Monday, August 29, 2016

the hemorrhage of from every societal pore

Poor taste: One of the photos Weiner, 51, sent to the unknown woman was a picture of his manhood in boxer briefs while his son lay asleep next to him in bed (inset on post cover)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For most of you children and brats, you will not understand why worshiping satan is a bad thing, although most of you will immediately recoil from it by instinct as something wrong.


The Lame Cherry is going to explain this simply, as no one else will. I will do it with science so you understand the cause and effect.

This satan worship has been going on behind closed doors for some time by the elite. It was a matter though when a majority of Christians still maintained the Christ presence in America, that a great deal of this was held back. It all changed though with throwing Jesus off His Throne in the White House, and installing a false messiah Obama, as this was a deliberate act of the majority, and as one can understand by the curses of Deuteronomy 28 which are appearing like an avalanche, that outward rejection of God produced a cause and effect, as God will not empower evil, and when people in free will in the majority choose national sins of their worship in sodomy and aborticide, those are abominations God will not protect.
God will allow that nation to be destroyed by the evil as it becomes complete.

America now has many false gods. The Isalmic moon diety allah, various yoga, hindu, buddhist, witchcraft to luciferianism all displace God, and infuriate God, as reflecting things of nature, yourself or demons are things which will die or degrade, and no person reflecting by worship of that, will ever be saved by God, as God is Life and those choices are death.

We are in a world which people were given domination over, but satan hijacked it. God began with Israel a plan of redemption in the physical which turned to Spiritual with Jesus the Christ, in wresting from this world the dominion stolen by satan.

The world we are in, has energies, or spirits which are principalities, or ruled by princes, dominions, evil forces affecting leaders in high places, and the "power of the air" or the basic enticement of thoughts of pleasure to rage which appeal to each person and affect them to take steps that destroy them.

satan or demons just do not show up and possess people. It is a process, and an agreement in which people accept or give in to another evil will.

When Christians worship in Churches, they produce a blessing or empowerment wave which prospers a nation from the womb, to the field, to the business to the bank, because honesty is the base of this in following God's Laws in not stealing things from others to get your lust fulfilled.
America had a pattern of horrid weather until Christians began to dominate. for around 100 years the weather in America had exceptions of bad events, but in the past few decades tornadoes even began ravaging through cities, where they never touched before. It is cause and effect. Empower evil and evil happens. Empower God and good happens.

The more satan is worshiped, the more this evil group of demons is empowered. It is why there are epidemic rises now in demonic possession, because the safeguards are off with Obama in the White House and the image rules there. Catholics are having the literal devil of the time as their Pater Pope works for satan as the false prophet.

You must understand that every nation used to have standards. Yes there were always the weak who were fucking, drinking, doping and stealing, even small masturbation ways, but being hidden away it only affected the person or group involved. What has changed now though is possession and place in the nation, and those who used to be protected from the full force of evil, because the family attended Church and prayed daily, are no longer protected because the churches are dead with sodomy, and now in full amplification the small sins in private are now flaming sodomites raping each other and butchering each other in murder.

Blacks have a particular problem as is evidenced in Christianity has ceased and their false messiah is sowing murder among them as in Chicago. People get what they choose to ally themselves with. The Obama regime has been global violence and murder, so why should not the organized community of Chicago be a festering satanic sore of genocide for Blacks, because that is what they chose in Obama.

This is a Spiritual War, and if you have not noticed all of those braggart "spiritual warriors " from a few years ago have all disappeared in their touting that they were up to the task. The reality is they were fools, self deluded and had no idea what they were doing, besides self aggrandizement. The evil that is America happened under their warrior banner and everyone of them have been exposed as fools and failures.

What the outcome of all of this is, you will witness more overt evil as it prays on the ignorant, from legalized child rape to the possessed  look of malevolent insanity being the common occurrence.

This is what happens when trusting good people, give up on Christian discipline in thinking others can do it, while they go golfing ro watch porn, and the tools of satan seize power in government and degrade Christian Virtue to a nation divided under many demons.

Can this be rectified? The Bible's directions for the mob seizing power and wiping out all of this evil and those who practice it, is the solution. Attempting it without revolution though will get you deader than Isaiah sawn in two on the altar by King Manasseh, so your options are you are under spiritual siege, in a spiritual war and there is not going to be any peace, and you just like Lot will be so degraded that you will offer your virgin daughters to the sodomite rapists to appease them.

This is the Western People's reality. They are a seared apostate majority of 2/3rds are Godless conduits of satan. If God does not have mercy in Donald Trump somehow giving His children some cover to begin rolling this evil back, then dead America will not arise, and you will be genocided too.

This is nothing new. The same sins now legalized in America and Europe, are the same sins which their foreparents engaged in, in the 13 tribes of Israel, and were slaughtered and exiled for it. It will occur again.

My purpose has been to save 6 out of 10 Americans, instead of the Biblical 1 out of 10 which your Samarian foreparents experienced in genocide. I sought for a culling of evil and not the genocide of the peoples of Europe and America. The fools though do not support this and at this moment I feel a great deal of it slipping away, as there are too many events to stop the hemorrhage of from every societal pore.

satan will not destroy his minions, but use his minions to genocide everyone to thwart God's Plan. It reminds me of an interview of a teenager in Rapid City South Dakota who worshiped the devil and his remark was telling, "With God I have to wait for things I ask, but with satan I get things immediately".

satan produced the Obama regime, and then entire neocon Clinton Bush Cruz fraud. satan will give it's nation all the pleasure it will revel in, to genocide it, in it's own sin. That is what is eroding America every day, and it is washing out faster with each passing day.

There is one God, in the Father and His Word, Jesus the Christ. Remove the Christ and the satanic power will fill the void and national death follows. That is the reality of history and science.


Hillary Clinton Destroying More People's Lives

All too familiar: Weiner was caught in his second sexting scandal in the middle of his run to be NYC mayor (above at a news conference after the scandal in July 2013 with Abedin)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So what do you get when you add one Godless Hillary to one Muslim Huma, divide by one apostate Jew in Anthony Wiener, in the 2016 campaign of Clinton Kaine, in full leftist feminism on display?

Huma is a wife who has shirked her wifely duties. If she was home, instead of sexing lesbian Hillary and on the road all the time, then her husband would be drained of bodily fluids, passed out at night, and looking to validate himself in politics or business, instead of stuck at home being Mr. Mommy, needing attention from guys pretending to be women online while the baby lays on the bed.

The Lame Cherry has compassion on Anthony Wiener, as this man has been so abused by Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton that the only thing he could do, was start posting pictures online of himself, going to the extreme of adding his baby, knowing he was going to be exposed, caught, and inflict upon his main adversary in Hillary Clinton in destroying her campaign in the HOPE that he would get his wife back.

Huma the Muslim though, has chosen her pervert lesbian boss and the position it affords, instead of her responsibilities of being a mother and a wife.

Ponder all of this in Hillary Clinton in what kind of woman she is. She is a woman who so invalidated her husband that he was a non stop letch, so castrated Bill, that he went off raping women, and now Hillary Clinton has shattered another marriage.........and think of how many other women who Hillary has shattered in their marriages from Vince Foster's wife to producing a child with Webb Hubble named Chelsea.

Hillary Clinton is the same in public as in private. A Christian woman would have told Huma, that Huma's marriage was most important in protecting that child and dealing with Anthony. There could have been work leave worked out, where Huma could have Skyped by phone, as Ivanka Trump noted how the Trump group provides for working mothers.
But with Mrs. Clinton it was all about her, and that selfishness was absorbed by Muslim lesbian Huma, and all that was left for Anthony Wiener was trying in desperation to get caught, so this would all meltdown, so he could stop being a cuckold and gain some semblance of a man.

That is the forensic psychological profile of Anthony Wiener. I do not have to like Anthony Wiener to feel compassion for him. If Mr. Wiener was a Christian, and not an apostate Jew, found the love of Christ, and had right wing associations like Donald Trump, and not the cucks of the right, he could become the complete man who is as sound as Charles Schumer in controlling the vice which appeals to him, because Anthony Wiener is an abused husband like Bill Clinton, and they were created by their leftist wives who cut their nuts off daily and rubbed their faces in it, that they were not man enough.

So do not be suckered into the cuck right mockery of Anthony Wiener or the disgust of the feminist left, because each of you have suffered this same abuses as women and men, in this same self centered political drama, and it will only destroy each of you more completely with Hillary and Huma at 1600 Penn Avenue.

For a reality check, Anthony Wiener, if he could survive from having a barbell strangling him to death, should file a civil lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for destroying his marriage and driving him nuts.

No man or woman alive, could take this endless gay parade rubbed in their faces every day. There but for the Grace of God, go each of you, if you were Anthony Wiener.


The Skin Trade

Editor's Note: This will probably be a stand alone post as the content is that important to not be diluted in a wash of numerous Lame Cherry postings today.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whenever I listen to the Nigger Racism of someone like American Don Cheadle, attacking Donald Trump as a "drumpf" or the Alt Right as "troglodytes", I am perplexed how the monumental ignorance of the masses has engulfed the necessary evacuation process from this too crowded theater on fire, in those racist morons like Cheadle screaming, "Trample the one person showing the exit."

What is "wrong" with the world is not by accident, but by design. But the money changers, meaning the Chambers of Commerce and the Bankers, have violated the basic principles of economic growth.

Let us visit a period in history in the early 19th century as an example.

America at that time was a Yankee ship trading nation. Meaning Americans carried goods to China and Cuba, traded them and brought them back to America or Europe for profits. Which made America extremely rich and is the basis for the phrase, "My ship came in".

England at the time though was spending a fortune on her Navy to protect her empire. Her ships were not trading and those low cost goods were destroying English industry. So England was fused in a death grip of sugar on colonial lands linked to the slaves for profit to farm the sugarcane.

This is the right and left of economics. Either one produces goods or one trades in humans for profit. One is good and one is evil, as one lifts the standard of living and the other destroys the standard of living of nations.

In another time, from 1700 to 1950 in America, production is what created wealth in America. As America made things their people purchased and others in the world purchased. This began to change in the 1970's when oil and the dollar were linked which degraded the standard of living in America, but through inflation made conglomerate finance, as super conglomerate finance. A millionaire before this period was extremely wealthy, but once inflation destroyed the economic base of production, then a billion dollars became cheap. Money did not increase in value, but decreased, due to the amount of inflated currency in the world.

I explain this all, to gain your understanding that nations are no longer creating products in balances of trade. It used to be a Yankee thing to want to make a product that a billion Chinese would want to buy, and make a dollar profit for 1 billion dollars in mass production. In  the Obama years though, the new mantra is not to raise the standard of living of Muslims, Africans and Asians to buy American products or European production, but instead the bankers have decided to import rapist and murdering hordes to provide the "consumer economic expansion", which is the same disaster of the slave trade which ruined the Arabs, ruined the Roman Empire and ruined the British Empire.
Importing human refuse which simply consumes billions of dollars of food they are not producing, is not an economic plus for any economy, whether it be Japan, America or Germany. All that it accomplishes is recreating the George H. W. Bush disaster of modernizing China.

The modernizing of China, India and Indonesia with 3 billion souls, was by design not to bring affordable goods to the West, but to use Asian slave labor in exploiting it, by robbing Westerners by Walmart shopping. It simply concentrated wealth, and Asia modernizing all wanted the same fuels and raw materials, which inflated prices again and impoverished Western peoples even faster.

Import a shipload of lumber to Japan, and Japan creates wonderful consumer products making itself rich. Import a shipload of invaders, and Japan's commerce steals from the Treasury to welfare fund this horde, which steals from the Japanese people, and impoverishes the nation faster, as there is not work for these hordes, as robotics are taking those jobs.

So the ultimate reason for this from the cartel mafia is to impoverish all peoples, to the same slave status, so they will not have the funds to compete in the political process or fund a revolution to fight the drones. It is the state of the modern gulag without Queen Victoria's maxim of protecting her Citizens. The Slavs are the only peoples intent on protecting their native peoples any longer, and the rest from image Obama, Merkel, Hollande are instead intent on destroying the native populations, and genocidal conduits as Don Cheadle living in his luxury as rich black man, add to the din, so that the masses being bombarded with so much information, never have the opportunity to understand that the pied piper is leading the rats they are to their own doom, no matter the race, as when this all progresses it will be the same mass genocide by WMD's for all, no matter the skin color, as this is the currency of the skin trade.

This concludes this Lame Cherry White Paper explaining the reality which all of us are locked behind the steel gates of this prison. The correct economics is to raise the standard of living of all, and sell to peoples in their own nations, thereby not burdening the productive nations, but producing what history has shown is the best solution for the best life for humanity.

The economic engine of this world has deliberately been designed to pump carbon monoxide into the cab of all of our lives to gas us to death. Donald Trump is the only solution to stop the choking of this flooded engine and removing the gas hose from inside our economic vehicles to a better future.

That is the reality.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Love You Take With You

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

It is a most disappointing thing to have minders stealing work and messing with internet connections and things of that nature, as I have had it happen often enough. Things created and desires expressed are lost to the ether for the present, but in this, and in the resulting upset, remember there is a Father in Heaven who sees and will Judge accordingly. None of them are getting away with any of this.

When upset about this very thing, which used to happen a lot, I simply pray either that God Lead them to Repentance or God Bless them to Repent in Jesus' Name Amen. Some do not understand this Christian response as it is foreign to our eye for an eye nature. Lame Cherry explained it to me long ago in that praying this ensures there will be no "equal and opposite reaction" in no harm coming upon the Child of God in prayer, whereas wishing harm on others has no protection from anything coming back on the people who initiate the wave of will which activates the natural or demonic forces instead. Praying this also releases the Power of God to do all that is necessary to lead them to repentance, which for most of us usually results in broken lives, some grandiose event that brings us to the fetal position before God, and destroyed illusions of what we are in nightmares and memories that haunt us for the rest of our formerly-seared lives. This is what I pray and it gives me comfort to know that God is Just.

As I have been responding in kind for a while, the attacks have seemed to lessen for the most part, as the devil gains no victories when it cannot steal, kill, or destroy our Joy, our Peace, our relationship with God. This is the most important thing we have, in the Love we have is nothing satan or its demonic tools can ever touch or take away from us-- and it lasts forever.

I would also humbly suggest in work disappearing that things are written in a separate format not connected to the internet. It is much harder to steal a MS Word document (or Jarte, which is what I use) than it is to make an internet-connected window disappear. Then when I am finished writing this post, I will simply save it, highlight it all and copy/paste it into blogger. This method works for e-mails as well.

God Bless the Good and Be with all of you for what is coming, in Jesus' Name Amen.


It Takes a Village

Girls and Guns Club
University of Chicago 1940 
Women armed with Savage Model 19 NRA Rifles

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Gun Talk with Tom Gresham again today, and he is trying his best to get a group of asstards known as gun owners to vote for Donald Trump. You see gun owners are shit for brains for the most part, in thinking they are lord god in deciding what is right and what is wrong with the Ted Cruz cult, and will gladly kill themselves and all America for something their half brains have them lemming over the cliff thinking is right.

There was a Texas Nigger on. Nice old gal from the DOD as was her family, and she her solution for Hillary was, 'Well I got my pick up and a tank of gas and I am driving off as they aren't going to get my guns".

This was followed by an asstard Mormon who was "Hillary can get my gun when she pries my cold dead fingers off of it". Yeah and you really rose up to protect LaVoy Finicum now didn't all of you brave gun owners.

The fact is, that this is the real drone world. Your cell phone, your pick up on traffic cams and it's tracking system, all registers with the FBI grid. Just like those poor saps on school loans are being hunted down, gun owners will be targeted exactly the same. You try and run and you will be deader than the San Bernardino Muslims and you try and make a stand and you will be deader than the Orlando Muslim, and the lies they tell about you, will have you cock sucking little boys too boot.

There is not going to be as Tom Gresham theorized, graduated gun grabbing alone. They are not just going to outlaw "assault weapons". No, the BATFE already has on their lists, the perfect piss their pants gun owners. You know the pry their cold fingers off their cock gun owners that are always mouthing off.
What will happen is the Hillary Regime will ban a category of guns, but immediately there will be the type of operations which smashed the Bundy group. They will make certain they do enough of them in local communities and put it on the Obama media, showing what fucking cowards all gun owners their wife beaters, shit stains on their shorts and bawling to please not be shot......and that is how they will freak people out, and the process will begin.

It will be draconian in losing your jobs as employers will be penalized, and losing social security, having million dollar fines for not having that gun which is serial number registered to you. You are not going to get off with "I lost it".

That is what awaits under Hillary Clinton in the Australian Gun Grab of America.

This is why I have advocated 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump and as the Trump campaign is aware of this blog, I would hope that a few suggestions would get them up and running.
I would first coordinate with the NRA, not in alarm, but in targeting celebrity, military and police gun owners to begin coordinating a certified political group, which would begin outreach to every County Sheriff's office who were pro gun, along with every military leader who was pro gun in every state.

People need to be coordinated so it is not the pants pisser with his warm cock fingers crying on the lawn all alone, but 100,000 gun owners at least in every state, coordinated on the command of Donald Trump in a Political Militia.

What the Lame Cherry has stated on vote fraud, has pretty much permeated the psyche of the right, so that is a message people understand in Hillary Clinton will steal this election. It is Donald Trump's job, backed by 40 million gun owners to take the election back and conduct it to such a depth that the police state will stand down and not follow orders to install Hamrod Clinton.

Look Cousin Odinga lost the election in Kenya, but rioted that nation until he got joint leadership. When it is good enough for communist Obama, it is the solution for Americans.

I know that none of you are ready for this, but the Trump campaign must begin laying the framework in how to coordinate a Refuseniks Network in America to thwart Mrs. Clinton and the Obama police state.
It would be a simple framework of command of Trump political leaders, with the NRA and County Sheriff offices taking control of the hinterlands or the rural and urban areas, as that is all Trump Nation. The metro's can not survive in supply delivery from the vast stretches of America, and they will buckle under this boycott when it is necessary to come to this, when the courts uphold Clinton Fraud, when the Secretaries of State validate fraud ballots and when the Obama regime installs Hillary with e vote hacked voting.

Gun owners are morons in claiming they are brave. I know who all of you are by the majority who constantly are on this site, the sex stories they only read, and how they shun the posts like this in explaining what is required of them, because they got their luxury lives and they expect Lame Cherry to die for their patriotism.
I will repeat, not one multi millionaire or billionaire donated the big donation for saving the entire northeast coast from NYC824. I know what you are, and so does the Obama police state. You talk big and hide small. You are culls and thee only purpose you have tactically is to get Donald Trump to coordinate your fat asses into a Political Militia to stand up for a few weeks before November and a few weeks after November to secure the election for Donald Trump.......which means saving your keyboard commando skin suits.

That is what needs to be done. I am not employed by the Trump campaign, so I have no idea what will be done. I do know the fraud NRA is not going to move on this, nor will any other leadership, but I at least provided the framework of association, so people declared by the Trump campaign as verified are a group in every state that people can look to for information in cell phone alerts.
We the People, must coordinate enough with the County Sheriff and the military in numbers to form a group which can not be ass raped to death as in Obama Turkey. Rugged Individuals are fine, but they required the untamed soul of Andrew Jackson at New Orleans to destroy the enemy arrayed against them. Benjamin Franklin was absolutely correct in either we hang together or we hang separately.

That means Granny with a Gun in Texas or the Mormon Fingers in Utah, finds a way now to coordinate with those in power in order to save America. You get enough counties to pressure those gutless fucks in State regimes to stand up against Washington, and then it begins to be a point of somehow military reservations in states somehow get delayed in deploying troops against those counties, and city police start finding ways to stay home in waiting for the counties to settle down, instead of blasting citizens to Finicum deaths.

Donald Trump might as well build this Political Militia now, as he is going to need it sometime in the next 8 years, or else Mr. Trump will only be kept alive by Hillary Clinton to see Ivanka passed around as a whore to everyone in the regime, as Mr. Trump's grandchildren are sold to Bill Clinton's donors, and all of these asstard gun owners give up their guns without a word to save their not so rugged selves.

As I stated, I know you 99.999% rich people by your not donating. You are all big mouths with sealed wallets, and the FBI knows this too and will deal with your extermination as you sign over all you have to Obama Muslims and you disappear with a Khadaffi hole in your heads. 

Communists know it Takes a Village as Mrs. Clinton wrote, because people standing alone get exterminated by the village.

Nuff Said


The Mahdi Sons of Nuclear Diplomats

Turkey ratchets up Syria offensive, says warplanes hit Kurdish militia

By Umit Bektas KARKAMIS, Turkey (Reuters) - Rebels supported by Turkey fought Kurdish-backed forces in northern Syria on Saturday, as Ankara…

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People have expressed again recently in not understanding how I continue to do what is accomplished here, and the answer is I don't.

There is only so much energy inside of me and it requires adjustments and recuperation, and I do not have the time to grow into this, so I am missing things in the matrix.

No complaints, but that Ted Cruz required more energy reserves in stopping that creature than I had planned for, and the Gotham Effect, as much as dealing with NYC824 has left me depleted and out of body.

In inquiry, I continue on and I think I know the Dick Allgire scenario more completely at this Sabbath, August 27 in the year of our Lord. I am uncertain in this as I am damaged.

I think the actions of Turkey in invading Syria is the cover for what is being plotted. I am getting something odd in a chemical radiation device aimed at Russia. This is image Obama and the Russians retaliate with tactical small nukes.

It is this scenario which brings about the intended plot of creating a cobalt wall in north Italy. The NYC824 device is sitting in Egypt on a ship, and inquiry states it will be delivered to port, and by vehicle for the detonation.

This is in the time line and it is for creating an unstoppable war with Mother Russia. I suspect the assassination attempt upon Frau Merkel was a fraud.....just inquired, this was a real event, but by the cartel. The offering was of the Frau, and it is to initiate the series of assassinations in the Balkans to bring the Russian invasion.

I am going to try and use what is left of me in locking onto this tonight in Spirit and working out the time line. This is cloaked in the matrix....perhaps better analogy it is an under pulse in the current which is being shielded by what the real time line is to be.

At least if I can lock onto the time line, I can listen to the Spirit in discerning an understanding of a barrier though for me. Do not comprehend completely why at this juncture.


Sucker Funnel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I  delight when the Holy Ghost points something out to me, something like in the days before this blog, when I had years of solitude and misery and we could interact as he taught this mounded clay the mysteries to delight my simple mind.

This is again about something no one will care, but yet someone will find this information and have an "On my" moment, probably steal it as their knowledge and put it into a book. It is about corn and the more I observe these plants which I have been aware of since childhood, the more I see things in this grass which absolutely astounds me in God's design.

The subject is suckers or tillers in corn, and these have been bred out now, so all there is, is stalks. This interested me greatly as the scientific preamble of it was they were wasted energy which takes away from the corn crop, and yet as I have had the Lord's Spirit revealing things to me, suckers are such a perfect thing.

Suckers are more than additional fodder to  be cut. They are in the way, but God made them in the way to shade the ground to keep weeds from interfering with the mother plant. They shade the ground to keep weeds away and to assist in moisture conservation, and in watering in this drought this morning I was shown something again which astounded me.

For those unfamiliar with corn, it is basically in the leaves a big funnel. In heavy dew the leaves collect that little moisture, as much as in sprinkles during a drought and it funnels  it to the roots in dripping down.
A corn plant literally covers a three foot area in gathering in additional moisture for the plant, and it is accomplished by the leaves.

I had been shown this previously, but by deliberate God given mistake I happened to water the suckers this morning and observed this hydrant of water being funneled to the main plant. So for every take away in production, the suckers actually guard the plant and then  gather in additional moisture during droughts.

This is one of the most remarkable plants in God's creation, but you will notice how most of the grasses are created exactly in this design to draw in more moisture to the central root system.

A burdock is a weed in like system of huge outer leaves to choke off light and moisture, while the rain is to run back onto the mother plant. This is a great deal through nature in arid locations, and the corn is one of the most proficient in design.

I have read numbers of the old histories on corn and their improvements and have never come across this explanation, so it is shared here to increase the knowledge. The corn I am working on is in that stage of development that some corn suckers, but most of it does not for a yellow dent of the 1890's period in time.
The other ancient plains corns from the Oscar Will Collection which I am fasacinated by, sucker more readily, and if I ever have a year that is not a drought, I will be able to gauge if the suckers will assist in production if the moisture and nourishment is there.

I have come across though interesting results in one always reads some corns are a good drought corn or their sizes are small. The reality is though that while my region is not corn central, I have had almost a doubling in size of plants and ear size with only animal manure compost and only some hose watering in stressful times, just to make certain I receive a crop.

It is for me a really nerve racking thing to have only 50 to 100 seeds of about all that there is for this corn variety in the world which is left, and then have to propigate it the first time.
Strangely though like all things from God, one successful ear will produce over 400 kernels. Things really will multiply if blessed in God's success.

There of course is a reason and a purpose for the Holy Ghost showing me the details of sucker corn in it's survival benefits. I conclude that the Indian method of several plants in one spot is incorrect. It is better to plant in rows and tend the crops that way, and if one has suckers, this adds to the structure which is natural in the heirloom corns.

This concludes this information addition on suckers. I should write a book on this, but I have no time for such luxuries.