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Donald Trump Sentences Wildlife to Extermination

Donald Trump Sr. Sentences African Wildlife To Poaching Death


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want each of you to put yourself in an African's life for an hour. There are no Walmarts, no grocery store chain, no Amazon, no credit cards, no Social Security, no welfare and no stability.

Like George Obama, you live in a tin shack which most Americans store their garden tools in, and you walk to a community outhouse as your toilet.

What would you think in this situation of hopelessness, because if you have a job, it is some slave DeBeers diamond or Chicom copper mine, where you are paid 5 dollars a day, if you had 500 pound lions walking around your lawn and herds of elephants smashing down your trees and killing you if you got too close. How would it be if you took a nap and a hyena ate your face off? Would you like it if a leopard at your pets and your children?

That is Africa, a billion Negroids, with a problem of dangerous wildlife, which has no value, except in a few isolated parks which can not sustain themselves as Africa has no economy.

Poaching behind worst African elephant losses in 25 years ...

Africa's overall elephant population has seen the worst declines in 25 years, mainly due to poaching over the past ten years -- according to IUCN's African Elephant ...

You must understand this, that if something has no value to you, and if it is a threat to you, do you want that thing around you? That is what Africans face in lions, leopards, hippo, cobras, hyenas and elephants.

That is why Donald Trump has let down his voters, people who are interested in both human and wildlife mutual living and has sentenced African wildlife to extermination, as those interests who have bought up African mines are not going to save wildlife, and Africans who are endangered and have wildlife that brings them no value, are not going to do a thing to protect that wildlife. That means Donald Trump has exterminated the wildlife of Africa as without hunters being able to import their trophies, most will not hunt Africa, and that means there is not any reason for Africans to protect the large dangerous game.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Friday he is putting a decision to allow imports of elephant trophies on hold after a torrent of criticism from conservation advocates and across social media.
Trump's reversal came hours after his administration released a rule on Friday to allow hunters who kill elephants in Zimbabwe to bring their trophies back to the United States, which had been banned by the Obama administration.
"Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!" Trump wrote.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement that he had spoken with Trump and "both believe that conservation and healthy herds are critical." He said the "issuing of permits is being put on hold as the decision is being reviewed."

Think of it this way, in a herd of Kudu, can bring in 100,000 dollars a year. While now under Mr. Trump a herd of elephant kills Africans, destroys property and costs a million dollars in damage. Are you going to market a kudu  that Americans can bring back or are you going to keep around elephants that are only costing you a fortune?
It is the same with lions, in you can not keep lions on the shelf. They eat meat by killing wildlife. Are you going to protect your herd of Kudu or the lions which bring in no revenue? You will opt to shoot the lions as they kill Kudu and leave the lions rot on the plains.

Rexano Kenya's Wildlife Debacle The True Cost of Banning ...

Kenya's Wildlife Debacle: ... For an answer we need to look at the wildlife situation in Kenya for that African country banned all, and I do mean all, ...

It is beyond disappointing again in Donald Trump has New York Valued by breaking his promises to Americans. Ronald Reagan as President appointed Ray Arnette to manage wildlife and opened up trophy imports in keeping his promise to Americans. The net result was 30 years of the promotion of taking leopards, which Don jr. hunted and helped by his license and trophy fees, and African plains game flourished under this management.

President Donald Trump is absolutely wrong on the elephant ban. He has sentenced African wildlife to it's extinction as these elephants will now either be shot by the  game departments there, or  poisoned by the locals.  That is Trump wildlife policy on his New York Values.

There is not any denying any of this, as that is what became of Africa when Kenya shut off hunting. The richest game producer on the continent was obliterated in a decade. Now with Mr. Trump the decline will continue and this is Mr. Trump's legacy in the destruction of wildlife and another promise he has shattered to his voters who trusted him to set things right.

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Mother Clinton Speaks of Her Boy Al Franken's Right to Rape Women

Sexual Predator Hillary Clinton defends Sexual Bully Al Franken

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This column starts with something that needs to be said, in Hillary Clinton is an amoral, heartless, soulless, evil woman. Her history proves it in badgering a raped girl in Arkansas, attacking all the women that Bill Clinton raped, to sending intimidation goons to kill Kathleen Willey's pet, to her taking money from Muslim rapists, to Hillary Clinton's latest  foray into disgusting, in defending Al Franken in multiple assaults upon women.
So you understand this, LeeAnn Tweeden posted another woman messaged Ms. Tweeden after having Al Franken do the same criminal assault against her.

Huffington Post
Rape is Grossly Underreported in America

Is it any wonder why after the abuse Hillary Clinton engaged in against the assaulted  and continues to this day to defend rapists and pedophiles?


Three of the innocent women Hilary and Bill Clinton raped and assaulted

There seems to be a pattern in Hillary Clinton just likes rapists and can not go out of her way to defend them and pose in photos with them.

Hillary Clinton Defends Al Franken After Sex Assault ...

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton contrasted the response of Senator Al Franken following an accusation of sexual to President ...

How about I rape you with this microphone......

Honestly, in Hillary Clinton defending Al Franken for rape in stating he apologized and was accountable, after admitting he attacked LeeAnn Tweeden and bullied her for two weeks on a USO Tour, is a point of, "Should America then wipe the books clean of all the rapists and pedophiles as they have admitted their Al Franken actions and are accountable too?

To be blunt in this, Hillary Clinton has looked at the numbers and in key states she lost, if she can champion Franken, she will get the pedophile and rapist vote  to put her into the White House.

Sex Offender Statistics - Statistic Brain

Sex Offender Statistics : Sex Offender Statistics : Total number of registered sex offenders nationwide in the U.S. 747,408: Total number of sex offenders under ...

The following is a photo essay of the seared soul of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Hillary Clinton loving serial rapist Bill Clinton with her daughter in tow


Hillary Clinton with convicted pedophile Anthony Wiener


Hillary Clinton perving for the lesbian and rapist vote

For those who forgot in 2008, Hillary Clinton was pimping her daughter Chelsea in sending her out to sodomite bars to be felt up for the lesbian vote.

Chelsea Clinton's Ass Grabbed in Philadelphia Gay Bar Crawl ...
Apr 21, 2008 - “Led around the neighborhood by Gov. Ed Rendell, Chelsea was mobbed by local gays and lesbians, as she walked from one club to the next. They ran up to hug her, posed for pictures and certainly invaded her personal space. 'I grabbed her ass,' one young woman exclaimed to her friends after snapping ...


Hillary Clinton with major donor sexual bully Harvey Weistein
who she will not return his donations.


 Hillary Clinton with Mr. Pedophile Express, Kevin Spacey

 As you can witness, Hillary Clinton is drawn to pedophiles and rapists and they are drawn to her. Hillary Clinton though was silent on Kevin Spacey and Anthony Wiener being pedophiles. She was silent on women showing their tits for her, for votes in exposing themselves. She was silent on Bill Cosby being a serial rapist. She only spoke out on Al Franken, because she sees a political edge and is auditioning for the rapist and pedophile vote.

By Hillary Clinton's standards though for Al Franken, Hillary Clinton is damned, as Hillary Clinton never once apologized for assaulting women, taking money from those who were sexually bullying women, never said she regretted attacking women that Bill Clinton raped, and she has never been held accountable, so Hillary Clinton is "guilty" as Donald Trump.
You do remember Hamrod's expression of  "Get away from me you creep" concerning Mr. Trump. When is Hillary Clinton going to say the same thing to all of her rapists and pedophiles, or for that matter will Hillary Clinton look in the mirror and tell herself, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP"!

Hillary Clinton is simply evil. It has been proven and it needs to be said as the people need to be told things like this, lest they start believing that felonies are things which can be apologized for when they abuse others, as Hillary Clinton has a long history of engaging in.

As Jeff Sessions seems to be pedophile and rapist challenged too in recognizing crimes and pure evil, it explains why he has not appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the crimes of Hillary Clinton, instead of protecting this deviant female.

Hillary Clinton an Evil Lesbian, Roger Stone Says in New Book | New ...
Oct 30, 2015 - Author and political operative Roger Stone says in his new book, The Clintons' War on Women, that Hillary Clinton bullied and harassed females who were...

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Al Franken: In life it is acceptable to Rape Christian Conservative Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This needs to be addressed, because enough information has emerged in Al Franken stalking Rush Limbaugh in book bullying, to actually as Sean Homo Hannity related, interrupting Hannity while in discussions with others and chasing him down the hall so FOX security had to physically remove Franken, to the stalking of a Conservative woman on Bill  Maher's program in phoning her for three days until she threatened to call the police, that the experience of America's Sweetheart, LeeAnn Tweeden reflects an Alec Baldwin, Kathy Griffith, Rob Reiner base reaction that whatever you do to Christians and Conservatives is acceptable, because they are not human.

What LeeAnn Tweeden relates which took place on the USO Tour was a composite of the experiences of all who had contact with Al Franken, in he becomes highly agitated with Conservatives and Christians, in they are not allowed to have an American opinion. When they do not buckle to Franken, he begins to become intimidating from physical, to stalking, to bullying, to abusive to sexual assault.

Let us not forget that in the same time period that Al Franken was abusing LeeAnn Tweeden for two weeks that he assaulted a Republican with brute force.


EXETER, N.H. - Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean....

This is the essence of Al Franken at his core. LeeAnn Tweeden was not a woman to Al Franken, but a Conservative who in Franken's judgment had only one purpose and that was sex, so he wrote a script to make a whore of her, and when she rebuffed his violating her, he spent the next two weeks bullying her, from invading her space by drawing "demon ears" on her pictures she was autographing for Soldiers.

On 'Good Morning America' she described passive-aggresive gestures like drawing devil-ears on 8x10 glossy photos as she tried to autograph them for fans

This is Al Franken's world, he is the stereotype of the Jew and the goy to be exploited. With Franken though he sickly interjects whore and demons into the psychopathy, as in Franken's mind, "Al can do anything illegal to demons and whores, because they are demons and whores".

Al Franken is the classic psychopath suffering from xeophobia. Al Franken is not just irrationally afraid of anyone different from him, as he only will reside in liberal Minneapolis, DC or New York, but Al Franken must rape or destroy all those who are different as he literally equates sexual degradation as the ultimate teaching weapon and when he can not shout someone down, he body slams them to the ground.

This culminates in an Al Franken Saturday Night Live jam session of writers, where Franken is advocating rape as comedy.

The filth of Al Franken even leached off him to others, like Righteous Lot being polluted in Franken Sodom, as Franken thought comedy was raping women. Those he was moving to make a crime of this comedy, in Norm MacDonald and Jim Downey who tried to walk this back at the time from men raping women at CBS, to men sexing men, had Franken jumping in with violence again, in not his character, but FRANKEN dragging Jewish Mike Wallace into Franken's office to rape the old man.

Notice in this that both MacDonald and Downey are speaking of characters on 60 Minutes, but Franken keeps stating "I" in Franken has no lines in he is the one raping Leslie Stahl and Mike Wallace.

Franken: 'And, "I give the pills to Lesley Stahl. Then, when Lesley's passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her." Or, "That's why you never see Lesley until February." Or, "When she passes out, I put her in various positions and take pictures of her."'
Downey: '"Here's a picture of Ed Bradley."'
MacDonald: 'What if Rooney rapes Mike Wallace? And then says, "I guess that makes me bad." Is it funnier with a black guy? Or two old white guys?'
Franken: 'What about, "I drag Mike into my office and rape him. Right here! I guess that makes me bad."'
This attacking Jews is not without parallel in Al Franken in going after Mike Wallace who was an established Jewish icon, would appear later when Franken engaged in election fraud against established Jewish Senator Norm Coleman. This psychopathy is extremely deep in Franken as he is Jewish and yet for Franken to validate himself, he will destroy Jews of the left and right, to steal their place.

The cover being afforded Al Franken has become criminal by the fake news as CNBC has attempted to make a point that Franken "did not touch" Lee Ann Tweeden in the photo. He stuck his tongue in her mouth, abused her for two weeks and these liberals are still providing Bill Clinton cover for Al Franken.
It degraded to the liberals focusing on "Al Franken apologized" and LeeAnn Tweeden accepting it, as if  this is now supposed to make criminal acts all go away and the fake news can go back to lynching innocent people on the Right.

Al Franken has proven HE HAS NO DECENCY, because if he did, he would have RESIGNED ALREADY. Al Franken is Kevin Spacey hiding out in Rape Rehab hoping all of this will blow over in a new target will appear, the only problem being is that this psychotic is still representing the People of Minnesota and in the United States Senate, having vast power over his staff who engaged in raping women and Al Franken still has every person in the right still in his crosshairs.

What do you think Al Franken is going to do when he has the opportunity to retaliate as a US Senator against LeeAnn Tweeden or perhaps her Air Force husband? What happens with Al around under Hillary Clinton?  Does LeeAnn Tweeden suddenly get IRS audits or does her husband get sent on a suicide mission?
You think an Al Franken who did this to LeeAnn Tweeden with his brother photographing the abuse has not done this fifty other times? You think Al Franken does not bide his time and ruin people when he gets the chance?

Al Franken belongs out of the United States Senate and belongs in a military court facing 20 years in prison at Leavenworth for what he engaged in on a military mission. Jeff Sessions will be no assistance to women and children from sex crimes, as all he does is provide cover for the deep state. This will have to come from the JAG and NCIS for the arrest and prosecution of Al Franken.

What is even more disgusting than Al Franken is this system of Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer giving this rutting pig of Al Franken cover in an investigation. It does not take two seconds to look at a photo of him assaulting LeeAnn Tweeden and passing a guilty verdict with full referral to the Pentagon to prosecute.

The system abuses Americans and the system protects rapists like Kevin Spacey and Al Franken. Only until the time that the pedophile syndicate starts feeling the heat that Andrew Breitbart was unleashing will they throw Franken and Spacey over to the courts to be imprisoned. Until then all we have is LeeAnn Tweeden telling her story, even more vulnerable like all the other abused people, as their rapists are protected and rewarded, in the United States Senate.

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Things That Fly and do not go bump in the Sky

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was an event in the American northwest which had the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing, as civilian aircraft control noted an aircraft which it was not picking up, but it was engaging other aircraft to pick up a visual on it.

None of the passenger jets closed enough for a visual description.

It was not running a squawk box as it was flying through passenger jet lanes nor were any aircraft picking it up on their radars, that included the United States military jets flying for NORAD.

You can read the transcripts and the quotes which note the speed of this aircraft was around 800 mph and it was making turns which would have torn a commerical jet apart.
It simply appeared over Mt. Shasta and disappeared in the Willamette Valley.

I will have what inquiry indicated what this was.

Flight Report

NORAD's reply was quick and clear. An incident involving multiple airline crews, air traffic control, and F-15Cs from the 142nd Fighter Wing based out of Portland did occur. According to the limited information NORAD supplied, airliner pilots were asked by FAA air traffic controllers to help track and possibly identify a "white aircraft" traveling in the flightlevels nearby—roughly between 35,000 and 40,000 feet based on the radio recordings. NORAD also said that the incident did result in F-15s from Portland being scrambled to investigate, but by the time they got up and "looked around" the mystery aircraft couldn't be found.

 The aircraft was not able to be tracked on radar nor did it show up on crews' digital traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS), but it was clearly there, although never quite close enough to positively identify what its exact type was.

The last known position was around the EUG area heading North around 750kts and the fighters went South when they launched ~25-30 min after the first report in the Shasta area..

The activity seems to have begun in the far reaches of Northern California, around Mt. Shasta, and continued on into Southern Oregon, past Crater Lake and up through the Willamette Valley

It was initially heading SW and it made a pretty sharp turn to the North. Way harder/faster than what a commercial aircraft could handle at that speed/altitude without ripping the wings off."

There has been for a number of years strange reports coming out of the Mt. Shasta and other areas of the northwest in people swearing that they have witnessed aircraft coming in and out of Shasta. That seems bizarre as it is an active volcano, but that is what has been reported.

Mysteries of Mount Shasta | Mt Shasta Spirit

Mysteries of Mount Shasta. ... UFO proponents believe a secret alien base is located deep within the mountain. ... a UFO landing spot, ...

I will inform you what inquiry pointed to from the matrix.

This aircraft came out from Shasta. It lit again somewhere it disappeared over the Willamette Valley.  American launched and American landed for this spacecraft. Yes it was a spacecraft and no it was not a flying saucer nor a UFO.
It was not flown by Americans though. It was flown by communist Chinese.

Most of you have no idea that the United States under FDR, equipped the Soviet Union in World War II with advancements in technology which the Soviets then turned against America in the Cold War.
Bill Clinton advanced the Russian and Chinese in his tenure to bring about the technology gap closing.
The Israeli state has all the advanced US technology and it often ends up in Eurasian enemy hands.

Russia's Life-Saver: Lend-Lease Aid to the U.S.S.R. in World ...

World War II: General George S ... Spam was one of the many food items sent to the former Soviet Union by the United States under the Lend-Lease Program first ...

In noting the above betrayal of the United States with the Rosenberg communist Jews handing over with Robert Openheimer the atomic bomb to the Soviets, is it that surprising that enemy PLA pilots were flying in an above black base in the American northwest.

It is all about money and global control. This craft is a space plane and it is meant for war. Allowing this type of flights and training, with the technology closes the gap so China which is in a death spiral as it has eaten it's people by aborting them and crippling them, has placed a scenario on Peking as was Japan in 1935 AD in the year of our Lord.
China is leveraged into a position where it must make war. That war must be a gambit of harnessing Indochinese conquest of slave labor, with African raw resources and North Korean rare earth elements.

Now what do you think America will be forced to engage with now that the hypersonic Chicom space plane is appearing? Why of course it will mean a war, just as all of this was intended. Russia will pound the Mideast and Europe, and China will confiscate south Asia and Alaska, being over extended.
No big donors coming through, so this is not going to be a geopolitical lesson, but inquiry states Chicom space pilots are training in the United States for warfare.

Oh and the source of the technology, is not from aliens, but it is advanced.

Any way that is about all worth putting the ducks in the row on this. More confusing things in those cartel forces creating enemies with superior capabilities.

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A Thanksgiving Pot Roast

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is what we will probably be dining on for Thanksgiving as I have had it with toxic turkeys and waiting for the big donation my turkey  hen died.

I call this the Glory to God Hazel Pot Roast as I like the comedy Hazel from the early 1960's.

1 6 quart Presto pressure cooker
I have been humbled now in the 6 quarts are superior to the 4. Oh Lord, the Holy Ghost just made me remember that I have like a 12 quart I purchased just for Thanksgiving in cooking this monstrosity a month ago, but I threw it in the shed we built. I got to go limber that baby up.

Anyway this is what I used was 1 6 quart in this one and it surprised me in TL put about an inch of water in the bottom on my direction and the thing was an inch from the top in liquid when we were done cooking it.
A little water added beef and the Presto is tight so it does not steam and all sorts of things happen.

A cheap arm roast. You do not need marbling for this and the Presto will make that tasteless Angus beef tender.

Sear the roast as that is where you are going to get your flavor from.

I onion sliced in slices.

1/3 rd cup cheap whiskey. You want the crap that makes your nose hairs curl, as that is the flavor. It is a waste to use good whiskey.

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup brown sugar packed

1/3rd cup Balsamic vinegar

3 tablespoons honey

Mix that up in your Presto and put the roast in, Pepper and salt it.

Lay onion slices on top.

Fill in with sliced in two small potatoes and baby carrots.

Pepper and salt the veggies.

Bring it up to steam, turn down the burner and cook about 1 1/2 hours. Remember a pressure cooker is cooking three minutes for every minute. I did this one at about 10 pounds and it was all fall apart done.

 TL likes sour things, vinegar things. This will be flavorful and on the acidic side with a heat of black pepper.

That is Thanksgiving roast beast. I would imagine any road kill would work too. Probably make deer behave a bit better as that stuff gets stronger in the cooking

Anyway that is Thanksgiving pot roast. It is ridiculous in ranchers prices have fallen, but beef has not, which is imported out of Brazil and Canada to US markets. I like turkey and miss it, but I get so ill eating what they inject those birds with that I am done with them. They do that to sell you water in the meat at 35 dollars a bird. That kind of price I would buy beef as LC does not do pork or poultry at high prices, like  paying money to chew used bubblegum.

I wonder now how many 6 quart Prestos will appear cheaply on my path, as they are not common, but no one will buy the things. They are for certain big batches a great deal better than the 4 quarts. That big mother I got as a back up from .......oh yeah I got that other one a very long time ago from a place called Aberdeen South Dakota and it came stuffed with long johns, good long johns for bedding. I had to fix it the gauge as the dial got stuck.....any way the culprit I got now which I have to limber up is a real character in the gal busted one handle off and is a different color. I will call it the Thanksgiving Special Presto. Have to bring it up to steam this next week to make it all goes ok and then it is beef for Thanksgiving and goose for Christmas.

Oh and if you get an old one, read the directions so you do not cook yourself, as being Darwin on Thanksgiving is not festive.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Suffering from Rape of Grandeur

No man ever wanted me sexually, but I did chase one down
hoping he would grope me......... 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Honestly, I never considered this manifestation would take place concerning Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey molesting women and children, but we now have a class of women who have appeared who suffer from "Rape of Grandeur".

The list is growing, but we have numbers of women who have never been assaulted, but are upset other women have been assaulted and are getting all the attention.

There is Ivanka Trump looking for attention in measuring out the electronic rope for innocent Judge Moore.

There is Blake Lively having a very long commentary on Harvey Weinstein.

There is Sarah Silverman now tearfully grabbing attention about that Louis CK thing.

There is Ashley Judd with the same rants about Harvey Weinstein.

This class of females "speaking out" is like men telling the world what it is like to be pregnant.

In all of this intrusion by these women into a story where real women were actually harmed or real innocent men are being harmed, there is a psychological envy, a lurking Rape of Grandeur, where these women appear to have secretly desired for some man to actually have made a pass at them, but no one ever has.

Judd in her recitation was willing in being led around, picking out clothing and promising if Weinstein won her an Oscar she would spread her legs, so it was not quite like Kevin Spacey attacking a sodomite man in his office.

Judd is in catharsis and feeling guilt over not being like other real women who resisted, fought off their attacker or at least had the excuse of shock in not being able to move. It is one thing to have Richard Dreyfus shove your head down to his cock while he is on the steps above you and recovering and Judd walking hand in hand with Weinstein into the bedroom.

The fact is some of these women like Silverman, Lively and Kushner are women that no men want, even desperately psychotic men. It must be extremely belittling to know that if they walked through a prison for rapists that no inmate would touch them.
Think of it in an industry of perverts of the powerful, no one has ever reached out and grabbed these women's boobs. Think of these women sitting around with their friends who have endless tales of men grabbing them, and they have to sit there silent or when their turn comes they have to lie with some story they read in a porn room ..........but now even that is gone as Lively, Trump and Silverman are on record in not having a story, and Judd would be asked "What she offered in return".

I do not know if it will help Rose McGowan knowing that there are women out there envious of their experience or if Rose McGowan would rightly conclude these women are as bat shit crazy as Harvey Weinstein is in getting off on sexual bullying.

Yes even Meryl Streep can not help herself in recounting that no one wanted to have sex with her which Cher can apparently testify to, but apparently Streep plays dead hoping someone will grab her boob or she chases after men hoping to get groped.

Meryl Streep recalls two violent incidents in her life that changed her forever - one where she was beaten and 'played dead until the blows stopped' - and one witnessed by Cher

These Rape of Gradeur females really need some major psychological institutional treatments as this stuff is on the street and has a great deal of money donating to democrats like Al Franken.


Gene Simmons a new Lame Cherry Hero

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if you happened upon this, but Rupert Murdoch FOX has taken to  banning Conservatives and Jews at FOX News in the form of Gene Simmons of the legendary Rock Band KISS.

Simmons was in top form at FOX when he appeared to promote his new book ON POWER, on FOX and FRIENDS with Maria Bartiromo.
He then leaped from the couch to help the delighted weather girl forecast the weather, but Simmons was not done yet.

He then offered this advice to Bartiromo when asked about Harvey Weinstein.

“The lunatics have taken over the insane asylum when respected business entities such as yourself ask guys that like to stick their tongues out, what I think of Harvey Weinstein.”

“Okay, I’m a powerful and attractive man, and what I’m about to say is deadly serious. Men are jackasses. From the time we’re young we have testosterone. I’m not validating it or defending it.”

Yes Gene Simmons has it right as in nature dolphin women run from dolphin cock, cow women run from bull cock, turkey women run from turkey cock, and cat women run from cat cock. Hell deer women run from buck cock and that is why so many are road kill this time of year.
Only human primates trust in words and threats of prison to protect them when they show up for the promise of a job or Kevin Spacey really  thinks 14 year old boys have the secret to the universe.

This is what then followed:

Simmons showed up on the 14th floor to do a book-plugging interview with’s entertainment section, but instead barged in on a staff meeting uninvited.
“Hey chicks, sue me!” he shouted, and then pulled open his red velvet shirt to reveal his chest and belly, according to the source. Then he starting telling Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes, and then bopped two employees on the head with his book, making derisive comments about their comparative intelligence according to the sound their heads made when struck.
In case you missed the Michael Jackson pedophile jokes, here  are some, but feel free to add your favorite pedophile from Kevin Spacey to Mitch McConnell's best friend in Dennis Hastert or Kevin Spacey's best friend in Bill Clinton.

How do you tell what time it is for Michael Jackson to go to bed?

It's when the big hand hits the little hand.

Why does Michael Jackson like twenty four year olds?

Because there are 20 of them.

What do Kevin Spacey and Walmart have in common?

They both have children's pants half off.

 How do you know Michael Jackson is getting laid"?
There is a tricycle in the drive way.

 I particularly enjoyed Gene Simmons IQ test for FOX employees by bopping them on the head with his book and judging intelligence by hollow the sound was.

We need more of Gene Simmons and not less, because when we have nothing but Foxflakes with Homo Hannity, who have a legend banned for being more entertaining than the entire Fox television line up, it is time for God to meet out Judgment and crop the entire human race in plague and war, as Gene Simmons is who men are and what Americans used to be.

Time for a song.

kiss-calling - YouTube

You need my love baby, oh so bad You're not the only one I've ever had And if I say I wanna set you free Don't you know you'll be in misery They call me ...