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In the issue of the Austin bombing, the authorities in published reports have concluded that a new level of sophistication was present in the bombing which injured two boys in a middle class residential neighborhood. What though does that mean?

In the above photo forensic science can glean a number of  clues.

It was said to be dark, but a street light is there which should have illuminated the bomb. The bomb was not hidden, as in dug into the ground, as there is not a blast crater.
We know from the above photo that this was an accellerant device which burned, as the charring of the grass reveals a high heat with residue, but only in a small area of 3 square feet.

We know from a grandparent that more details have emerged. There was a wire according to the boys.  Law enforcement though indicates it was fishing wire. What is of interest in this, is there was not a typical anchoring post as the lamp post to anchor the wire to. This would point to a peg of some type in the ground, elevating the wire to be tripped by a foot, and a second anchoring device for the bomb, in order to hold it into place for the detonator to be activated.

This is not sophistication. It is a simply awareness of physics and cause and effect. This bomb site though required construction. Not that this would have required more than 45 seconds to complete, but it points to efficiency to details and awareness of surroundings.
It would be concluded that this site was chosen by the person of interest driving in this neighborhood after dark to find shadow locations, a close parking spot in order to enter the area and retreat, and human traffic was witnessed on this sidewalk after dark, so a detonation would occur.

The sophistication part comes later.

While authorities have not yet identified the  victims of Sunday's explosion, William Grote said his grandson was one of the two people hurt in the blast.
"Well he and his friend were riding a bicycle about a block from their house and one of them was off the curb right in the street. The other one was on the sidewalk walking and it was so dark they couldn't tell and they tripped and set off this explosion, didn't see it," he told the AP. "It was a wire and it blew up "
Grote said the blast knocked "them both off their feet" and  left  them "bleeding  profusely."

In the below enhanced photo, the sophistication is in the bomb blast direction as noted by the police markers. This was not a massive bomb, meaning  the yellow tags are probably shrapnel, meaning nails, and they traveled no further than 15 feet.
It is the direction though, in this device was a Claymore anti personnel type device, in it was created specifically to fire it's projectiles in a specific direction.
The children being knocked down is not deemed of great consequence as any large firework would produce a like concussion and recoil from  the human. It simply means this was loud, not that it was large. To explain this, this bomb was directional, but we know the nails penetrated and were sticking out below the knee. Meaning this bomb appears unlike the others, in it was not designed to kill, but only injure as the shrapnel were moving approximately under 300 feet per second, and decelerated quickly to zero feet per second.

I will not post in the workings of a directional explosive as that is unnecessary to provide that information, but it is not something one needs Stephen Hawking diplomas for either. So in forensic psychology, this should not be termed sophistication, but more an ability of a rudimentary advanced reasoning. It is not sophisticated to eat with your fingers and then move on to a fork.

Barack Obama's mentor, Bill Ayers of Chicago, proved that in fomenting a deep state violence for societal change, that it does not require sophistication to attack society with a bomb. It requires meticulous detail though to not blow oneself up. This Austin situation appears single person and not a Weather Underground group.

While this has not been covered, logic would indicate that the first three bombs were pressure switch, meaning like a mine, where the trigger is depressed when the package was set on a porch, and when the package was picked up it activated the detonator. That is basic and it is why the authorities are warning people to not pick up things which are out of place, as these are porch mines.
The Claymore mine which struck the children, was again the same parts which all bombs have, but this device was triggered just like turning on a light.

Whether the  FedEx package was of this process, remains to be discovered, but if it was, then the bomb maker did not build the trigger stout enough for the meat fisted operations of American parcel carriers. The bomb got knocked around enough, and vibrated enough that the trigger was dislodged in process.
There is a reason bomb makers do not throw and kick bombs around.

We can discern from the above that this suspect is naturally disposed to stealth, like a peeping tom, a cat burglar or the Original Night Stalker. There is an ability to get in and out of areas unseen, and even more so with cameras. The FedEx package again is stealth, but there are cameras to record the drop  off, so stealth of one form was sacrificed for leaving evidence.

At this point, the person of interest has shown themselves to be creative, in they are receiving thrills from constructing new devices and new methods. That creativity again points to a female, not a male, as males are vain repetition.

We are learning though the mental processes in the comfort zone of time for the bombings, the spacings of the devices, and now if the FedEx is an evolving situation, the direction the perpetrator is comfortable in driving from their location. It was choice of an hour's drive and not a five hour's drive. There are limits to what they will sacrifice in order to attempt to make the authorities look outside of Austin Texas.

This suspect is in their own world of reasoning and have shown not any inclination to have a relationship with the police nor explain their actions, which is what law enforcement would prefer to gain another vantage point and why the plea for contact.

The first bombs were targets.  The next appear to be experimentation and distraction. That indicates the bomber is not reaching out, but seeking to manipulate the authorities to have the authorities leave this person of interest's "home zone" unattended.

If a celebrity status is developed in this bomber, from police and media attention, then this perpetrator will respond with bigger and more lethal attacks. This is something which should not be instilled in this criminal.  If boredom sets in, this bomber will reduce their signature, and will only act out in stressful situations. It is the Catch 22 in this individual.
Only time will reveal though the correct or incorrect steps being engaged in to capture this criminal.

There is not sophistication in this series of events. There is awareness, creativeness and stealth.

Update as of Tuesday evening, with another reported detonation, at a Goodwill in Austin Texas, one injured with non life threatening injuries.  Except for the children harmed on the 12th, this new series of attacks again are targeting specific people. The Goodwill appears to be a return to the original devices. The forensic psychological assessment is the individual behind this is settling scores on whatever slights they experience. In addition, there is a pattern of this suspect has contact with poor minorities and this group contains individuals which are for some reason, triggering this individual.

Note* After investing in a strategy of changing venue, an event triggered the Goodwill event. There appears to be a more emotional and agitated psychosis now evolving.

Nuff Said. 


The Apple Tree Protector

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I neglected, no I forgot, being overloaded on information to address something a few days ago concerning wee baby apples, in deer wee nipping them off, or Daisy as she decided to do last year.

There are three primary problems for apple or fruit trees and they are deer, rabbits and voles. Voles will saddle the bark and kill the tree (You have to cut the tree off before it leafs out below the saddling to keep it alive.) Bunnies will saddle older trees too and deer will either browse the apple trees or polish their antlers on them.


The way to deal with the deer and bunnies is to get some concrete wire mesh. You make a hoop if you are rich enough to buy the stuff about as far across as you can reach, anchor it with a T post and you have yourself about the best protection available outside of a 270 for the deer or  a 22 for the bunnies.
Voles are a big more, in you should wrap the tree, but they are the worst if you leave too tall of grass around your trees or yard. They live in that under the snow and eat your tree bark off.
So you can either put a black plastic sewer drain pipe around them, wrap them, or put a window scree around them about 5 inches across, as the remedy, and nothing in life is certain even with that.


Predators like garter snakes and cats help on the voles. You can always trap them for recreation too, but most people do not have that kind of time.

This year I had a bunny eat off a pine tree because we got a late snow and it was hungry. Same snow the deer came through the yard and I watched them nip the buds  off my apple tree that God planted. Animals have to eat, but at least it was not the buck tearing the hell out of a Honeycrisp apple I planted one night outside of my window.

After the trees get their tough bark on them, they are pretty immune to problems, unless you live in elk country, and then they can tear the hell out of everything imaginable as they are big animals.

Spraying I should spray, but I do not as my trees are immune to blight and smut, but I do put a soda bottle (Neighbor used a whiskey bottle) to put in an apple maggot nectar of sugar, banana peel and water, which does kill those moths and keeps the worms out of your apples.

I know this year that Daisy and Belle did not get many apples as the deer ate all of them that fell of the tree. They did that at Bun's too where we were getting the Haralsons. That saves on the apple maggot problem too.

But it is best to just protect your trees as something will probably harm them otherwise. If you make sure they have water, and plant them right by loosening up the soil under the roots, they will get their tap root down and grow themselves in a few years out of most of their problems.
Do not in planting though do what TL's parental father did, in I still feel bad for those abused trees in he apparently in his soil, dumped a mulch soil around them of quality when he planted them. Those trees are like 10 years old an still look like chit. The roots never got into the surrounding soil is what I concluded due to being hemmed in by the good soil.
When you plant, just dig deep, loosen the soil, and replant with the same soil and if you need to, you can always fertilize on top and water it in. Most soils in America are well endowed by their Creator to grow anything, and in most cases do not need fertilizer. They just need to be planted right.

In my location we only have like 12 inches of good soil, and under that is clay sand. Does not matter as the nutrients are in that subsoil and things grow lovely in trees and bushes in that soil structure.

I do not complain too much about the animals eating things as they have to eat too, even when I try my best to protect the trees. It is nature and the reason most trees look like trees instead of bushes is deer and rabbits eat the bottom branches off. I have a host of plum suckers under the clothes line that I failed to cut off last fall as I was too busy here, and I have been watching a bunny tear the hell out of them going scorched earth, solving most of my problems there.

That is about it for the subject that I forgot to mention about previously on this addition of Cherry Crest, where Angela and Lance make wine as Chase and Maggie proceed unaware as  Richard moves in for the sweet nectar of the vines.

You would have had to have watched a great deal of Thursday night CBS television to know what that was about. It better have been Thursday as the listings were Magnum PI, Simon and Simon and I am not going to tell you as Ana Alicia kicked her shoe off at the dirty old man in the office she was about to commit adultery with and he caught it. That was just good directing.

Nothing to do with apples. Is just how my fertile mind works in several subjects going on tangent at once.


The Secret Jewish Germ Warfare Genocide Of World War II Against Germans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I frankly was stunned when I came across this article celebrating the use of germ warfare against Germans by Jews in World War II, not for the barbarity, but for the reality that the American Politico magazine was celebrating this crime, as in hatred of Germans, it is accepted to mass murder Germans and use germ warfare, which protected the communist butcher Stalin, who the majority of Jewry in Europe supported as they were all communists.

The American liberal magazine Slate provides background on the situation in the ghettos of Poland, including missing the reality that there was not enough food all through Europe, so it had already come down to in 1941, either the Germans fed themselves or they fed the Jews, by which the Germans would die of genocide.
That is the cold reality of this and must not be glossed over as Germans coming out of Wilson's World War I, had experienced mass starvation and plague.

The German emperor of Poland ordered that to prevent the spread of the disease, Jews trying to sneak out of the ghetto were to be shot. At a conference of 100 Nazi health officers at a Carpathian spa in October 1941, the issue came to a head with the intervention of Robert Kudicke, who had taken over the Polish Institute of Hygiene from Ludwik Hirszfeld. Speaking “purely academically without making any value judgment,” Kudicke said, “the Jewish population simply breaks out of the ghettos because there is nothing to eat. ... If one wants to prevent that in the future, then one must use the best means for this, namely provide for more sufficient provisioning.” Jost Walbaum, the medical chief for occupied Poland, gave the following retort:
Naturally it would be best and simplest to give the people sufficient provisions, but that cannot be done. This is connected to the food situation and the war situation in general. Thus shooting will be employed when one comes across a Jew outside the ghetto without special permission. One must say it quite openly in this circle, be clear about it. There are only two ways. We sentence the Jews in the ghetto to death by hunger or we shoot them. Even if the end result is the same, the latter is more intimidating. We cannot do otherwise, even if we want to. We have one and only one responsibility, that the German people are not infected and endangered by these parasites. For that any means must be right.

Into this there is the reality  that the ghettos of Poland as was most of eastern Europe, filled with typhus, because the populations were all carrying lice. This is not Jared Kusher in a condo, these were people in slums covered in lice, and the lice was spreading typhus.

The Germans attempted to deal with the epidemic as it was endangering them. When they attempted to delouse the Jews, the Jews would not show up. Instead the Jews tried to escape the ghettos, and being carriers would have spread the disease all through Europe in creating another Black Death. That is the reality in this, no matter if this was Gypsies or Russians, if these diseased plague carriers had gotten out, another Dark Ages would have happened in 1945.
The result was an order went out to shoot the people who tired to get out of the ghetto.  Forcible quarantine was standard in America at the time as were draconian measures.

Into this was the savior of Europe, as all that remained in Europe was Germany being technologically advanced to deal  with this situation. His name was Dr. Joachim Mrugowsky. He was testing typhus vaccines but the British kept targeting and destroying his laboratory.  This was not by accident as in all of Germany, the British were carpet bombing the facility to stop the spread of typhus. British bombers were introducing germ warfare into World War II, but stopping vaccine production, so typhus would spread to epidemic proportions on the Russian Front from Stalin's hordes.
This was by design.

Dr. Joachim Mrugowsky

But the vaccine production plans of Joachim Mrugowsky, the head of the SS Hygiene Institute in Berlin, kept getting delayed. When British bombers destroyed Mrugowsky’s headquarters in 1942, he decided to produce the vaccine at Buchenwald, thinking that allied bombs would not fall there.

Dr. Mrugowsky had decided upon using the French process and vaccine to save Europe from another Dark Ages, and  moved the production to a force labor camp, which the allies never bombed. It was here that one of the most celebrated mass murders in history by leftists  introduced germ warfare against Germans, in Ludwik Fleck, a Jewish biologist employed by the Germans, as they trusted him.

Ludwik Fleck
Thus began one of the most effective but least-known deceptions of World War II, one that is wondrously thick with irony: For 16 months, working under the noses of his clueless Nazi overseers—in particular Ding-Schuler, whom Fleck described as a “ dummkopf”—a Jewish doctor managed to send fake typhus vaccine to the Nazi soldiers at the front, even as he provided the real thing to inoculate his fellow condemned Jews in a concentration camp.

What liberals in their hatred of all Germans overlook, is the fact that the Germans WERE PRODUCING ENOUGH VACCINE for both Germans and Jews. As this requires being stated, the Germans were SAVING the Jews from the plague as it was in their interest to save them. So you understand this, Ludwik Fleck was a mass murderer who doomed thousands of German soldiers to die horrid deaths on the Russian front, which in turn produced a victorious Soviet Union, which caused tens of thousands of dead in later wars for America in Korea, Vietnam, and trillions of dollars in wasted American wealth so that Europe, Russia and America by the 21st century would all be socialist conglomerate states as Hitler's Germany was and envisioned for the world.

Ludwik Fleck is the face of genocide in what he engaged in as a crime against humanity. 150,000 Serbians died of typhus in World War II. The actual statistics on typhus appear to be scrubbed, but one mention of 34 million civilian dead  in World War II, and a mention of 50,000 people dying daily at the peak of the epidemic, makes the creative figures of 6 million dead Jews in Europe (actual combined number of communist Jews and work camp deaths 1.6 million) is nothing compared to what Ludwik Fleck accomplished in he is only second behind Stalin in being the world's greatest mass murderer.

......and this is who the liberal media celebrates.

Nuff Said


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Paranto Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now this was interesting in a FOX boy named Col. Ralph Peters who  once called Obama a pussy on FOX, resigned from FOX in calling Trump a pussy boy afraid of Putin, but then launched into a defense of Robert Mueller.

the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller--all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of "deep-state" machinations

Then we have another American war hero, in Army Ranger, Kris Paronto offering this up concerning Robert Mueller.


You lousy piece of shit Robert Mueller. So what is and the Clinton Foundation giving you to keep up this BS investigation?You and Mccabe need to be in pinstripes along side HRC and Kennedy. 🤬😡

For those unfamiliar with Soldier Paranto, he was at Benghazi with his team and after performing heroic service for America was unleashed upon by the Obama deep state in using excessive force. As they did not nuke  the Muslims in Libya, I do not understand what was excessive force........except of course these were Obama's  terrorists and he was protecting them.

If you are interesting Kris Paronto is better than Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and FOX combined. He is like a Liberty Daily in the flesh for headlines, as he weighs in on numbers of traitors and has colorful commentary.

Kris Paronto Retweeted Eric Holder
Weren’t you the only Attorney General in U.S. history to be held in contempt of congress?? And you don’t speak for me or the vast majority of the American people you POS!! 🤬 Get back in your hole rat 🐀 .

Sort of refreshing even in Trumpdom to have someone call Eric Holder a  piece of shit and order him to crawl back up his rat's ass.

As a thought, concerning the problem of Herbert McMaster........

I would give Kris Paranto that 4th star that McMaster wants, and tell him to got get it if he wants it that bad, and if not, just keep on going as Paranto was the next NSA Director.

Sort of solves things the Paranto Way.




It is about Time!!!

Why go to Sweden and assault blondes  as I can do it in Minnesota
and be paid to do it by the police 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I doubt for Justice for all Australians and Americans, considering what a lesbian 3rd world shit hole that Governor Mark Dayton presides over in Minnesota, but after almost a year,  charges are about to filed on the Muslim murderer of Justine Damond, which reveals that the Dayton cover up could not cover everything up.

The Minneapolis cop who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman last year turned himself in Tuesday. Charges are pending for Officer Mohamed Noor in the July 2017 shooting death of 40-year-old Justine Damond.(Fox)

The charges are not what they should be in murder and manslaughter, as it is 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter 3rd degree murder is no more than 25 years.
25 years for all the years stolen from this innocent woman who was reporting a crime and was moving toward the police when the Muslim Noor shot her dead and muzzle blasted his White partner in the car.

609.195 - 2017 Minnesota Statutes - Minnesota Legislature

Minnesota House of Representatives. House ... is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years or to payment ...

Noor was booked into Hennepin County jail at 11:16 a.m., according to jail records, on a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension warrant for third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Bail was set at $500,000.

Second degree manslaughter is 20 years and 10,000 dollar fine, which again is nothing compared to the life of Justine Damond.

609.205 - 2017 Minnesota Statutes

2017 Minnesota Statutes. ... of the following means is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not ... of Minnesota. All ...

What will take place in Minnesota is the state will load the jury up with Somalis and pasty liberals who will either acquit this murderer like OJ Simpson or a Dayton judge will plea this out or reduce the sentence to time served and put him right back on the police force. I half expect Mark Dayton to pardon this Muslim and appoint him head of the Minnesota Highway Patrol as those highway bandits robbing people are just as lawless as Noor.

I am certain there was much Minnesota hand wringing over this at the District Attorney's office, in  we have to take into account our minority communities  rights and not be the least concerned about this innocent woman who was murdered.

Now Minnesotans of the metro with their media can all congratulate themselves as proving they are fair in almost allowing Noor die of old age before they charged him and not charging him with First Degree Murder as that is what this is, in Noor deliberately drew a weapon, on an unarmed citizen, and deliberately shot her with full premeditated intention of murdering her. There was not any doubt in this as to what Noor intended.

That should be the charge, along with Noor coming up on an additional charge of the attempted murder of his partner as he shot past this surprised officer to murder Ms. Damond.

None of this is Justice, it is more Minnesota leftist tyranny on display. This is designed to make this all go away legally and overwhelm the people of Minnesota with these unfitting charges so they just throw up their hands and walk away.

Where is Mark Dayton being charged in a federal terrorism charge as it was his racism in an earlier police shooting which drove a shooter in Texas to murder police there?

Another one that Jeff Sessions in DC has dropped the ball on while persecuting innocent Americans.....and why is not Sessions as Justine Damond  is an Australian national not filling federal first degree murder charges on this Muslim terrorists with the death penalty?

America is a place where the innocent have to beg for the laws to be enforced and the innocent are the ones always brought under the full penalty of the police state.

- Lame Cherry

What about Justice for Justine Damond?

So you understand this, the Minnesota police refused to release the booking photo of Muslim Noor, affording even more protection to this murdering terrorist.

25 years is all Justine Damond's life is worth as a woman in Minnesota.



Not Colonel Austin's Texas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is prefaced in these are observations on published information and I am not a Mike Cernovich clairvoyant in tweeting this was a serial bomber in Austin Texas before authorities knew it.

What is evident in the forensic psychology of the above map is this individual is right handed, as the events of March 12 indicate a first placement and moving further away "down" and to the right. March 12 indicates this bomber lives north of these locations.

The first three targets were specific individuals. The fourth target was a neighborhood and not individuals.

It is relevant the datess in the 2nd was Friday morning, the 12th was Monday morning and the last was Sunday evening. This indicates a work schedule and the use of darkness to place these explosives.
It is a logical conclusion that the devices are placed from 8 pm to 6:30 am.

The devices are McGiver bombs, kitchen generated. We know they contain shrapnel in nails.

We do not know for certain of the second device on the 18th, as it was reported a backpack, but authorities appear to have zero understanding of this bomber, as there are conflicting statements, and pleading for the bomber to contact them.

In forensic psychology, an individual not leaving a message when the police have concluded incorrectly that the bombings are a message, is a psychological persona of an individual secure in themselves, alone and aloof from the society, in they have nothing to prove in needing recognition or validation. They already have this in their lives.

These are published examples and quotes from the media.

We know that the bombings were in poor neighborhoods originally. This points to contact with individuals from that location in the city. The shift took place as a deliberate act, but an act where the bomber chose a trip wire device, meaning the reasoning was to place the bomb, not necessarily kill the person, but to accomplish a need in bombing as this individual is being empowered by the acts, but the acts are at center retaliation, and the bombs are a work of creation they enjoy.

 "We were surprised because it all had been concentrated on that side of town, in lower income neighborhoods but this is a real, nice neighborhood, nice homes, everything from  retired people to professional people," he said. "It's a pretty crime-free neighborhood."

The minority communities and leftists concluded in the first incidents, were focused upon this being racism, which of course would provide the white Trump guy voter. The change of technique and location now indicates a new scenario.

The bombings began March 2 when a package exploded on the front porch of the home of Anthony Stephan House, 39, killing him. The second attack happened March 12 when a bomb in a package was taken into the home of Draylen Mason, 17. The package exploded, killing Mason, and injuring his mother.

In the bombings the bombs were packaged, that means a completion, a transfer, a special creation. The bombs are crafted with precision. There are not any misfires nor premature detonations. Even with a change in devices, the professionalism is uninterrupted.

Here is what we know about the Austin bomber’s habits: 
  • Prior to the explosion Sunday, the three bombs were left in packages at homes.
  • Sunday’s bomb was tripwire-activated.
  • Sunday’s bomb was in a different geographical area than the other three bombs.
  • The victims of the first three bombings were African-American and Hispanic. Sunday night’s victims were white.
  • Fred Burton, a security and terrorism analyst at Austin-based Stratfor, told the Austin American-Statesman that he believes it is the same person doing the bombing. He may have changed bombing locations and methods to throw investigators off, Burton said.
  • Common household items were used to construct the first three bombs, the American-Statesman reported.

Law enforcement in this  quote states they are listening. That is a plea as the bomber is not leaving any clues and they are not finding any evidence in these bombings. He bomber is careful. It also points to the bomber is not interested in any interaction with authorities to explain their actions.

 At a press conference Monday, after the fourth bomb exploded injuring two men, law enforcement authorities asked the bomber to contact them and let them know what message he is trying to send, assuring him that they are “listening.”

Again, a confirmation the authorities have absolutely no leads nor understanding of this bomber. That includes all of their forensic mind prints are not matching their profiles as they have been looking for a white male, aged 20 to 40 years old, alone and of course right wing.

We don’t know why the bomber is doing this. We don’t know his reasons,” said Mr. Combs, adding that the authorities were especially hoping to understand why whoever was behind the bombings was wielding “this level of violence.”
“We would really like the bomber to contact us so we can talk to him,” he said.

Here the authorities are revealing their limitations in concluding the bombings were meant to send a message, when that has not been the case.

 Manley said earlier on Sunday that the three package bombings were “meant to send a message.”
The second item is not at this time verified, but again, it was a wrapped package for presentation. It was designed to present curiosity so it would be picked up.
This backpack was detonated, but we still have no confirmation this was one of this series of devices.

Manley said authorities were clearing a “second item” in the area Sunday night, which he said was a backpack.

In examining the above, in theory it is mistake in these incidents to expect the normal bias in blame the white guy. The above indicates this could as easily be a female, who would be polar opposite to a male seeking attention.
Oprah Winfrey once had on a psychologist who stated that female criminals were different from males, in they would poison their husband by sitting at breakfast with them for days by feeding them breakfast they made for them.

It is normal to place masculine terms on violence, but in this series of events there appears to be indications of a feminine identity. The hypothetical profile below might just fit this individual as any which is currently in the published accounts.

Egyptian woman / legal immigrant HW Bush / 51 years old / born in Greece / Parents in business / college teacher / mathematics / not an American / American educated.
There are traffic related connection. Followed them home.
Familiar with Caucasian neighborhood, had visited there.
Non practicing lesbian. Pet bird.

These were simply observations from published accounts based upon what appears a statistical probability that a psychological polar opposite may be involved than what is currently the focus.

Nuff Said


and then came McCabe's Politburo

Of course we are not worried, as you can tell by our expressions.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the firing of Andrew McCabe, I am honestly going to pay more attention to Donald Trump's tweets, as he has been informing everyone of what he has been briefed on concerning this coup against him, and has been spot on, and these are not just rants.

It appears that President Trump not only has the DIA advocating for him, but that the President has an understanding to return the FBI to control of itself again from the "secret society" which had hijacked it.

What no one has stated in this, is the FBI performed a coup against George W. Bush as President in the infamous Mueller and Comey threatening the sick Attorney General John Ashchroft with their resignations which Bush knew absolutely nothing about. Once Mueller gained full control, he began implementing a Mueller clone program, which under Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Robert Mueller and James Comey became a Community Organized FBI or in other words, the FBI had a coup within it's midst and under Birther Hussein created a Politburo inside the agency, which has become a deep state group threatening, intimidating and silencing other agents and Americans.

It was not by chance that the FBI Inspector General waited until two days before McCabe was to receive full retirement and force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire McCabe, as Adam Housley at FOX had this absolutely correct in this was an inner power struggle inside the FBI, and those agents who had been poleaxed by McCabe and the Politburo wanted to inflict on McCabe the ultimate humiliation, and this taking control of the FBI again in this manner, making this humiliation public, is a message the FBI wanted to send to the agents that things had changed.

That humiliation also of McCabe had a number of purposes as it struck at his holier than thou ego, and on schedule McCabe was ranting inside the FBI that he would take people down with him if he was fired.

That is game, set and match, as McCabe was desperate enough to threaten federal employees and those powerful people they served. This takes the step to the next step in leveraging pressure on the next tier to see who will squeal.
Threatening powerful people is not the most intelligent condition to suffer from as Andrew Breitbart and Seth Rich, two powerful Jews ended up horizontal on the street after threatening those in power. This corruption as Mr. Trump defines it at the FBI is a cancer and the system is in the process of cutting it out.

Housley Tweet
8:31 p.m. PDT: “I am told yesterday McCabe felt the heat and went to try and save his last two days and even told some he would take people down with him if he as fired. So…let’s see what comes of this. I know this…a ton of agents…a ton…were watching this very closely.”

It is most interesting in McCabe felt secure to "spill his guts" to the media at Politico in identifying exactly what took place at the FBI when Comey was fired. McCabe was on a mission then in thinking his days were numbered, which they were not, but why would McCabe conclude that, unless McCabe was involved in things which were operating as a coup against Donald Trump.
It was at this point that Jeff Sessions recusing himself, that McCabe went into intimidation mode against the weak Rod Rosenstein, and forced Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

There is something else in this too, as we know that there was the planting of fake information to Congress, and McCabe enters into this "briefing Congress" in top secret meetings. No one else was there to refute what McCabe was involved in, so McCabe's testimony is what Congress thought were the facts, but McCabe was creating a false narrative which was protecting his Politburo and promoting the coup against Donald Trump.

McCabe said that when he was tapped as acting FBI director after Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017, he also learned that “I might not be in the position for a long time.”
“I literally walked into the building every day expecting that I would be removed from my position before the end of the day,” he added. “And if that happened, I didn’t want anyone to be able to just walk away from the work that we had done” on the Russia investigation.
One step McCabe said he took then: pressing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for a special counsel. Another step: briefing congressional leaders in both parties, who get highly classified briefings as the so-called Gang of Eight, about what he was doing.

The public can conclude the above that McCabe was lying to Congress, because that is what the Inspector General discovered and reported. McCabe was feeding a false narrative to Congress and no one knew it for some time as he prosecuted the coup against Trump.
We can be absolutely certain of this, as none other than partisan Adam Schiff is not defending McCabe, as Schiff knows what McCabe was involved in, and the very essence of these leftists wants this McCabe Politburo purged from government.

Schiff: McCabe May Have Deserved to Be Fired

Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) on Sunday granted that the Trump administration may have had justification to fire former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, adding he ...

This comes to the tweets of President Donald Trump in calling the FBI tainted after Christmas of last year. Remember that Director Wray told McCabe to resign after reading the internal reports on McCabe. They were that damning, and when one notes that it was this pool of Eric Holder, Samantha Power and John Brennan with Kurt Eichenwald only defending the "pure as the driven snow" McCabe with the crooked James Comey, one is witnessing the internal mechanism which Mike Pompeo purged from the CIA and is now being purged from the FBI.

Adam Housley again was defining this as it happened from numerous sources inside the FBI in what they were hearing, in this was a power struggle, and McCabe was the leader of this Politburo which had been intimidating other FBI agents who were democrat and republican for some time. When they attempted to alert their superiors, they were hammered. This was an entirely corrupt group which was tainting the entire agency.

8:30 p.m. PDT: “Wray and McCabe’s meeting did not go well and it was McCabe who challenged the Director. McCabe stepped down because of this and tried to ride it out until retirement. Truth internally came out before that happened. This has nothing to do with Trumps tweets or Nunes memo”
Hidden in this was the admission that what the public knows is just the tip of the iceberg in what Andrew McCabe was involved in, in subverting justice at the FBI.

8:50 p.m. PDT: “I am saying agents have told me of a small group of people we’re all about control and they were even tough on their own internally. It had agents not wanting to talk and it started before Trump.”

This is the situation which America was being held hostage by. It explains how  LaVoy Finicum was murdered over Uranium One and why the Bundy's were targeted by Nevada FBI with bullseyes on their faces. It was this group which began under Robert Mueller, went terminal under James Comey and went scorched earth under Andrew McCabe which literally took control over the entire FBI as the FBI was a weaponized political group against certain Americans, as it covered up crimes by other weaponized groups as in the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.
This stunk worse than Jamie Gorelick under the Clinton's compartmentalizing the FBI so agents reporting on 9 11 terrorists never were heard and their information was suppressed.

This was a literal coup de tat operating in the FBI, where they chose to oust Trump and to blackmail Hillary Clinton with charges which once this group got what they wanted, let the Clinton's walk.

 Housley Tweets:

8:34 p.m. PDT: “This was about power by a group within the FBI. A clique. I see Republicans already making this political and tying it in a much different way than it was. Dems tying it to Trump…both would be wrong.”

8:42 p.m. PDT: “This decision will encourage agents to trust coming forward. Others who had during the clique’s time in charge got buried and mistreated and it kept agents from coming forward. Again..this began before Trump. It was about control.”

There is no secret to the media nor to Donald Trump who is involved in this to the last name. It remains now the focus of the DIA wheel crushing forward in how far this goes. For Donald Trump politically, he needs wholesale indictments of this group to prove that he is 'draining the swamp' which is a swamp now protecting him, but it is a swamp in this part which was a toxic cesspool.

7:31 p.m. PDT: “McCabe had some friends as part of his group. Some have left…a few are still around. FYI”

Robert Mueller has been absolutely tainted in this. His choosing the worst of toxic investigators for his going after Trump, and now the discovery that his protege in James Comey was overseeing this Politburo which was subverting justice and free and fair elections, is something which Mueller can only get out from under in exonerating Donald Trump, but then Mueller has been lynching the innocent like Mike Flynn, and strip searching Mrs. Paul Manafort in her nightgown, in it is this Mueller, Comey, McCabe FBI which is part of this Politburo and until those individuals are removed and brought up on charges in abuse of authority, firing Andrew McCabe has simply removed one tentacle of this octopus.