttenberg told Rubio that his comments about the shooting "and those of your president this week have been pathetically weak."
People stood up and cheered Guttenberg as he challenged Rubio to tell him the truth, to acknowledge that "guns were the factor in the hunting of our kids."
Rubio responded that the problems laid bare by the shooting rampage "cannot be solved by gun laws alone," drawing jeering whistles from the crowd. Rubio responded that he would support laws barring those 18 and under from buying such weapons, support changing the background checks system and getting rid of bump stocks.
He said that if he believed an assault weapons ban "would have prevented this from happening, I would have supported it." That drew jeers. Visibly angry, Guttenberg responded: "That is a weapon of war."


Weather Mod to Create Nuclear HAARP Hot Zones

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Only by a continued progression of the posting of this HAARP weather in patterning it, will people ever be convinced that the system is not working. This morning while doing chores, I was watching the mid level stratus clouds moving northeast, while the lower level wind clouds were moving south as the wind has been blowing here for several days out of the north, but this Weather Stream has been pushing WITHOUT ANY LOW PRESSURE COUNTER CLOCKWISE ROTATION an over 2000 mile stream of clouds over America churning out rain, ice and snow.

The first photo above is the Saturday Sunday weather stream projection, a 2250 mile river of air, which quit at the Canadian border as it began over San Francisco.

The next photo I had to recreate for what Monday's storm line was, as out of nowhere this second front line appeared from Texas to the Northeast.

The original front line from Monday over the Great Plains though kept flowing northeast, and this snow disappeared  at the Canadian border. Wave after wave of snow burst clouds kept tracking northeast without moving this front line toward the east as it should.


 That was during the night of Monday into Tuesday morning, when this front had not moved for THREE DAYS, suddenly jumped 500 miles to the southeast smashing into this Texas to New York arc of storms which appeared out of nowhere Monday afternoon.

Now here is a startling manifestation in this, as look at the red corridor lines below and note the different angles from Monday overnight.
 In what was an air flow for three days of about 75 degrees, overnight became a front line which changed to about 30 degrees as it smashed into the Texas arc.
Note in this, that the Texas acr was a wall and this Great Plains stream did not move it in the least. It simply aligned itself to it. There is not even a bubble of clouds boiling backward. It simply melded without affecting  the Texas arc.

So you understand this, This does not ever take place in two fronts piling on top of each other, and none of them showing the effects of the other.
It projects out, that like my odd clouds of different levels moving in different directions, that these two streams were created at different levels in the atmosphere. It would be concluded that the Texas arc would be  higher and of more substance, while the Plains snow arc would be lower and sliding under the Texas stream.

 I still conclude that this weather modification is associated with concentrating nuclear fallout to super poison 150 mile strips with radioactive fallout while leaving the majority of America "safe" providing additional strikes do not take place, and of course there would be lesser degrees over wider areas, but this appears to be creating kill zones as this is not natural weather and there is absolutely no reason to create these storm bands about obliterating areas  as Pennsylvania was buried in snow earlier this year.

It is a reality that from Texas to Minnesota that one day the furnace is off and the next day  the air conditioner is on as there are 50 to 70 degree shifts in temperatures. This has been a very hard winter in my  location in numerous animals have been dying and I am listening to the obits in hearing volumes of 80 to 90 year olds going tits up.

Yes Big Oil is raping Americans in energy price gouging as this cold is costing Americans, but if this is the Trump Wars solution to dealing with a nuclear war in bottling fall out in hot zone lanes, perhaps this is something the People should be  voting on, as does any nation have the right to once again obliterate all life in 150 by 2250 mile zones, so the rest of the pretty people can live?

If this is HAARP weather mod for NORAD, you are witnessing the kill zones where people will die in mass.

This is not MADD, but CAD Complete Assured Destruction, and from the people,  pets, livestock and wildlife dying from this weather mod which has been going on since Obama wilded the Missouri River in Republican States, this is not protecting America, but destroying her.

Maybe this is something that really is a priority in needing to be discussed and examined.


The Left's Weaponized Children

The Political IED's of the Democrat 2018 Election Strategy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reality there is nothing the left will not weaponize and corrupt for political advantage. In 2016, we witnessed  the Obama regime for Hillary Clinton weaponizing the IRS to go after Tea Party groups, weaponized the FBI, Department of Justice  and State to go after Donald Trump in Russiagate.
The media has been weaponized against Christians, Veterans, Blacks, Whites and Conservatives for years.

What took place though after the shootings in Florida by Nikolas Cruz though was something new, but built upon the Bill and Hillary Clinton mantra of their tenure of "for the children".
Everything the Clinton's did was followed by "for the children".  America ripped Elian Gonzales from his American family for Castro's Cuba, for the children in terrorizing that child by gun point.
The Branch Davidians had their children incinerated as the Clintons with Eric Holder were doing it for the children.
A mother was shot while holding her baby by ATF in Ruby Ridge Idaho, for the children.

Unique though from the haven of hanging chad Florida which tried to steal the election from George W.  Bush came something new in Rham Emanuel fashion of not wasting a good crisis, in democrats assembled children as weapons, not to protect them, but to go after the Second Amendment, President Donald Trump, Republicans and law abiding Citizens, based upon the Val-erie Jarrett mantra of racism for Obama, but in this case liberal children were weaponized to destroy the NRA political funding, so that democrats could gain both houses in Congress for the 2018 elections.
In reality as the Lame Cherry first reported, children were weaponized, exactly as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama weaponized the 2016 elections on the false narrative of Russian hacking.
In Florida, these angry liberal teenagers are again preaching a false narrative of gun violence, when the fact is Nikolas Cruz was triggered to attack the school which invalidated him by throwing him out, for these rich liberal angry children, because he was on psychological medications. These medications time and again have been shown to be the root of the violence in school shootings as they bring about an intense peer group anger, and then turn of the reasoning switch to keep a child from acting out in violence.
No one chastises these liberal children though when they unleash verbal terrorism against the parents of these slain children.

This is the reality of this entire weaponizing of children, in a mentally ill child was triggered by medications, and now liberals are triggering their children to the same violence against Americans, the Constitution and the President.
When the Constitution has a 2nd Amendment which is misused by a child  in Nikolas Cruz in weaponizing it, it is the same misuse of liberals to weaponize children in the First Amendment in the Press and Speech.

This is not the first time the democrats have engaged in abuses use  of  people with emotional issues. Nancy Pelosi exploited Cindy Sheehan as a weapon, a mother whose son died in one of the Bush wars in order to gain the House and Senate from Republicans.  That is what 2018 AD in  the year of our Lord is about again, the weaponization of a death  for democrats to destroy a political adversary in the NRA and Donald Trump, in order to gain political power and control again.

This is another Lame Cherry exlusive in matter anti matter as no one else will explain this reality to you. That is why children were weaponized as liberals knew there was no any way to attack a child without looking abusive. There is a way with the Truth to expose the pedophile politics of the weaponization of children, as that is what is behind all of this marches on Washington DC.
If one more attack or a series of attacks takes place to jin up the politics of this, then you will know that the DC FBI controlling division has not been alerting FBI offices for the deliberate reason of spiking these attacks, endangering society and the agents.

This is absolute child abuse which liberals have been involved in, and it is time for a federal investigation by the Department of Justice in just who is colluding in Florida in being behind all of this weaponizing of children.

And now these Political IED's have inspired  billboards in America calling for the killing of the NRA, in effect, the murder of NRA members.

Gun Control Hysteria Leads to ‘KILL THE NRA’ Billboard in Kentucky

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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