Monday, May 21, 2018

The Phantom of Trump's Opera

 The Ogre of the Opera

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember about a month ago, the Lame Cherry informed you that we had reached the food chain part of the Russian investigation of Andrew McCabe being fired, that it would now move into the realm of the interesting people?

It has now done just that, and what it now appears in this is with Lisa Page cutting a deal with John Huber to give testimony against Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe, that we have bottomed out, in the person  who is going to be offered up to the mob is John Brennan of the CIA.
Brennan looks like the perfect ogre. He is  ugly, creepy and obnoxious.  He is the Phantom of the Trump opera and the public would cheer to have the house burned down around Brennan as the hunchback swings from a chandelier.
James Clapper is like the creepy side kick  in this horror movie, and  it appears that this is the duo who the deep state will offer up to be destroyed to save themselves.

Look, Theresa May and  MI6 are not going to be fingered in this, due to financial control of America and the American land base there. Chris Wray over at FBI will protect the bureau. Jeff Sessions is out of this loop and that leaves Rod Rosenstein who looks like another creepy character to be put on the scaffold for the crowd to jeer. With minor characters in James Comey playing the incompetent fool and others who are Clinton and Obama  protected, that leaves John Brennan who his own people are about to lead  out for the pyre.

You can always tell when people figure things out, in they shut up. Everyone in this has either shut up or had the position or sense to not make themselves  known to the public. Brennan though has been insane in all of this and with Mike Pompeo and now Gina Haspel in control of Trump's CIA, that means John Brennan is the pariah and is expendable.

Brennan's latest pathetic and unhinged tweet was  like the kid who murders their parents and then pleads to the court to not execute him, because  he is an orphan.


The feckless and cowardly leaders afraid of the ogre's threats

To translate the above, Brennan is threatening the #NeverTrumpers who are with Bush fam. The disaster of Donald Trump is the President is exposing the traitors via the DIA. The harm done will be the communist deep state crippled from using the mob rule to use as a terror weapon against Americans.
The disservice is not stopping this investigtion which is in process rooting out the very folk who were destroying the continuity of the system of people trusting the government.
That is novel in Brennan in "Trump's Self Serving Actions" are Trump defending himself from being framed which is his Constitutional Right, and again Brennan is threatening McConnell and Ryan that once what Brennan was engaged in with Obama, Clinton and MI6 to destroy the American elections,  Brennan is saying that this information will cause Americans to doubt the government.


The pretty heroin taken advantage of by the ugly men

On the contrary in the day the FBI starts arresting John Brennan and Hillary Clinton is indicted is the day that Americans will begin trusting law enforcement again, as blasting LaVoy Finicum and framing Donald Trump shattered that trust. That is what is amazing in Brennan's threat to Republican leadership in Brennan's entire agenda was to make Americans distrust government, the thing William Colby was most concerned about at CIA before he was assassinated,  and now Brennan is using that as  his  threat to McConnell and Ryan in they better stop this or Americans will show up and  lynch the lot of them.


 The threatening penis against pretty heroins

President Donald Trump is correct in his calling for an investigation. This communist London led core of the deep state must be pulled out by the roots and made such an example of like Sherman burning down Atlanta that this  communist front of Islamists never are giving succor in America again.

The Hero fighting Gotham's criminals

The crushing wheel of the DIA is moving forward and John Brennan is now threatening the Republican leadership with blackmailing  them in public. That is a position of weakness and of isolation as Brennan knows he is expendable and his only option is to roll on those above him.  That would be Val-erie Jarrett, image Obama, George Soros and those unnamed benefactors who are in London progressing this American led war against Russia, for their looting of the United States and Russia, in their domination of Europe again.

The Fiendish Accomplice

America now has her creatures, ready to be hoisted  and foisted, upon the mob's burning torches, celebrating their being consumed. It is probably why the Obama state chose Brennan and Clapper as they are perfectly creepy and make the populace recoil, and we all know the mob likes associating ugly with evil and a court dealing harshly with traitors  who betrayed the good intentions of the noble Birther Hussein, must be prosecuted to the full.

President Trump Agrees That ‘Disgraced’ Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan ‘Worried About Staying Out Of Jail’

It does seem looks help form you into the destiny you were born to.

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Starbucks CEO: The Cherry Executive Officer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As non donors have outnumbered donors, I am sitting her waiting for a reply from Starbucks to be an employee of that corporation, based upon a story I read about Starbucks has customers who are not customers.

No purchase required to sit in Starbucks cafes
or use the bathroom after two black men were
arrested for sitting without buying anything

Daily Mail [UK] and Associated Press, by Hannah Moore    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 5/20/2018 9:21:45 PM     Post Reply
Starbucks will allow people to sit in its cafes and use its bathrooms - even if they don´t buy anything. The new policy, announced on Saturday, comes five weeks after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia store after one asked to use the bathroom before he had made a purchase. Donte Robinson and his friend Rashon Nelson, both 23, had been waiting for a potential business partner to discuss real estate development when one of the men asked to use the bathroom and was knocked back. Minutes after the pair had sat down at the coffee shop, the

Here was my proposition which I gave Starbucks, in they have customers who are not customers, I can be a paid employee of Starbucks and not work there. I thought a six figure salary would be what I would want, and I am waiting to hear back from them as minorities are getting called customers, so why can I not be a minority employee and not work there.

This would solve a number of problems really and  I believe this is a real trend setter, as Obama never worked and got prizes and paychecks to be President when he was a Birther, so all liberal companies should employ people who don't work there.

Robinson and Nelson eh. Seems them black Norwegians always finding a way to inspire all of us. I think that Starbucks should offer free coffee and snacks to customers until they decide to buy something, not just piss in the pot.

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This is Hideous

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

The word hideous, seems to indicate that HIDE is the base word in something so abhorrent that the population recoils from it, and it must be hidden from view as cows would quit milking and chickens would quit laying and children would go insane and start shooting up schools.

The above photo is of hideous and it reminded me of that Star Trek episode of the Medusans in only blind people could look upon them or they would go insane. For those who have not yet recovered from the recoiling and puzzlement, that is a nose, but when it is that size of nose, it deserves some other name like NEBULA as it is catastrophic in size.

I simply can not believe something that bulbous occurs on a human face, and there is not some neck fractures in trying to hold up that much weight. That nose is the Kim Kardashian of ass sizes on a female's face. It simply is hideous.

What is  more hideous is it is attached to HRH Harry, Duke of Sussex and that is what now shadows over Sussex in Megan Markel's nose where crops will probably all yellow due to that monstrosity blocking out the life giving sun.

 HRH Harry,  Megs and the Nose

I actually tried to find something smaller than the Nose of Sussex, but even Mt. Everest looks petite compared to his hideous nose.

Personally, as the British were taking jabs at President Trump not being invited, I for one  am thankful, as who knows what would have come out of that nose. Perhaps magma would erupt like Mt. Kilauea and all life would have been extinguished if the Nose of Sussex had erupted.
Frankly the British were so enamored with Obama  and with looting Africa's billion Negroids of their money, that I can see why they went overboard and told Harry to find a Quadroon with a nose that no one  would ever mistake her for a White girl.

 President Trump saved from a Magma Megan Markel Booger

I decided to look up at what the Queen, the White one, bestowed upon Megan, as what is Sussex but South Essex eh?

It appears she gave her the white chalk cliffs of Dover. Maybe the Queen thinks all that chalk will make Megan White. I don't know, but I think I remember that Nostradamus said a big meteor would soon wash that part of England in the White Cliffs out to sea.
I guess that is the Queen's way of getting Negroid money out of Africa, and not having to deal with a Diana situation, as an act of God washing that nose out to sea would be better than even a divorce.'


 The Duke of York and the Duchesses of York
Don't be afraid girls, you will not go blind looking at it

Yes the Queen gave her bonny son Andrew, York. Now that is a real English title, while Duchess of Sussex sounds  like Duchess of YOU SUCK.

Meanwhile this is the delicacy which the Nose of Sussex will be dining upon, it is called Pond Pudding.


It looks  like baby calf poo, but then who  am I to quibble with honors the Queen bestows on Quadroons.

It is in all of this that I came across why the Queen gave Sussex to Megan Markel as her people are from there in the Neanderthals. Apparently the last of their kind died in Sussex, and I do not know if the Queen was sending a meteor message or what the association was, but the fact is Megan has this guys nose, so the Nose of Sussex has finally returned to rule.

Homo heidelbergensis

See here is the evidence in they are Nose Twins.

I did not think after Michelle Obama, that anything could get any more interesting, but it seems George W. Bush got some of that brown sugar and Duke Harry got the jungle boogey and wanted some of that too.  One  has to admire Harry in doing this for the Queen to get the African lands, and to bravely take his life into his hands  in hoping that nose does not inhale him or drown him in a snot blow. Not everyone would have that kind of fortitude, but as his father Jame  Hewitt was a horseman, I can see how that bravery transferred.

But keep the stiff upper lip Harry, as you can still bugger your homosexual friends and you might just get another title for that nose as it is almost the size of another person.
How about the Duchnose of Gloucester? That seems fitting in a Dickens sort of way.

And to think Paul Nehlen was banned for Twitter over what the Queen did. The Queen will probably have account frozen now too.

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Obama's Money Laundering Scheme

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been information this past year on the Obama Memorial leaking out, which is a reflection of all things Obama, in the legacy in it is all a con job, it is stealing public lands, screwing Blacks over again, and in a page out of Ted Turner stealing poor Black lands, Obama is on the South Side of Chicago in premier lake front and this Marxist consortium is about to build their own little indoctrination camp there as if one reviews all that this Obama complex it, no one explains what the hell it is for, except rounding up little zealots and turning them into Obama nut jobs to make your lives hell in thousands of Big Obama's watching you.

The Obama Foundation, the organization planning and building the facility, announced that not only will the National Archives and Records Administration remain uninvolved in the place, but Obama has decided not to house his records, papers, and manuscripts there anyway

There are several lawsuits challenging Obama Inc. from stealing public land to the reality what a fraud this money laundering business is. It is important for everyone reading this to understand completely that the Obama Library is NOT here. This will not be a repository of Presidential papers. No they are locked away in the national archives where some year like the Kennedy assassination parts of it will be digitized and filtered out to the public once America is the celebrated extermination of the White Race.

Below is the Obama complex. The main building is as puzzling as the flat roof buildings it lords over. The only thing fitting is the trees are all dead like a nuclear bomb went off in every mock of the Obamaland.

In one of the more odd features, Obama somehow acquired 2 million dollars to donate to hiring a bunch of Niggers to train them to build this complex. It is not explained what a summer work indoctrination is to trainc children to be center slaves, but that is what is going on in Chicago.
Again that is 2 million dollars for 200 training jobs, that is 10,000 dollars a job, with the poverty level at 30,000 dollars, Obama image is really setting the standard for the Chicago plantation.

Although the library won’t be completed for another four years, this transformational plan has already been set in motion by Michelle and Barack Obama’s personal donation of two million dollars, half of which will fund a summer job program aimed at training young people to later work at the center.
“We want to make sure that some of those young people can get trained, so people don’t say, ‘Why didn’t you hire anybody from the neighborhood?’ And the contractor says, ‘We didn’t have anybody who was trained,’” Obama said. “Well, let’s start the pipeline now so that we can start getting some of those folks trained.”

There is a vast problem with the Obama Niggers though in they want the Community Benefit Agreement, in other words the Blacks do not want to be Niggers on the plantation. They want their legal protections, but the Obama group will not offer a thing to these Chicago Citizens. The People have zero say or benefit to the Obama gravy train.

As the National Review reported:
In May of this year, protesters began a campaign to implore the Obama Foundation, the group overseeing the library’s construction, to sign a community benefit agreement (CBA), which would commit the Foundation to setting aside jobs for residents around the library, protecting low-income housing, supporting black-owned businesses, and strengthening neighborhood schools. The Foundation refused, and when a resident asked Obama himself to sign the agreement at a September public meeting about the library, Obama refused as well.

This all goes back to people are hired to train Obama zombie zealots, as this complex is directly related to the University of Chicago and the only library here will the universities library. The point of this is, is simple. The Obama legacy group is hiding all of Obama's presidential papers. This is not a Presidential Library. What it is, is an indoctrination center to turn out Bill Ayers wackos who will be infiltrated into every powerful position in the United States.
Think of this monster turning out 1000 zombies each year. In 5 years, that is 5000 Obama zealots positioned in every facet of control of America. So this resonates what the Obama legacy is engaged in, in overthrowing America, for the liberals on the left would you be pleased with Donald Trump in the next 5 years appointing 5000 Liberty College graduates in control of your schools, your banks, your government, your police. For those on the right, would you be comfortable with Saudi Arabia training 5000 Muslims to take all the control point jobs in America?

 Obama also promised that eighty percent of the construction hires will be from local communities and estimated that in addition to the 200 to 300 permanent jobs within the presidential center, more than 2,000 jobs will be created in the surrounding areas and 5,000 citywide. The Obama Foundation also formed an “Inclusion Council,” composed of  leaders from civic and corporate groups, in October 2016, to ensure diversity and the fairness in the development process.

 Presidential libraries are supposed to be depositories of historical documents of an era for Americans to learn from. What image Obama is building is an indoctrination center. In a matter of follow the money, what kind of money is going to be laundered through this complex? Is that the Obama ideology that this complex will tap into NEA funds or taxpayer money, netting billions in profits for this complex as it continues to grow as an NGO and produce a new crop of wackos who want to repeat Obama rationing death and blowing up the Mideast.

This is a money laundering operation. That is why image Obama does not want the National Archives in charge of any part of it, as the government would soon discover this zombie plantation was the mirror image of thee worst indoctrination terror camps ever devised.
For the record, Richard Nixon's library worked out a deal with the National Archives, because the costs were too much for the library. Yet with Obama, they have already factored in how to make this a money making concentration of wealth in the hands of the few without any oversight by the People of these United States.

The Obama legacy is to loot the US Treasury in funding this indoctrination camp and use cheap Nigger labor to cut costs like the old plantations, as Obama churns out more Birthers to vote more power to this complex where it is designed to one day rule the world as a dictatorial capital.

As the Lame Cherry closes this exclusive in matter anti matter. Do you notice something odd about the Obama lake front? You should as Obama always warned us water levels would rise around the world in matters of meters to flood the world. Obama chose the lake shore, knowing global warming was a fraud, because they are building this complex in this prime location, knowing the area will never be flooded.

It is once again where only this blog is asking the right questions and exposing the realities.

That is what by God's Grace the popular girl engages in every day.

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The 21st Century Dog

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I woke up with this idea today, and would love to have the developmental funds from the Trump Brand and the US Marshals as Mr. President has spent 1.3 trillion dollars until October of this year, and the reason for my multi million dollar development would be to create a law enforcement riot shield which would be the most non lethal, lethal combat shield ever devised.

Let me explain, in I would begin this shield with a base of material which was armour, in lightweight and yet bullet and shrapnel proof. Think of it as an advanced Kevlar type woven thread material.  This though is where this moves from Roman Legion to something of invention of Batman 21st century and I honor  this in calling it the Dog.
For too long helmets have been the focus in eye shields as screens, as in combat fighters, I make the point to save officer's lives and to subdue civilians that the Bat be an advanced surveillance and weapon's platform. By weapons, I do mean high pitched sounds to cause pain and knock people out and laser pulse flashes to blind people temporarily.

For high tech, make this Dog with particle sensors for scent,  infrared heat detection, ultra violet, make this a camera which can see through walls and track any assailant, with a pulse wave sensing unit.

It would have it's own multiple drone capacity. There would be surveillance launch, and even offensive capabilities of a drone with an injection needle to incapacitate an assailant. The entire point of this being, to even having primitive multi taser cannons is that an officer would have abilities to incapacitate multiple assailants, but not expose themselves to danger, so they would remain calm, not put themselves in jeopardy and therefore not put civilians in hand on the holster jeopardy of death.
The Dog would be the new training tool which would have officers deploying incapacitiation protocols instead of lethal force in firearms.
The Dog would emit the very loud, POLICE - DO NOT MOVE - DRONES ARE RELEASED commands in every situation.

The Dog in the screen array would look like a combat pilot screen and be intensely user friendly and enhance the officers abilities by 1000 fold.

The public could be trained in a series for television and in movies, to the US Marshals getting the bad guys and to familiarize the public on correct action of submission after the warning commands are issued. No one needs to die anymore in criminals, innocent mistaken civilians or police, because this Dog would be "overkill" in the non lethal responses which were available.

I would expect the advanced shields with the entire platform to cost 1 to 5 million dollars a piece, but this would be Federal grants for special units, where a portable smaller version for non tactical situations could be created for around one hundred thousand dollars.
To put it simply, a traffic stop where officers rob civilians, a drone would be deployed to sit on the windscreen, as the shield  approached and a scanner would note stress levels and if possible weapons were in the vehicle. This would record all and no officer could "turn off their cams"  as is far too often the case, so this would protect the public from police aggression.
Once again, an officer can not be shot if a drone is giving commands for licenses to be scanned, while the officer sits in a vehicle, and more importantly the citizen can not be shot by a hyped up officer.

I do not advocate this in ROBOCOPS in computers spying on citizens seeking ways to implicate them in "crimes" to extort money from them, but instead this Dog Shield would be an extension to remove the far too lethal police from the situation, and make apprehension a non lethal incapacitation.

The entire array would be batter powered, plug and play components which would snap into place, with several batter packs to back this up and continue operations.

A military version of this of course could be created as an intelligence platform in the field, lasers would be part of it as it would be meant to be a lightweight portable device, and not turn in a billion dollar tank as the Pentagon is always advocating upgrades.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

And who told you first of the British Connection in Russiagate?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a reminder to those who do not donate and who discount what appears in this blog, as the headlines are now revealing that a London Operation is what initiated the coup against Donald Trump at Cambridge.
For the record the date is May 20th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

In the Lame Cherry archives, you can discover another date in MARCH 6, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, or literally 14 months BEFORE this broke in the media, the Lame Cherry informed you of all of this in the exclusive matter anti matter.

Lame Cherry: Mar 6, 2017
Mar 6, 2017 - There is no doubt in this, that the spying on Donald Trump, was illegal, employed foreign agencies of Canada NSA and English MI6, and was a ...

In December of last year this blog laid out the entire operation, including the Maltese connection as the focus shifts to Stefan Halper of the CIA.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Dirt Files on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

I will remind all of you that David John Oates in Reverse Speech on Rense discovered an odd manifestation from George W. Bush and the revelation is that Justin Trudeau was involved with British Intelligence in this coup against Donald Trump.

Monday, March 6, 2017

What is George W. Bush's Part in the Coup Against President Trump

George Bush

open immigration policy - all is over

recommend as special prosecutor - Canada leak (NSA listening station in Canada heard something)

Over a year ago, this blog broke all of these stories in where Russiagate was going and I told you it was the British Commonwealth involved in this, and that they were framing Donald Trump and blaming Russia for election meddling.

By God's Grace this blog was right again, and was a year ahead of all the glamour pusses now whoring for the attention and plagiarizing my work again, in pretending it is coming from "respectable sources".

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lame Cherry Proven Right Again on it was British Hacking not Russian

The reason is that British intelligence had access to NSA surveillance data – which captures every phone call in the United States – and were able to provide such intelligence to President Obama without a FISA court warrant or any other paper trail that would expose an American intelligence agency that used the same NSA data.  Click here to see the segment in which he explained the scheme, 
 Yes they all are acting like the smart kids now in this is some grande discovery.

Monica Showalter comments:

This would explain the slightly frosty relations between Trump and [British P.M.] May.  One wonders what the Brits thought they would get out of this.  Talk about not acting in one's national interest!  So they pleased Obama, who treated them like dirt.

Over a year ago, this blog stated all of this, and informed you that Robert Mueller was not going to investigate this, nor Wikileaks in Julian Assange, because it was all British connected and having it exposed would expose this entire operation.

Which provided you the working title today.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Working Title: The Match that Struck Operation Crossfire Hurricane

Yes it is bigger than even the trolls are telling you and ever will tell you.

The Deep State Is Real, And Much Bigger Than You Know

Posted: May 20, 2018 12:01 AM


FOX You Decide

 Come on Chris, smell my I can smell your's from here.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The new whoring of Brett Baier over at FOX "news" for his book, "How to Blow a Job" is a reflection on the carnality of the audacity of FOX news to attempt to state that Sean Homo Hannity is a problem for them as they are always fair and balanced.

I still remember when Theresa May's MI6 nabbed Rupert Murdoch for spying in England and just like that FOX became Obama friendly all of the time. The shock to me was the first debate between John McCain and Birther Hussein, where McCain wiped the floor with Barry, in how Chris  Wallace and Shep Smith, who for every day before that had reflected the American right wing, suddenly gushed over Obama and pronounced him the winner.
It was the ultimate betrayal, but there was a great deal of that in the media which began with Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal.

To blame the opinion side of FOX is like a whore blaming her pimp for saying she is a bad lay. FOX produces ratings by conning people on the right like the GOP does with the Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham side to pay the bills, but the leftists are what sabotage Donald Trump and Christian America constantly.

Shep Smith is one of the biggest #NeverTrump nutters on the planet as his glowing gayness looks like he is HIV meds turning him into a wax statue.


 I would say Brett has it right there Shep, but that Obama
got me hard for eight years.

I am the fairest and ballancediest there is Chris


If you were a Jew,  your rabbi would beat your ass for that Shep,
but you would probably like that!!!

Why don't faggots get me, as I run the homo page over at FOX.


SEAN HANNITY: People think that we're not friends. Every newspaper local, international, and national.
BRET BAIER: That's right.
HANNITY: And they have a sports section.
BAIER: That's exactly right.
HANNITY: And they have an editorial page?
BAIER: They do indeed.
HANNITY: Am I editorial page?
BAIER: You are indeed.
HANNITY: And you are the news page.
BAIER: That's right.


Yes, I'm fairy and ballbalanced as this is me and my tart
going to the Obama Gala.........

FOX is ..........disgusting to me. I do not care for their whored up tarts, male or female on their talk shows. After the betrayal by Wallace and Smith in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, I will never trust those whores again.
Megs Kelley doing her Hillary impersonation against Trump was menstrual repulsive, and, having to listen to Homo Hannity fag up the right in forced sodomy wearing down the audience is proof that Hannity is progressing the agenda, which Ann Coulter rolled out for the Log Turd GOP and was rejected years ago.

There is zero difference at FOX news or propaganda. Brett Baier whores for the communists and Hannity whores for the socialists.

Hannity pillow talks to Trump every night. All that proves is Sean Hannity has signed onto every damaging thing from gun control to energy rapine, which is exactly what FOX news promotes.

The reason Brett Baier is not boycotted is because the left agrees with him, as Bill O'Reilly is no longer around to sell his cut and paste books to extort money from the right, and now Baier has inherited the job.

I research and read the news. I do not ever listen to FOX tell me how great sodomite socialism is.

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