Friday, January 20, 2017

Senator Daniel Perrin

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Echo, Echo, Echo

Money Joss given the script for a fox on the loose
Fox in the hen house and poor Joss showed first sight


Bless we the Lord

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Our Heavenly Father,

By Thy Name we bless you in the power of Your Name, to behold from Thy Habitation, this American People. We confess Your great work on November 9th, and confess this all Your Glory and Honor, for You have saved America for Your sake, and not for this wayward and sinful people's sake.

We ask that You will keep President Donald Trump into Your Will, to be accomplished with President Putin of Russia in peace cooperation for the sake of Your Christian children in the east and the west. We ask that You thwart all intrigue against Your leaders, and prevail upon those in government and society to serve You in Your Will be done.

We ask that the blow of Your wrath for our national sins be lessened and shortened. We ask that the punishment be corrective. We ask that you make Donald Trump Your instrument to be the President You Will.

We ask that You correct us to be a humble and obedient People.

That Thine eyes may be open unto the supplication of Thy servants, and unto the supplication of Thy people Israel, to hearken unto them in all that they call for unto Thee.
Be Thou our God, our Master and Protector and Thou art our God, our Maker and Redeemer.

Remove from us the enmity of You, in those who are tools of satan and their own seared souls, that the Light of You will shine through the Great Tribulation. Protect President Trump and President Putin, that they be in God's Wisdom and Direction, and that our Christian Peoples be not drawn into conflict with each other, in World War, nor be assembled at Armageddon.
Give us Your Light in the darkness and vouchsafe keep us always our Lord.

Glorify Your Name. Bless the Good that it fills Your heritage and curse the evil that it is no longer found among our Peoples.

Rise up our kindred and our allies to have leaders of Your choice in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. May America be Your throne, Canada Your sceptre and Mexico Your footstool in obedience to You. May Christian virtue prevail in all of the Americas in Christ's Peace.

Show Yourself strong, show Yourself mighty. Array the Archangels of the Lord for our help and defense. May we be a People delivered from our enemies, our sin and those of iniquity polluting our midsts, worship You in peace and pray for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son.

We bless You in Your Name. We praise You in Your Name. We give thanks to You in Your Name, for all Glory and Honor is Yours. On this day, we of the Covenant affirm our vows to You in crossing the threshold, that we devote to you 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Congress, the Courts, the Government returned by, of and for the People, to the sacred Rights of the Founders who pledged this Government, themselves and we of their posterity to serve only You and this Government is Your possession our Father in Heaven, and seal it to be Yours all the days it is, until Shiloh come, the Sceptre of the Lord to rule us in the Kingdom of God.

Send forth Your Witnesses oh Lord, Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Oh for the Mercy and Grace of the Lord, upon His Name that His heritage does not perish, bless we the Lord and thanks be to our God, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen and Amen and Amen.


The World Needs a Trump Resurrection

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What Donald Trump inherits as President.

  1. The largest debt in world history
  2. The greatest population in world history of 95 million unemployed
  3. The worst homicide rate in world history in largest cities
  4. The riskiest nuclear threat in world history
  5. The most horrendous terror war in world history
  6. The biggest invasion in world history
  7.  The poorest economy in world history

None of the above existed under President George W. Bush in 2008. All of the above is the responsibility of the Obama regime. The fact is NEVER in American history, in any depression experienced, has the next President faced a million-times-worse situation. That is the fact in Barack Obama took a disaster and made it a cataclysm.

The fact is that no world power ever recovered from such a situation.

Here is the list of nations which America has worst relations with that Birther Hussein caused, and which President Trump inherits.

Saudi Arabia
North Korea

The excuses the liberal media and Republicans in Congress gave Barack Obama for being a Negroid were a disservice to America and to this citizen of the third world. Over one half million Muslims perished in wars which Obama engaged in, as Americans were lied to about recoveries, great economies, security and how wonderful life was under Obama.

President Trump will inherit the Policy of the Grave which is the Obama regime. There are absolutely no bright spots in any of this, as even the American fracking industry is in debt and under stress, which is vital to American survival.

America does not need a Trump recovery. The world needs a Trump Resurrection of America.

- Lame Cherry


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Commander in Chief President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As revealed by the above, the United States Military is thrilled to have Donald Trump as their Commander in Chief, saluting President Trump as their leader before Inauguration.

Fashionable crowd: Ivanka posted a photo of her family, writing: 'Arriving in Washington DC with my family. A very special moment! #MAGA #Inauguration2017'

And as one can see, the Trump's in an Air Force jet. There are two Air Force One's and apparently the Obama's needed both jets. Perhaps the Obama's can be put on Jet Blue after they are fired.

Fireworks exploded over the Lincoln Memorial after the commander-in-chief-to-be's speech, who had his family by his side

And finally, the splendor of America has returned. America has a real American President again.

God bless America.


God bless Donald Trump, President


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry does not in any way intend to rain on President Donald Trump's parade, but when the Holy Ghost points warnings out to me, then it is my responsibility to post the warnings.

There are flaws in the Trump Administration which will become glaring, because Donald Trump is a young Christian and believes he can still bull his way through all things, as is the Jehu type. I realized when I assisted in creating this time line, exactly what I was getting, and I realize how this can spiral out.

There is a difference from having the Christians God worked through to securing the Trump victory on the inside advising, than having professing Christians in cabinet posts, than having Pastors pray for you, than what is the current problem of Trump Trans, run by Mike Pence and Reince Priebus having cut off the Christians who secured this.

For those of you who do not know the inside story, Reince Priebus early went to Christians and assembled their working groups to build a coalition to elect a Republican President. Now that entire door has been slammed shut, and it slammed shut on election eve against Christians.
To put it plainly, either Reince Priebus is as self serving weakling taking all the credit for this victory from God as Jared Kurschner whores for, or Reince Priebus is another fraud like Dennis Hastert and HW Bush who conned Christians to vote GOP, and then told them to shut up and go away.

Telling Christians to shut up and go away, is equal to telling God to shut up and go away. This is serious as all administrations have their staged events which overtake them. When it is God in charge protecting His government then like Ronald Reagan, the Presidency survives and is successful. When it is a fraud in lip service only as HW Bush, it is one term and a disaster.

The Holy Ghost has been speaking about this, and chose the Prophet Hosea, who was sent to Samaria in North Israel, the Americans fore bearers to warn them before Judgement came. Do not overlook any of this in the warning I told everyone that Judgment was a coming, because correction failed under W Bush. Donald Trump lessens the blow, but the blow will come and in Hosea Scripture predicts what is coming in the outsider position of God has cast off the Good, and those enemies which the Obama regime nurtured will pursue America.
Samaria was a land of decapitation of leaders and setting up worse leaders void of God. America is still a people of money whores and the money and the military is not going to save her, no more than it did Samaria.
This entire government and people can claim innocence, but what America trusts in will bring her defeat as God's wrath is waxing against America.

Hosea the Prophet chapter 8

 2 Israel shall cry unto me, My God, we know thee.
 3 Israel hath cast off the thing that is good: the enemy shall pursue him.
 4 They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.
 5 Thy calf, O Samaria, hath cast thee off; mine anger is kindled against them: how long will it be ere they attain to innocency?

President Trump is a good man, but he is Jehu. He is running this Administration in the "art of the deal" and is not familiar with God to know that with God, God stacks the deck so you do not have to ever have a losing hand.

The Days of Recompense are coming. My purpose was to set Donald Trump in the west and Vladimir Putin in the east to protect the Christians and in their co existent power structure to suck the force out of the anti Christ when it appears in Europe.
My disconcert is that Donald Trump will have to learn the hard way, but not learn as the lessons will only galvanize his strength more to resist, and my concern is what would appear after the President, in being an even worse syndicate which has cut God off from the workings of God's Government.

What is necessary are the Christians God worked through on the inside to make this a God infused Administration before events overtake 1600 Penn Avenue. Their presence is necessary to advise. They do not need power nor position, simply presence to convey the Word of the Lord and then Jehu can be Jehu making things worse, instead of lessening the blow.

My intention is to keep Russia, the Slavic Peoples, Western Europeans and the Americans from being gathered together at Armageddon. This requires more than government beyond America. It requires a Joseph crash program of personal food reserves and personal disaster shelters as part of economic policy. The fiddlers in Congress are wasting time which no one has, and this Administration is fixing the resurrection, but lacks the direction to keep America out of the grave.

God bless Donald Trump, God save Donald Trump, President of these United States, and God hold him for the purposes of God's Will be accomplished in Jesus Name Amen and Amen


The Obama Infection


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America we have an Obama Problem.

Not since the psychological rape of America in the fears of the Great Depression and the horrors of World War II, to community organize America under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, have the American infrastructure so been bastardized to a leftist lunacy deliberately by those Americans trusted to protect America.

Reporter Ed Klein has revealed that FBI Director James Comey has contacted President Donald Trump and informed him, that no one in intelligence believes the Russian hacking occurred and the most damning thing is, is that CIA Director James Brennan has converted the CIA into a dangerous political minder group as Eric Holder bastardized Justice.

ED KLEIN: What I can tell you is that James Comey, the director of the FBI, called Donald Trump and said there is no credible evidence that Vladimir Putin or any other Russian intended to throw the election to Trump, and that the only person in the entire intelligence community that thinks that is John Brennan of the CIA...

STEVE DOOCY: Is there any suggestion that this is a political hit job?

KLEIN: The interesting thing is that what James Comey... told the president-elect is that he believes that John Brennan has politicized the CIA in the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department...

The reality is that it is not just Justice or CIA, but it is Comey's own FBI that is out of control in the leadership in one was taking bribes for his wife and the other was running cover up for John Podesta in Huma Abedin's emailgate.

The EPA has been making war on American landowners and energy producers.

FDIC has been forcing banks to loan funds only to Obama supporters.

The IRS has been harassing Tea Party Americans.

BATF is under orders to drive gun dealers out of existence.

That is the start of the list which includes State that is absolutely Hillary Clinton and John Kerry corrupt and the Pentagon is nothing but a money whore bottomless pit of laundering money for the F 35.

The entire United States Government and Industry has been corrupted by the image of Barack Hussein Obama. Bribes to insurance companies for Obamacare and bribes to green corporations and bribes to GE.

The entire Obama disease has been diagnosed in America, and it must be treated and radically removed by President Trump, in order to take America back, make America great again and for the safety and security of America and the world.

Otherwise the pandemic of Obama will genocide this entire planet, as we have witnessed the insanity and derangement of those infected with the delusions of Barack Hussein Obama.

The most positive start of this is a massive wall is being constructed around the site in Washington DC where image Obama and the wife will inhabit. All that is necessary now is for President Donald Trump to lock the door and make this the fitting quarantine for image Obama in America's newest federal prison, GITBAMA.

Only White Men Build Obama Wall



China the 21st Century Darwin Candidate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For far too long the communist prostitutes of Peking China, have believed the lies of Henry Kissinger,  the HW Bush fawning and the Barack Hussein Obama bowing, that China was some wonder to the world. Appealing to Chinese xenophilia is a racism which is ridiculous, and that is what is refreshing about President Donald Trump, as the Chinese communist are liars, cheaters, extorters and poisoners of planet earth.

The fact is the Pacific Ocean is dying because of Chicom industrial pollution and the world is sucking black lung due to Chinese environmental rape of smokestacks belching toxins into our skies.

China is nothing but one big Fukushima cesspool of toxic death.

China will "take off the gloves" and take strong action if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump continues to provoke Beijing over Taiwan once he assumes office, two leading state-run newspapers said on Monday.
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Friday, Trump said the "One China" policy was up for negotiation. China's foreign ministry, in response, said "One China" was the foundation of China-U.S. ties and was non-negotiable.
Trump broke with decades of precedent last month by taking a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, angering Beijing, which sees Taiwan as part of China.
"If Trump is determined to use this gambit in taking office, a period of fierce, damaging interactions will be unavoidable, as Beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves," the English-language China Daily said.
The Global Times, an influential state-run tabloid, echoed the China Daily, saying Beijing would take "strong countermeasures" against Trump's attempt to "impair" the "One China" principle.
"The Chinese mainland will be prompted to speed up Taiwan reunification and mercilessly combat those who advocate Taiwan's independence," the paper said in an editorial.

America should welcome the Chicoms taking off the gloves as nothing would serve humanity more than Chinese energy and food over consumption being a reality of being cut off. The fact is China would collapse in 90 days and they would be eating each other, as a junta of generals executed these fraud communists that exist in the Forbidden City.

What is China going to do? Not buy America's debt? They are doing that now.

Dump the Dollar? They already did that.

Stop buying US soy meal? Big deal, American farmers will grow something else and the South American prices will inflate and Peking collapses.

Get aggressive in Taiwan? Great idea as Taiwan can nuke the Chicoms then and end this farce of these Xi morons of Peking.

Seriously that shadow puppet Xi of China at Davos, was prattling on like a bad computer program in not having any conception of intelligence of what he was talking about. He should have had on plus fours and talked like Robert DeNiro to make the idiocy of what he was saying picture perfect for his low intelligence lecture about globalism.

Let us just state the fact, that if not for Vladimir Putin or the Americans, China would still be high tech wooden chopsticks, as the Chinese stole every technology they have. There is not any advancement in China, it is all a slave state side show, ruled by Animal Farm pig frauds, who think their every oink pile of excrement is some art work, because some globalist told them their shit does not stink.

So Americans will have to do without Walmart..........and Walmart will have to stock American made goods again. Sounds like a plus to everyone and China can ooze back into the paddy or the millet beer bucket where it belongs. China is a billion population cancer on the earth and the only redeeming quality about China is Taiwan in the gifted and intellectually advanced people of the Chinese Republic.

China is welcomed to take off the gloves and perform it's own death. The world looks forward to it as it can throw military tantrums but can not sustain the technology. It can prop up it's stock market with fraud book keeping. It can unleash it's state run pulp fiction repeating what Caucasians brainwashed them to, and can even believe that idiot Barack Obama bows, but in the end, what is left is the cancer of China which is ready to go terminal at any time, and no one on the planet cares, as it is time to bitch slap China back to the hoe and shovel, and trade with Indonesia or India in another billion population work force.
That is the reality of China, when you have two other billion plus populations not as cancerous, and Indochina capable of doing the job better with 800 million less without being a Peking girl, China will wake up like the dinosaur and realize they are the 21st century Darwin candidates.

It is time to tell the Peking girl she is naked and the Obama clothes never existed that HW Bush tailored for the Chinese.

The future of the world is America and Russia, and those advanced peoples of Germany and France in Europe, and Japan with the Indochinese of Asia.

General Douglas MacArthur should have nuked those commie bastards across the Yalu in 1951 and hung that Harry Truman to have settled all of this, as these Chicoms are smegging gits.




Zuòwéi lìng yīgè bǒzi yīngtáo dújiā zài wùzhí fǎnwùzhí.

Chángqí yǐlái, běijīng zhōngguó de gòngchǎn zhǔyì jìnǚmen xiāngxìn hēnglì·jī xīn gé,HW bùshí de.The hé bā lākè·hóu sài yīn·àobāmǎ de jūgōng, huǎngyán zhōngguó duì shìjiè yǒuxiē qíguài. Xīyǐn zhōngguó de yì jiàotú shì yī zhǒng kěxiào de zhǒngzú zhǔyì, zhè shì duì tángnàdé·tè lǎng pǔ zǒngtǒng de qīngxǐng, yīn wéi zhōngguó gòngchǎndǎng rén shì dìqiú shàng de piànzi, piànzi, chūkǒu zhě hé zhòngdú zhě.

Shìshí shì tàipíngyáng zhèngzài sǐwáng, yīnwèi Chicom gōngyè wūrǎn hé shìjiè zhèngzài xīshǔn hēi fèi, yóuyú zhōngguó huánjìng qiángjiān yāncōng dúsù jìnrù wǒmen de tiānkōng.

Zhōngguó zhǐ bùguò shì yīgè dàxíng de fú dǎo wūshuǐ zhòngdú sǐwáng.

    Rúguǒ měiguó zǒngtǒng dāngxuǎn de tángnàdé·tè lǎng pǔ shàngtái hòu jìxù zài táiwān tiǎo qǐ běijīng, zhōngguójiāng “zhāi xià shǒutào” cǎiqǔ qiáng yǒulì de xíngdòng, liǎng jiā guóyǒu lǐngdǎo bàozhǐ zhōuyī biǎoshì.

    Tè lǎng pǔ zài jiēshòu “huá'ěrjiē rìbào” zhōu wǔ fābiǎo de cǎifǎng shí shuō,“yīgè zhōngguó” zhèngcè zhèngzài tánpàn zhōng. Zhōngguó wàijiāo bù huíyīng shuō,“yīgè zhōngguó” shì zhōng měide jīchǔ. Bìngqiě shì bùkě tánpàn de.

    Tè lǎng pǔ zài shàng gè yuè jǐ shí nián de shíjiān lǐ, yǐ táiwān zǒngtǒng cài yīngwén zhì hè diànhuà dǎ diànhuà, jīnù běijīng, táiwān shì zhōngguó de yībùfèn.

    Yīngyǔ “zhōngguó rìbào” shuō,“rúguǒ tè lǎng pǔ juéxīn shǐyòng zhè zhǒng fāngshì lái shàngbān, nàme yīduàn jīliè de, pòhuài xìng de hùdòng jiāng shì bùkě bìmiǎn de, yīnwèi běijīng jiāng bié wú xuǎnzé, zhǐ néng tuō xià shǒutào.

    “Zhōngguó rìbào” qiángdiàole “shídài” zhè yī yǒu yǐngxiǎng lì de guó jiā xiǎobào, chēng běijīng jiāng cǎiqǔ “qiáng yǒulì de duìcè” lái duìkàng tè lǔ bīn qìtú “xuēruò”“yīgè zhōngguó” yuánzé de qìtú.

    “Zhōngguó dàlù jiāng jiāsù táiwān de tǒngyī, wúqíng de dǎjí nàxiē zhǔzhāng táiwān dúlì de rén”, wénzhāng zài yī piān shèlùn zhōng shuō.

Měiguó yīnggāi huānyíng Chicoms tuō diào shǒutào, yīnwèi méiyǒu shé me bǐ rénlèi gèng néng bǐ zhōngguó de néngyuán hé shípǐn chāoguò xiāofèi shì bèi qiēduàn de xiànshí. Shìshí shì, zhōngguó jiàng zài 90 tiānnèi bēngkuì, tāmen huì hùxiāng chīfàn, yīn wéiyī wèi jiāngjūn zhíxíngle zhèxiē zài gùgōng cúnzài de qīzhà gòngchǎn zhǔyì zhě.

Zhōngguó huì zuò shénme? Bú mǎi měiguó zhàiwù? Tāmen xiànzài zhèngzài zuò.

Zhuǎn chǔ měiyuán? Tāmen yǐjīng zhèyàng zuòle.

Tíngzhǐ mǎi měiguó dòupò? Jùdà de jiāoyì, měiguó nóngmín jiāng zēng cháng bié de dōngxi, nán měizhōu de jiàgé jiāng péngzhàng, běijīng bēngkuì.

Zài táiwān gōngjí? Wěidà de xiǎngfǎ, yīnwèi táiwān kěyǐ nuke de Chicoms ránhòu, jiéshù zhèxiē nàojù běijīng de nàojù.

Rènzhēn de shì, zhōngguó zài dá wò sī de yǐngzi kuǐlěi Xi, zhèng xiàng yīgè huài de jìsuànjī chéngxù, méiyǒu rènhé zhìlì de gàiniàn, tā zhèngzài tánlùn de. Tā yīnggāi yǒu jiā sì, bìng xiàng luōbótè·dé ní luó yīyàng, shǐ tā duì tāsuǒ shuō de túpiàn de yúchǔn, wánměi de tā de quánqiú zhǔyì de dī zhìlì jiǎngzuò.

Ràng wǒmen zhǐshì shuō yīgè shìshí, rúguǒ bùshì fú lā jī mǐ'ěr pǔjīng huò měiguó rén, zhōngguó réngrán shì gāo kējì mù kuàizi, yīn wéi zhōngguó tōule tāmen yǒngyǒu de měi yī xiàng jìshù. Zài zhōngguó méiyǒu rènhé jìnbù, tā shì yīgè núlì zhuàngtài zhǎnshì, yóu dòngwù nóngchǎng zhū qīzhà tǒngzhì, shuí rènwéi tāmen měi yīgè shǐ duī fènbiàn shì yīxiē yìshù zuòpǐn, yīn wéi yīxiē quánqiú huà de rén gàosu tāmen tāmen de gǒu shǐ bù chòu.

Suǒyǐ měiguó rén bìxū zuò méiyǒu wò'ērmǎ..... Hé wò'ērmǎ bìxū zàicì gǔpiào měiguó zhìzào de huòwù. Tīng qǐlái xiàng yīgè jiā hào gěi dàjiā, zhōngguó kěyǐ liú huí dào shuǐdào huò xiǎomǐ píjiǔ tǒng, tā shǔyú. Zhōngguó shì shìjiè shàng shí yì rénkǒu áizhèng, zhōngguó wéi yī de jiùshú zhìliàng shì táiwān zài zhōnghuá mínguó de tiāncái hé zhìlì fādá de rénmín.

Huānyíng zhōngguó tuō diào shǒutào, zìjǐ sǐwáng. Shìjiè qídài tā, yīnwèi tā kěyǐ yǐnqǐ jūnshì fā píqì, dàn bùnéng wéichí jìshù. Tā kěyǐ zhīchí tā de gǔpiào shìchǎng yǔ qīzhà bùjì. Tā kěyǐ shìfàng tā de zhuàngtài yùnxíng de zhǐjiāng xiǎoshuō chóngfù gāojiāsuǒ rén xǐnǎo de, shènzhì kěyǐ xiāngxìn, báichī bā lākè àobāmǎ gōng, dàn zuìhòu, shèng xià de shì zhōngguó de áizhèng, suíshí zhǔnbèi qù rènhé shíjiān zhōngdiǎn, méiyǒu yīgè zài dìqiú shàng de guānxīn, yīnwèi tā shì shíhou ch ch zhōngguó huí chútóu hé chǎn, hé yìndùníxīyà huò yìndù màoyì lìng yīgè shí yì rénkǒu láodònglì.

Zhè jiùshì zhōngguó de xiànshí, dāng nǐ yǒu lìngwài liǎng gè shí yì jiā rénkǒu bùshì áizhèng, hé yìndù zhīnà nénggòu gèng hǎo de zuò gèng hǎo de gōngzuò 8 yì, ér bùshì yīgè běijīng de nǚhái, zhōngguó jiāng xiàng kǒnglóng xǐng lái, yìshí dào tāmen shì dì 21 shìjì dá'ěrwén hòuxuǎn rén.

Shì shíhou gàosu běijīng nǚhái tā shì chìluǒ de, àobāmǎ de yīfú cónglái bu cúnzài,HW bùshí wéi zhōngguó dìngzhì.

Shìjiè de wèilái shì měiguó hé èluósī, nàxiē

В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.
Слишком долго коммунистических проституток Пекинского Китая, поверили лжи Генри Киссинджер, в заискивая Буша-старшего и Барака Хусейна Обамы кланяясь, что Китай был некоторое удивление, к миру. Обратившись к китайской xenophillia является расизм, который смешно, и это то, что является освежающим о президенте Дональда Трампа, как китайский коммунист лжецы, мошенники, extorters и отравители планеты Земля.
Дело в том, Тихий океан умирает из-за Chicom промышленного загрязнения окружающей среды и мир сосать черный легких из-за китайского экологического изнасилования дымоходов отрыжка токсинов в нашем небе.
Китай не что иное, как один большой Фукусима клоаке токсичных смерти.

Китай будет "снять перчатки" и принять решительные меры, если США избранный президент Дональд Трамп продолжает провоцировать Пекин над Тайванем, как только он вступил в должность, сказал, что два ведущих государственных газет в понедельник.

В интервью Wall Street Journal, опубликованном в пятницу, Трамп сказал, политика "одного Китая" был для переговоров. Министерство иностранных дел Китая, в ответ, сказал: "Один Китай" является основой для остальных стран Китая. связи и был необоротную.

Trump порвал с десятилетиями прецедента в прошлом месяце, принимая поздравительное телефонный звонок от президента Тайваня Цай Ин-вэнь, злить Пекин, который видит Тайвань как часть Китая.

"Если Трамп намерен использовать этот гамбит в вступления в должность, период ожесточенной, повреждающих взаимодействий будет неизбежным, так как Пекин не будет иметь никакого выбора, кроме как снять перчатки," сказал на английском языке China Daily.

Global Times, влиятельный государственная таблоид, повторил China Daily, говоря: Пекин будет принимать "сильные контрмеры" против попытки Трампа к "ухудшать" принцип "одного Китая".

"Китайский материк будет предложено ускорить воссоединение Тайваня и беспощадно бороться с теми, кто выступает за независимость Тайваня," пишет газета в редакционной статье.

Америка должна приветствовать Chicoms снимая перчаток, как ничто бы служить человечеству больше, чем китайской энергии и продуктов питания по потреблению является реальностью будучи отрезанным. Дело в том, что Китай рухнет в течение 90 дней, и они будут пожирать друг друга, как хунта генералов выполнены эти мошенничества коммунистов, которые существуют в Запретном городе.
Что Китай собирается делать? Не покупайте America долг? Они делают это сейчас.
Свалка доллар? Они уже сделали это.

Прекратите покупать американские соевой муки? Подумаешь, американские фермеры будут выращивать что-то еще и в Южной Америке цены будут раздувать и Пекин разрушается.

Получить агрессивный в Тайване? Отличная идея, как Тайвань может сбросить атомную бомбу на Chicoms затем и покончить с этим фарсом этих Xi дебилов Пекина.

Серьезно, что тень кукольный Xi Китая в Давосе, был лепет на как плохой компьютерной программы в не имея никакого представления о разумности, что он говорил. Он должен был на плюс четвереньках и говорил, как Роберт Де Ниро, чтобы сделать идиотизм, что он говорил картина идеально подходит для его низкого интеллекта лекции о глобализма.

Давайте просто констатировать тот факт, что если не для Владимира Путина или американцев, Китай будет по-прежнему высокотехнологичные деревянные палочки для еды, так как китайцы украли все технологии у них есть. Существует нет продвижение в Китае, это все со стороны шоу-рабовладельческое государство, управляемый Скотный двор свиней мошенничеств, которые думают, что их каждый хрю куча экскрементов некоторые произведения искусства, потому что некоторые глобалистом сказал им, что их дерьмо не воняет.

Так что американцам придется обойтись без Walmart .......... и Walmart придется запастись американец снова сделал товар. Похоже, плюс ко всем и Китая может сочиться обратно в рисовом или ведро проса пива, где она принадлежит. Китай является рак миллиарда населения на земле и только искупительной качества о Китае Тайвань в одаренных и интеллектуально развитых людей Китайской Республики.

Китай приветствует, чтобы снять перчатки и выполнить ее собственную смерть. Мир смотрит вперед к нему, как он может бросить военные истерики, но не может поддерживать эту технологию. Он может поддержать это фондовый рынок с мошенничеством бухгалтерского учета. Он может раскрыть его состояние запустить Чтива повторять то, что кавказцы промыли мозги Кому, и может даже поверить, что идиот Барак Обама кланяется, но в конце концов, то, что осталось, это рак Китая, который готов к терминалу в любое время, и нет один на планете заботится, как это время сука пощечину Китай обратно к мотыгой и лопатой, и торговли с Индонезией и Индией в другой миллиард населения рабочей силы.Такова реальность Китая, когда у вас есть два других миллиард плюс население не как раковая, и Индокитай способны делать работу лучше с 800 миллионов меньше, не будучи пекински девочка, Китай будет просыпаться, как динозавры, и понимают, что они 21 кандидаты века Дарвин.

Пришло время сказать пекински девушка она обнажена и одежда Обама никогда не существовало, что Буш-старший специально для китайцев.
Будущее мира Америка и Россия, и те,

передовые народы Германии и Франции в Европе и Японии с Индосинийского Азии. 


Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.
Pendant trop longtemps les prostituées communistes de la Chine de Pékin, ont cru les mensonges de Henry Kissinger, le fainéant de HW Bush et le saluant Barack Hussein Obama, que la Chine était une merveille pour le monde. Appelant à la xénophilie chinoise est un racisme qui est ridicule, et c'est ce qui est rafraîchissant sur le président Donald Trump, comme les communistes chinois sont menteurs, tricheurs, extorteurs et empoisonneurs de la planète Terre.
Le fait est que l'océan Pacifique est en train de mourir à cause de la pollution industrielle de Chicom et le monde suce les poumons noirs en raison du viol environnemental chinois de cheminées qui érogèrent des toxines dans nos cieux.
La Chine n'est rien d'autre qu'un puits de Fukushima de la mort toxique.

La Chine va "décoller les gants" et prendre des mesures énergiques si le président élu des États-Unis, Donald Trump, continue à provoquer Pékin à Taiwan une fois qu'il aura pris ses fonctions, ont annoncé lundi deux grands journaux étatiques.

Dans une interview au Wall Street Journal publiée vendredi, Trump a déclaré que la politique "One China" était en négociation. Le ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères, en réponse, a déclaré que "Une Chine" était la fondation de la Chine-États-Unis. Et était non négociable.

Trump a rompu avec des décennies de précédent le mois dernier en prenant un appel téléphonique félicitations du président taiwanais Tsai Ing-wen, en colère Beijing, qui considère Taiwan comme faisant partie de la Chine.

"Si Trump est déterminé à utiliser ce gambit en prenant le pouvoir, une période d'interactions féroces et préjudiciables sera inévitable, car Pékin n'aura pas d'autre choix que de retirer ses gants", a déclaré le China Daily.

Le Global Times, un tabloïd influent de l'État, a fait écho au China Daily, affirmant que Pékin prendrait des «contre-mesures fortes» contre la tentative de Trump de «porter atteinte» au principe de la «Chine unique».

"Le continent chinois sera incité à accélérer la réunification de Taïwan et à combattre sans pitié ceux qui prônent l'indépendance de Taiwan", a déclaré le journal dans un éditorial.

L'Amérique devrait accueillir les Chicoms en enlevant les gants comme rien ne servirait l'humanité plus que l'énergie chinoise et la nourriture sur la consommation étant une réalité d'être coupé. Le fait est que la Chine s'effondrerait dans 90 jours et ils se mangeront l'un l'autre, comme une junte de généraux a exécuté ces communistes de fraude qui existent dans la Cité Interdite.
Que va faire la Chine? Ne pas acheter la dette américaine? Ils le font maintenant.
Vider le dollar? Ils l'ont déjà fait.

Cesser d'acheter des farines de soja aux États-Unis? Big deal, les agriculteurs américains vont pousser autre chose et les prix sud-américains se gonflera et Pékin s'effondre.

Être agressif à Taiwan? Grande idée que Taiwan peut nuke les Chicoms alors et finir cette farce de ces idiots Xi de Pékin.

Sérieusement que la marionnette d'ombre Xi de la Chine à Davos, était bavard comme un mauvais programme informatique en n'ayant aucune conception de l'intelligence de ce dont il parlait. Il aurait dû avoir plus de quatre et a parlé comme Robert DeNiro de faire l'idiot de ce qu'il disait image parfaite pour sa conférence de faible intelligence sur le mondialisme.

Disons simplement que, si ce n'est pour Vladimir Poutine ou pour les Américains, la Chine serait encore des baguettes en bois de haute technologie, car les Chinois ont volé toutes les technologies qu'ils possèdent. Il n'y a pas d'avancement en Chine, c'est tout un spectacle côté esclavagiste, gouverné par les fraudes de porcs Animal Farm, qui pensent que leur pile d'excréments est un travail d'art, parce que certains globaliste leur a dit que leur merde ne pue pas.

Donc, les Américains devront se passer de Walmart .......... et Walmart devra stocker de nouveaux produits américains. Sonne comme un plus à tout le monde et la Chine peut ooze retour dans le riz ou le seau de bière millet où il appartient. La Chine est un cancer de la population de milliard de personnes sur la terre et la seule qualité rédemptrice au sujet de la Chine est Taïwan dans les gens doués et intellectuellement avancés de la République chinoise.

La Chine est bienvenue pour enlever les gants et effectuer sa propre mort. Le monde attend avec impatience, car il peut lancer des crises de colère militaire, mais ne peut pas soutenir la technologie. Il peut soutenir son marché boursier avec la comptabilité de fraude tenue. Il peut déclencher sa fiction de pulp d'état de répétition ce que les Caucasiens ont lavé le cerveau, et peut même croire que l'idiot Barack Obama s'incline, mais à la fin, ce qui reste est le cancer de la Chine qui est prêt à aller terminal à tout moment, Un sur la planète se soucie, car il est temps de pervertir la Chine retour à la houe et la pelle, et le commerce avec l'Indonésie ou l'Inde dans un autre milliard de population main-d'œuvre.C'est la réalité de la Chine, quand vous avez deux autres milliards plus les populations non aussi cancéreuses, et l'Indochine capable de faire le travail mieux avec 800 millions de moins sans être une fille de Pékin, la Chine va se réveiller comme le dinosaure et se rendre compte qu'ils sont le 21 Siècle Darwin candidats.

Il est temps de dire à la fille de Pékin qu'elle est nue et les vêtements Obama n'a jamais existé que HW Bush adaptée pour les Chinois.
L'avenir du monde est l'Amérique et la Russie, et ceux
Les peuples avancés de l'Allemagne et de la France en Europe, et le Japon avec les Indochinois d'Asie.